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  • There you are- sheesh, it's taking me forever to find all my favorite journals!

    Abscessed tooth does not sound good. I feel you on the cost too. DD just drained my savings account with her tooth needs. UGH.

    I hope your leaky gut heals. That does not sound like fun.


    • Ditto everything T said- lol.

      So sorry to hear about the leaky gut issues and all that. You'll have it beat in no time.

      Liver is greatly improved by marinating it. I'll sometimes marinate it for a week- mostly because I have huge packages of it, with a week's worth of liver. I marinate it all, so the last piece I eat has actually marinated for several days. It doesn't change the texture but the flavor changes. It's especially good with garlic.


      • Hello ... i am stopping by to see you - I am back after my "hiatus" and it looks like you are keeping busy !!
        Leaky gut issues are a huge pain, from what I have heard - hang in there !!!!!!!
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        • Thanks ladies! I never pop in here anymore.

          From what I've read, Diana, marinating liver, for longer, helps. Also, lemon juice and onions help 'tame' the flavor.

          I kind of like the flavor, as long as it's mixed into something else, like beef and spices, etc.

          Going to the doctor tomorrow to see what my urine and blood say about my health!!! I'm excited. I've NEVER had a full lab panel/ analysis, so I am really glad I did this.

          My bowels are getting soooo much better now! I'm finally eliminating again and I'm not bloated after every meal.

          I need to get back to working out. I stopped due to possible endocrine issues/ adrenal fatigue, but I'm just not sure about that and my beautiful muscle is now minuscule :-(

          After we work on the 'Leaky Gut', then we work on the Thyroid, but he says we can't do that until the LGS is good, as it won't do any good to work on it before then.

          I highly recommend a reflexology clinic like I am going to. They may not be actual MD's, but they are still doctors and they are letting my body tell them what is good and/ or bad and treating me that way and it's working!


          • So, my cholesterol is High. Thank God my doctor is also Paleo, so my diet log looks ok to him.

            Problem is, I have to keep my blood sugar up, because due to the body detoxing the bad bacteria out and healing of my gut, the pancreas is getting a hit with my low blood sugar if I don't eat at least every 4 hours.

            He said the high cholesterol is in conjunction with my other 'bad' lab readings, such as high White Blood Cell & Platetlets count, along with my lack of iron absorption, which shows as a mild anemia, signaling a bacteria, parasite/ infection of sorts.

            So, a regular MD, I suspect, would have been alarmed with my cholesterol in correlation to my fat consumption, whereas this doctor just associated it with my full 'homeostasis' analysis, which is: Inflammation, due to infection.

            My readings are getting better and better each week and my Vitamin D intake of 10K IUs/ day seems to be just the ticket, as he told me to continue on with that.

            He said that my blood test also confirmed a high-metal toxicity, which is something I already suspected, due to my severe topical Nickle-contact reactions. He said maybe a treatment with Chloraphyll, to which I responded "Hey! Actually, I've been taking that daily! Oops, I keep forgetting to bring that to our appointments so that you can test it too :-/"

            Well, there's more, but money is an issue, so we're working on the priorities and, surprise, surprise, my Thyroid seems to be 'holding it's own' he said and based on the tests, it seems to be improving when we are working on improving the LGS/ gut issues too! This is gonna drain my pocket book when all's said and done (not to mention the expense of the fuel used by my SUV to drive out 30 minutes from my work), but I'm excited to be doing this!


            • Wow, your doctor is awesome! It sounds like he really knows his stuff!


              • sassy- where you been? Hope everything is okay.