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    Going to journal here about my food, my daily life stuff, workouts, kids, stresses, blessings, and progress!


    Started my cycle, and thought it would be a good day to start the journal, and a new plan as well. This was a really hard pms time for me, lasting a week and my period was late.
    This last month has been crazy and I was traveling in Mexico when I should have ovulated so I am sure that's why, but still.
    I did ok Primal speaking in Mexico. Ate more fruit, sugar, booze than usual. Ate potato and corn chips a couple times. But meals were basically eggs and meat and fruit for breakfast, meat and salads for the rest. Swam and ran on the beach. Good times, but I got back and went right into some craziness with family visiting (and my older kids being home for one week in the middle of their father's summer visitation) involving much sleepover/movie going madness. Still not horrible. But more corn again. bloated me up something awful and put on a couple lbs. aggravated my allergies and I am sure my pms symptoms

    Anyhoo. Today- Food

    B- latte with raw milk
    fruit and nut cereal (I ate bacon and eggs like 3 times yesterday and wanted some fruit!)
    involving- 1/2 cup blueberries, a little chopped peach, coconut flakes, macadamia nuts, 1 dried fig, and coconut milk

    L- Tin of sardines, 1 small english cucumber with salt, black olives, and pickles. Pitcher of nettle/raspberry leaf/peppermint tea with one bag of ginger peach green tea in it.

    I'll need a snack, probably warm coconut milk with cardamom

    D- will be indian spiced lamb chops, raita made with Fage total full fat, and a big chopped salad. My new favorite salad dressing is Walnut oil, Balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard, and sea salt. yum.

    Move My Ass

    With my older two kids gone for visitation, my 3 year old and I have had to figure out how to be alone in the house together. He gets bored without the crazy siblings heis used to, and I get frustrated more easily since I can't get my stuff done without entertaining him all the time. Now that the Evil PMS from Hell is done I am feeling 100% more patient with him. But I still needed to keep him going (He is insane with his energy level. Energizer bunny ain't got nothin on my Groklet)
    SO we went for a long ramble around the neighborhood today! I haven't been able to segue into actually working out regularly again but I so need to. I figured taking him out would force me to slow down and "move slowly-a lot" and wear him out too. We walked maybe 3 miles over an hour and a half, stopping to look over bridges, climb up hills and catch bugs. It was lovely, and I had to carry him on my back several times (squat, lift 35 lbs to standing, carry said 35 lbs for 5-10 because it really did wear him out! We made it back home and he drank a huge glass of water and passed the f*ck out.

    I wanted to do some weight bearing thing so I checked out the WOD on crossfit. Hahahhahaha. I ended up doing

    200 ft of walking lunges
    2 sets of sit ups, 21, 18, 15
    2 sets of attempted pullups. I can't do these yet, but I am working on it. 1st set I hung there and just tried to pull my shoulder blades down, and I lifted a couple inches. 2nd set I started jumped up to the bar and slowly let myself down.

    I was beat after that, and playing around with a sledgehammer for a minute.

    Tomorrow I want to do a proper sledgehammer workout. and walk with the Boy again.

    That's all folks! maybe I'll return with lamb pics later.

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    K, so dinner was fantasmagoric. The lamb wasn't the best cut I ever had but the spice rub I made was divine!

    about a tsp each of
    sea salt
    garam masala
    and a glug of coconut oil. Rubbed the mixture into two pork chops, sat in fridge for a couple hours, then pan fried in a little butter and softened onions in the cast iron skillet. mmm. I could eat that rub on it's own!

    I never had made raita with fage total. Holy Farkin Shite. That was the best raita evah

    i'm tired. I am not used to the exercise any more. Yikes! I need to keep it up! really want the Boy to sleep so I can watch the last 2 episodes of True Blood Season 2. Sex, blood, and sexy blood. Also, bloody sex.

    I realized that I didn't really list any stats. Here comes honesty, I guess

    I'll be 29 next month, I am married (2nd times a charm) with 3 kids. A is 9, daughter. R is almost 8, son. B is 3, son. A and R are from my previous, sucky, totally unhealthy marriage. I am who I am because of it, and my kids are worth it times a million, but it still was hell. yay narcissistic emotional user and abuser. woot.

    Hubs the Current is a fucking fantastic. Love that man. He is a landscaper and I am a stay at home mom/artist/part time work-to pay-for-shit person. Someday maybe I will have another career that defines me, but I am super happy being the mama. We homeschool, though A is trying out 4th grade this fall

    I am 5'2" ish. I've been told by an ex boss that I was taller, because she thought SHE was taller, and I was actually taller than her. People who argue that much about height are silly. I think I am actually 5'2" and a half but if I say that people say "aww.. gotta add that extra half, huh?" and pat me on the head. I don't give a shit, honestly.

    I weigh 138ish right now. My history with weight is colorful and varied. I was about the same when I married my first husband, and got preggers immediately. I ballooned with the back to back pregnancies, (eating to escape the evil marriage perhoops?) and then though CW with a whole foods bent I lost 70 lbs (190 to 120) by R's first bday. I hovered mostly in the 130s since then, other than around my preg with B, and another pregnancy that I lost.
    Occasionally I have gotten up in the 140s. 2 years ago I was struggling with food ethics and was committed to veganism (again. I grew up Veg and it was comfortable emotionally for me) After a week I felt so icky and empty and sad and it was such a fluke that I was drawn to the Traditional Foods board on a parenting site I frequent. I started buying meat from a local farm, eggs, bacon, found a source for raw milk. I had already gone gluten free, but still ate too much grain, carb, and sugars. But it was my journey.
    Influential books were Real Foods, Full Moon Feast, Nourishing Traditions, and Animal Vegetable Miracle.
    I felt whole, I felt soulful with my cooking, I felt nourished. It's changed my body, health and life. <3

    Last year I got up to 150 again. And while I went back and forth on whether or not "thin" should even be an ideal for me, I didn't feel good in my clothing. I was bloated feeling and still had (have, sigh) a fairly unhealthy relationship to food. I went on Atkins (Traditional Foods Style!) and lost some weight before the holidays and then went off and it came right back.

    I learned about PB though the same board on MDC a couple months back (I went on atkins induction again to reset in May and almost immediately went back to the lower weight of last fall, I don't think gaining a few lbs in the winter is a horrid thing necessarily) and then incorporated PB into my diet.

    I want to lose another 10 lbs. 128 is a really happy place for me where I feel good, but don't have to kill myself to keep it. Most important is my health, wellbeing, joy, and being able to keep up a lifestyle. Secondly is a certain weight or body comp. Would I love to be lean and ripped? Sure, but I want to focus on just learning how to enjoy fitness again! If I do the healthy activity for the rest of my life, enjoy myself and never get "ripped" fine by me.

    Sustainable and Balance, Keywords R Us.

    Made some dessert for moi tonight. 88% dark chocolate with a little almond butter on top. Gaspalicious!


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      Doing good, still, just not journaling. Had a less than primal month after the kids headed off to public school. We'd been homeschooling up until now. It's been a huge adjustment but i feel like we are all pretty used to the schedule now and I am hitting a stride here.

      i would really like to get down to 125 (I know weight isn't everything, I know, but still) before Thanksgiving, because that will give me a little leeway for winter poundage. Which I am actually ok with this year, because it seems natural. I just want to not slide right before the winter so a little mini goal will keep me on track.

      Measurements as of October 14 (6 months Primal!)
      belly- (I've had kids, this is important) 26.5
      Over bust- 31

      I started this in April at 150 lbs and the following measurements
      over bust-32
      Belly Button-31.5 (!!!!)

      Huzzah and hurray! I was a size 8-10 and I'm now pretty much a solid 4. (Wearing a comfy pair of Lucky button fly size 2's as I type.) My digestion has improved, skin is clear, pms symptoms halved. My psychological relationship to food is healthier, asthma has mildly improved.
      My life is better than before, and for that I am thankful. I enjoy moderate treats, chocolate, maple syrup, honey, wine, gin and tonic. Even when I have weeks where I am not at my Primal Best, I get right back in the saddle easily.

      Yesterday I did my first IF in almost two months. It was a weekly thing in the summer, but when school started and I had to start getting up at 645 it became a lot harder. It felt great to do it again!

      Before Pics

      Middle of the Summer

      Pretty recent
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        Hey Millie! You have made a lot of progress. Kudos to you for changing your lifestyle. You and I have similar measurements, how tall are you?


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          Thanks! I'm still a squishy curvy girl from the waist down, but I don't know that I care enough to worry about major body reshaping.

          My clothes fit great, my energy and health is great and the husband can't keep his hands off me. It's all good.


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            Nice progress! I hope to one day get my waist to your before size

            My MDA journal

            Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

            And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


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              Hm. interwebz ate my message....

              I said you'll totally get there! I've been everywhere from 120 lbs and a size 2 to 200 lbs and a size 18. Primal lifestyle is the one thing that has been effortless in the losing and maintaining without ever feeling deprived of anything. <3


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                I agree that you will get there following the primal lifestyle Meghan! Damn I feel good when I eat primal.

                Millie I am a curvy girl too, 116lbs 5'0ft tall.


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                  yay for the curvy girls!!!!

                  I have been tracking my eats at sparkpeople this week and having an amazing week! I actually got my measurements wrong earlier, I think. I was looking at the wrong place on the tape. But it's only 1/4 inch so I am going to just keep grok-ing til I am really there.

                  I took my daughter to Old Navy last night to shop with the sale and I actually had to go out and track down a size 2 in a pair of jeans. Holy crap! That felt awesome. Slipping comfortably in all the clothes felt awesome. Sharing clothes with my 9 year old felt weird. ;-)

                  Food today- I need to work on getting enough protein. Tracking showed that I am doing great on fat, but not getting enough protein. I want to try to sustain a bit more energy during my period, so I want to up my protein during the month.

                  B-Coffee with cream
                  3 fried eggs over zucchini sauteed in coconut oil

                  L-canned salmon, lettuce, grape tomatoes, olive oil

                  D-Taco salad with beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, hot sauce
                  probably 2 glasses of wine

                  If I want a snack I'll have one breakfast bar-so awesome. elena's pantry breakfast bars with almond flour. OR a little chocolate for dessert. But honestly, I haven't been needing snacks and desserts this week at all. Filling up at meals!

                  Daily Totals 1,786 protein 94 carbs33


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                    Past week has continuing to be great for the most part.... We shall not speak of saturday when I did a liquor promo for Bacardi Rum and ended up having a few sips of reg coke and rum, and a whole glass of diet coke and rum after my job. this was also the night that we went to my mom and dads for dinner as my mama was getting back in town from a trip and he made chili and mashed potatoes. I ate the potatoes and then realized he put a load of sour cream and cheese and butter in them... So much for day one of dairy free! lol

                    However I went and owned it all on sparkpeople and my carbs were still really relatively low, like 77. So not bad for a weekend I guess.

                    Sunday was fantastic, great start to a new week! Great things included---

                    eggs and bacon for brekkie
                    no dairy!
                    a halloween party with friends at an awesome park! We played, walked slow over a couple hours, played on the playground and acted like kids, got some sun! I brought some turkey and my sis brought some salami and cheese, so meat and salsa were my "lunch" I wasn't even that hungry and felt so great outdoors.
                    after we got home I scrubbed down the kitchen, did a pathetic little workout (pushupsx20, crunches x 50, squats x 15, and planks) and then hubs grilled much meat on the grill- sausage, steak, sweet potato, onions and a big chef salad. yum-o.

                    So, my current plan/goals/life/where I am at,...

                    ***Eat Lots of Plants And Animals***
                    I am still tracking, and will for the most part until our thanksgiving trip. I don't mind and it keeps me in the groove. I know historically that this time of year is when I backslide and I think being more gung ho about it right now is key for me.
                    I am trying to keep up the protein-70-100 grams a day for now is fine, since I haven't been doing any lifting at all.
                    I am going dairy free for a month to see if there are any improvements in health/fitness. Decrease in inflammation?
                    Experimenting with a 16 hour fast everyday, since 8 hour feeding window is typically very easy for me. And I love the feeling of getting good and hungry and then eating a big old feast. It's lovely, and so counter intuitive to what I'd done in the past. It's nice to not feel bloated and rollercoaster-y all the time. lol

                    ***Move around a lot and a slow pace***

                    Yesterday was awesome for this! I keep saying I will walk to get the kids in the afternoon from school but then I get busy around that time, or B is sleeping and I wait until the last minute... But it's 1/2 a frckin mile from the house, and I really need to just get off my ass and do it. SO! that said, looking at my week, I will plan in concrete to walk the days that I don't have something else literally keeping me from it. (Due to work/visitation this week is down to just today and tomorrow, and by god, we are walking)

                    Go to the park with B more as well. It's not 110 degrees any more, I need the sunshine. Dooo eeeeet.

                    3*** Lift Heavy Things***

                    I NEED to start this up again. I used to be a hardcore lifter. (I was also a single mom of two toddlers with a cheap gym nearby with childcare...but I digress) I hit a major wall and lost it all because I wasn't eating enough (low fat, high protein, high carb, low cal) and my body gave up. I so miss being super strong. I don't even care as much about "getting ripped like grok" (I've had three kids, I bet grokette after 3 kids was softer and squishier too) but the strength and stamina, I miss.
                    I am going to plan on 2 short, simple weight routines per week. One will be on Sunday if I can get hubs to work out with me (he lifts on sundays) once during the week. Maybe during an evening as keeping moving in the night occasionally helps keep me from just getting lazy with my schedules.

                    4- Sprint
                    I will aim for 3 sprint sessions in the next month. If this doesn't happen this month, but the walking and weights do, I will be pleased. I have to run after kids occasionally...

                    5-Get Lots of Sleep
                    oy. I am adjusting more to the schedule of school and I think I can do this now. In bed in the 10 o clock hour. Yes ma'am! up at 6:45-7.

                    6- Play

                    OK, my favorite activities are knitting, spinning, watching geeky shows, reading, cooking...noticing a decidedly sedentary theme? I need to play with my kids outside more. They would love it if I did. My hubs is the outdoor playing parent and I am the reading/cooking/ indoor activity gal. The weather is gorgeous and I need to just go out and do it.
                    Also- um, since going primal (and probably because our youngest is 3.5 now) the sex life has gotten a lot more active! I think if I go to bed earlier with my hubs we will have even more "play"

                    7- Get some sunlight every day

                    I take vitamin D x 5000 iu daily. I think if I walk more outside I will get a good amount of vit d too. Should really get my levels checked though

                    8- Avoid trauma

                    hm. This takes a bit of thought. I have a lot going on always, balancing kids, visitation schedules, working for different companies, my own yarn business, house, family etc. I haven't been as engaged with the planning it takes to balance all this lately and have had in blow up in my face. Like late fees on a bill I didn't pay in time, having to drive myself to a catering job far away because I had the time wrong to meet the carpool, etc. It would be less "traumatic" for me, if I did what I needed to to immediately, stay organized, and not put stuff off until the last minute.

                    9- Avoid Poisonous Things
                    Oh dear. NO MORE DIET COKE It's not a daily thing, but it is often enough that I need to deal with it. No mas. stupid chemical concoction
                    Be more moderate with alcohol- le sigh. 1-2 drinks is fine, I'm happy with that. But I tend to have a high tolerance, and I habitually will drink more just because I'm awake and ... no reason but habit. All the other lifestyle habits I'm implementing help with this though. :-)

                    10- Use Your Brain
                    :-) I will! I will use my brain!

                    Alright, here goes!


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                      Today was a total win, btw. Rockin and Grokin

                      1- Plants and Animals- eaten!
                      IF 16 hours til 1 pm, leftover steak in a BAS
                      D-4 egg omelet with a mixture of lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo and loads of cock sauce as in the innards
                      S- Dinner was early, and then I went to knit night, so I came home a bit hungry and made an AWESOME hot cocoa.
                      coconut milk and almond milk, cocoa powder, some "drinking"chocolate chopped up, cinnamon, nutmeg, red pepper, salt, stevia (z sweet), and 1.5 ounces of cognac. Holy frickafrack. It's yummy and heavy and just boozy enough. I'm full and warm and sleepy now. um, ok, 1 more ounce of cognac....

                      2- I didn't realize how much I move when I am dyeing yarn and fiber! I was on my schedule for chores and cleaning and parenting and everything, which I am trying to be more on the ball with. I also have a fair at the farmers market on Saturday and need more product dyed up for it, so I was bookin today just doing my stuff. That made me happy.
                      I also WALKED with my 3 year old to get the kids from school and it was delightful. He was actually in is John Deere gator ride on thing that he loves so I was able to enjoy the walk instead of urging a toddler to get there in time, AND the big kids walked happily home since their little brother drove their backpacks. lol
                      3-Rest Day- sore from the little bit yesterday
                      4-rest day
                      5- Going to head to bed before 10:30, slept fantastic last night and had a great morning after a full night sleep!
                      6-My play today was hours in the kitchen dyeing yarn, and then I actually made it to knitting night. I never end up going because I just am overtired and worn out by dinner. It was fun, the chicks there are all sorts of people and ages. It was nice!
                      7-vit d and tank top walk!
                      8- My planning out the day worked wonders, I feel very IN sorts instead of OUT of sorts. lol
                      9- Poisonous things avoided! I got peppermint tea at Barnes and Noble for knit night. yay!
                      10-Brain done got used.


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                        OMFG! That hot cocoa sounds out of control. My BF is starting to try to hop on the PB train, but he is REALLY attached to his hot chocolates. I think I'l make him your recipe, see if I can convert him from the icky sugary Starbucks hot chocolate he's been drinking...

                        ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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                          no prob. It was fucking awesome. I didn't make it that sweet, but you might want to sweeten it more for him. Ease him into the bitter dark chocolate world of teh awesome.

                          Yesterday was fabulous. Did a great new breakfast

                          scrambled eggs with a can of wild shrimp, topped with avocado and hot sauce and lettuce.
                          today I did the same but made a sauce of salsa/avocado/mayo to moisten it up a bit in the absence of cheese.

                          yesterday afternoon snack- elenas breakfast bar crumbled up with coconut milk

                          Dinner pork chop with sauteed sauerkraut and sliced apple, and sliced onions. yum-o!

                          today i am going to eat as much as I want/can until 4 pm, when I go to work at a catering job. I'll fast until tomorrow at 4 (wish me luck!)

                          Walked a huge amount yesterday, like 1.5 hours, on top of keeping moving all day in the dye studio. Liking this a lot.

                          only had one 4 ounce glass of wine last night! woot. None tonight, as I'm fasting.

                          Avoided poisonous things,used the noggin, slept at leat 8 hrs.

                          done and done.