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    Acres in Zion ( ) is in Enumclaw, I think; they charge $3.50/lb (hanging weight) for half and quarter carcasses. Trimmed weight is about two-thirds hanging weight, so it comes out to about $5.25/lb trimmed.

    I'm a little short on freezer space myself at the moment, but I'd be happy to go in with local folks on parts of cow.


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      Yes, Acres in Zion is barely 1/4 mile from my front door and they use Olson's for their butchering. They were my first choice since they are so close to me. They had a sale listed on their website for 30lbs of ground @ $100 and I thought that was pretty awesome, but don't know if that's an outdated sale.

      I'll ask my friend to see what her costs are, but it sounds like we all can go in on a cow and save some money.

      Sofia, I think Monday will be great. I'll check and get back to ya (just added you on FB).


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        I'm interested to hear more about Acres in Zion and your friend's prices!!

        Sass, I sent you a friend request on FB so that you and Sofi and I can keep in touch that way, too. Might be easier to arrange specifics in a message on there for getting together if that works out next week and in future.


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          Sounds good Wendy!

          I should post my day, now that I'm here.

          Workout: Swimming, 30 min.

          B: Water w/ lemon juice (IF)

          L: Water & Tea (IF)

          D: Pork chops, veggies & Tuna Sashimi w/ wasabe, pickled ginger & small amount of soy sauce.

          Tomorrow, we hike!


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            How ya doin' Sassy?


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              Hi Diana! I've been SLACKIN'!!!

              I've been mostly primal, since it's my life now, but for weight-loss, just holdin' steady. The exercise has been halted and I miss it dearly!

              Today is busy-Survival day! i.e. I haven't had a meal since last night (Steak, portabella mushrooms w/ gingered carrot/ celery 'slaw', followed by chocolate almond macaroons covered in berries and raw whipped cream!!!)

              Must've had enough fat last night, 'cause this fast has ZERO starvation-feeling attributed to it!

              Tomorrow, we hike! Whhhhoooooop!


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                Hi Sass I hope you can do bootcamp with me on thurs it will be great to meet you and have some local motivation hey I have a ? are journals for people on the challenge only? or can anyone have one? xoxo Darlene

                by chocolate almond macaroons covered in berries and raw whipped cream!!!)

                oh I so want that recipe!!

                where you hiking at? I am probally doing the peak tomorrow


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                  Couldn't find a recipe so I improvised. Need to refine it. We are going up Peak tomorrow but at 5 AM! I may need your daughter for Thursday if I am going to go.


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                    that is cool., Hey Steve (my fav trainer won't be there on Thursday...Tiff is gonna subsitue so don't judge the class by her k ...Steve is much much better ..he will be back on Tue..we can still go though

                    wow I can't motivate myself to do anything that early! lol can you really see good with them headlamps on? I am going to the peak tomorrow after dinner,,will have to go fast it gets so dark early now. you have my # so call if you need Cara k! xoox


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                      How'd the hiking go?


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                        I didn't go hiking that day. :-(

                        I had a sore throat on Friday. Went out for drinks that evening. Got piss-poor amount of sleep.

                        Saturday, got puky and threw up after son's football game and slept from 8:30 PM - 7:30 AM.

                        Sunday, went to church feeling even yuckier in the glands area. Spent the ENTIRE day without food, even though we were at a birthday party with BBQ & Cake. Drank lots of lemon-water.

                        Monday, Stayed home from work and by evening I felt like I was going to die. By 8:30 PM, I was huddled in the fetal position, balling my eyes out because my head throbbed and I thought my brain was melting (hubby felt my skin and said my temp felt fine, so who knows).

                        I tried to resist, but at this point, I was exhausted and in excruciating pain! I took Nyquil. :-( Sorry Mr. Liver, but it SURE helped.

                        I immediately had zero pain and drifted off to sleep. I woke up completely 'healed' and spend the next day away from work recuperating (even if I did clean up the house a bit, do laundry and make a gallon of coconut milk that day). I was very limp and weak though.

                        Today, I sound crappy, but I feel like a million bucks in comparison to Monday! Ick!

                        I haven't been sick in a long time, so this one sure was a dooooozy!

                        I'm impressed with my Primal choices lately, however! Looks like it's a lifestyle for sure and I'm not going back!

                        Now, it's 2 PM and I need a spot of fat and protein for further healing energy.

                        See ya tomorrow!


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                          Glad to know you are feeling better Sassa. Wonder if it was a virus or something. Make sure you eat lots of CO or CM.

                          I made your coconut flour bread last night. It tastes so rich and yummy! If only I could have sweetened it with something and added almond essence, I would have had perfect pound cake. I had mine with some tomato curry, it was delicious. Thanks for the recipe.


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                            Thanks for stopping by Maba!

                            All day I tried to keep up on my OCO for virus killing and energy effects, so hopefully it helped. I brought about half a quart of the stuff with me to work today!

                            Here's meal list for my 'sicky' Monday:

                            B: Vanilla Protein shake (wonderful mix found at Marlene's whole foods store!!! It contains Stevia and has 1g carbs in one serving), mixed with 1/4 cup fresh spinach, 1 raw egg, 2 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil, & 1 Cup homemade Organic Coconut Milk. Pretty tasty!

                            L: Vanilla Protein Shake w/ 1/4 cup spinach, 1 raw egg, coconut milk, 2 tbsp Organic Coconut Oil, flax seed meal, 1 serving of liquid vitamins & minerals supplement.

                            D: Left-over Cow Liver w/ two fried eggs.


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                              (((HUGS))) I was wondering where you have been

                              I have been sick and extremely exhausted to and was just diagnosed with Ebstien Barr virus! (so down)

                              how do you make coconut milk? Please share.

                              I am glad your feeling better being sick is no fun at all esp with little ones..

                              waht is the brand from Marlene's? I need to go there this weekend.

                              xoxox Darlene


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                                Seems like everybody's getting sick lately. Hang in there! I just got over a lungy thing myself. Nothing too bad, thank goodness.

                                Your protein powder sounds like my Wegman's powder. Fantastic stuff.