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  • Primal Challenge Journal (betsnevada)

    Started out today with mango and banana and a few raw almonds. I'm still drinking one cup of coffee in the morning. It hasn't been very appealing lately.

    For lunch I had a tomato and avocado salad with Celtic sea salt.

    The only workout today has been typing furiously, but I'll get a walk in later.

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    Today's meals

    B-banana/blueberries/beet smoothie

    S- raw almonds

    L-Large spring green salad with sunflower seeds

    S-Strawberries with ground raw cashew & agave nectar

    D- bison burger with green onions and green salad

    Drank water throughout the day when thirsty.


    I walked to the park with my two-year old in the stroller, played on the slides and swings and played tag; Tried sprinting several times on the way home with the stroller, but couldn't go all out (baby loved it, though) Cleaned horse stalls. I clean up after five horses; shoveling and lifting heavy buckets of manure, pushing a large cart and dumping and spreading. I do this everyday.


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      I'm having a difficult time getting support from my family. My husband and I decided to go raw (vegan)in July, and two weeks into it I discovered this place through a friends blog. Going raw is a great way to detox, but I have tried it in the past and I have trouble sustaining it. I'm a nursing mom and I need meat. He's trying to understand, but I think he's disappointed that I gave up so soon. Today's been really hard.


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        8/06/09 LOG

        B-farm fresh eggs scrambled with green onions

        S- sweet potato with cinnamon

        L-broccoli salad w/raisins, cashews mayo dressing.

        S-smoked Alaskan salmon w/cajun seasoning

        D-stir fried beef with bella mushrooms & red onion and a spring green salad w/walnuts and dressing.

        Mucking stalls was my only workout today.


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          B- farm fresh eggs with garlic and fresh salsa verde

          S- Large green salad with sunflower seeds and dressing


          Put the toddler in the backpack,cleaned stalls and then hiked one and a half to two miles leading my horse. The weather has cooled off considerably here in Las Vegas, only 90 degrees today. It was very pleasant.


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            I've found it easy to eliminate all grains from my diet and refined sugars and most dairy. I've been eating lean meats, fish, eggs, green salads and some cooked vegetable, fruits and nuts. My husband was pretty easy to convince after the initial shock.He wanted to go raw for awhile and couldn't believe I was buying so much meat. Once he saw what I was eating, and I started putting delicious meals in front of him, he could hardly refuse. I've been keeping track of what I eat in my planner, I just haven't had a chance to post it here.

            We've gone to the gym again the last few days. Now instead of just walking on the treadmill, I've added some sprints. It feels really good. I used to jog some or add steep incline to my walk, but sprinting is fun. I also do a variety of weight machines, alternating days between upper and lower body. I haven't read Mark's book yet, so I'm only going by the information I've gathered from the site. Before now my diet mainly consisted of tortillas, cheese, toast and sugar, and beans and rice, chicken & eggs. I also ate tortilla chips, salsa and candy frequently. Oh beer and wine o'plenty. I ate fruit, but rarely ate vegetables. I couldn't figure out how I could weigh nearly 170 lbs. I'm 5'4". When I married my husband, almost 25 years ago, I weighed 118. I know I wasn't healthy then, even though I was skinny. I'm excited to see what being slim and fit is going to feel like.