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  • Primal Journal (Emmelle) Fifty and Fabulous

    July 7 2010 (It's cold day in Southern California) *shiver*

    Finally made up my mind to journal, keep myself honest and go primal. Been doing low carb for awhile (about 6 months), gave up wheat because it makes me binge and crave. I have a lot of weight to lose 75+ so a long way to go. Today I started out by giving up my sugar free non-dairy creamer and splenda in my coffee. I don't love coffee and so if I want to drink it, it'll be black or I'll give it up. I do want to add green tea to my daily regimen. I gave up diet soda a few months ago and when I'm out I order plain ice tea, no sugar.

    I want to add IF'ing to my regimen as well. I'll start by skipping breakfast as advised in the forum, although I must say I'm hungry now. Figures. It's 10:40 am my time, so I only need to wait another hour and a half.

    As a 50 something woman I have a few issues to work around. Menopause -which has actually paused for the last 7 months. Hot flashes that have cooled off alittle in the last year. Thank goodness. Blood pressure issues that have improved greatly with low carb, but I would like to get off the meds completely. I know that won't happen until I lose some more weight. I need to add weight training to my exercise and of course I need to execise more than I do. I'm a server so I walk a great deal when I'm working and I carry very heavy trays, so that counts for something. I would like to start hiking and riding my bicycle for simple errands.

    Any advise is welcomed and appreciated. I look forward to living and learning more about Primal eating.

    *I made it to 2:00 woohoo! I had some turkey meatballs. Dinner at friends tonite, don't know what they're having yet. I went to Henry's this afternoon and purchased Unrefined coconut oil, some macadamia nuts, raw almonds and shredded unsweetened coconut. Now if I just knew what to do with it......
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    Had my coffee black again this morning and IF'd til 1:00 pm, getting ready to have some Turkey and steamed broccolli. Last night the friends had Mexican food. Drat. I can see that social situations are always going to be a challenge. I must learn to say what I need. Good thing we don't socialize all the time. I had fish tacos, removed the corn tortillas, rice and beans....and ice cream cake. This will not be one of those journals where I confess my food sins all the time. I know Ice cream cake is not primal. So I forge on. We're shooting for 80-100% compliance, right?. On a good note it was was easier to skip breakfast today. The weekend is coming up fast. I work lunches Fri, Sat, Sunday. I usually eat before I go. I'll play it by ear and see how hungry I am in the morning. Planning a big salad and hamburger for dinner tonite (probably with bun for the hubby). Maybe a couple of macadamia nuts as a pre-dinner snack. On the whole I feel pretty positive. If I'm hungry I'll eat primal, if I don't want to eat primal, I'm probably NOT hungry. Oh, and I'm going to challenge myself not to weight for at least two weeks.

    Just read through some of the recipes in that section, what a lot of great ideas! I went to the sight for cauliflower pizza crust, can't wait to try that. Everytime I come here and read the posts I feel more positive about myself and what I'm doing nutrionally.
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      Started my day with two cups of black coffee and then a cup of green tea before work. My tummy was grumbling a bit but I ignored it and went to work sans breakfast. I am getting ready to sit down to a nice lunch of steamed cauliflower with a little full fat ricotta stirred in, then I'm having a big beefy burger. Yum. I think I starving now. So IF'd until after 2:30 today. I must say it's getting easier to do. This is day three. Not sure about the weekend because Hubby likes a nice breakfast (which I'm required to cook on Sautrdays).

      Read the post on recipes from the new MDA book. Wow, I think I'm gonna get that one. I have way to many cook books....


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        IF'd today until 4:00!! I was really hungry this morning and ignored it, went to work, stayed busy all day. I'm breaking my fast with homemade coleslaw and a big beefy burger with cheddar. I'm getting excited about skipping breakfast mostly because it makes me feel in control. I like that.

        Had a great day at work, lots of nice guests today. I had good energy, didn't feel sluggish at all. I read on another post that sublingual B-12 can help older people sleep better. I'm getting some for my hubby. He's a very light sleeper and is exhausted all the time. Last night he told me he thinks he has diabetes. This is weird, I've never heard him say anything like that before. I thinks he's really tired.

        Mmmm. I think I'll sprinkle some shredded coconut into my coleslaw!


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          For starters I'd like to say welcome! I'm pretty new here and still learning, but I have done a good deal of IF, both the right way and the wrong way. One thing I am learning about it is that you want to make sure you are getting enough calories during your eating window. Otherwise you will mess up your metabolism and the result will be counter to your desire to burn fat. There are folks on here who can speak more scientifically on this, but that's a simplified version.

          Sounds like you're off to a good start!! Hang in there


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            Originally posted by Mermaid View Post
            Sounds like you're off to a good start!! Hang in there
            Thanks Mermaid! Any advice about the "window" for eating? 2 hours, 4 or 5? I'm not sure how much leeway I should give myself?

            I had a great day today, skipped breakfast went to work, got home after five, then broke my fast at 6:30 tonite. I'm sure I had plenty of calories but if I get hungry I'll have a couple of macadamia nuts. It's amazing how much energy I have, I can hardly believe it. Weirdly enough my stomach gets crampy after I get home and drink a big glass of water, followed by a flushing of my system. Not sure why this happens, it's done it two days in a row. Another thing I've noticed is that I haven't had or wanted a glass of wine the last two nights. Dinner wasn't exactly primal but it was gluten free. Hubby is exhausted and gone to bed, I feel like I could stay up for hours!


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              8:22 am~ OMG I'm soooo hungry this morning! I want to IF until lunch, but my stomach is grumbling big time and I feel a little sick. I've been up for three hours already. I want to try to hang on until noon then have veggies and some BEEF.


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                Made it to noon yesterday but definitely made up the calories lost on Sunday. Stayed primal, though. Woke up starving again and went ahead and had some breakfast. So many of the posts here say "Listen to your body" so I did. I will eat lunch if I'm hungry.

                We have the most amazing ripening organic tomatoes in our garden. Japanese cukes too. I've been having them with my meals everyday (except breakfast). Best time of the year for fresh veggies!


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                  Hiya! Is your husband going to go to the Dr. and get glucose testing since he says he thinks he has diabetes?

                  Careful with the IF- I don't do much of it much myself.

                  Nice to see a journal for you :-)


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                    Isn't it funny how I keep coming back here? I've been journal-ing on LC Friends forever. I keep coming back to paleo/LC over and over. I've lost 40 pounds and gained back 17 over the course of the last year or so, so I get an A+ for effort. Whatever I do I always come back to paleo/LC. I'm on a tear again, I'm determined to get it all off for good, staying under 50-75 carbs a day (or less). I've been back on the lc wagon for a few days and I'm trying real hard to stick. I love the info here on MDA! It rocks and speaks to me in a language I understand.


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                      Happy New Year!! Again....


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                        Happy New Year to you!