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    I am taking up the Primal Challenge fully, after easing my way into it over the past few months. My commitment is: to spend the next 30 days 100% primal, log my daily intake, workouts, and thoughts.

    I have attempted journals before, and did not follow through. So making this commitment is a big step out of my comfort zone, along with it being here and public.

    I'm happy to get any support I can from the MDA community. Mark's book, and this group have been a God send to me. Thank you!

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    Day 2

    Today I walked to work and back 5.75 miles. And walked another 45 min 3 miles with a friend after dinner.

    today I ate:
    coconut milk whey smoothie
    deviled eggs ( 3)
    Perfect foods bar ( no refined sugars only honey)
    1.5 ounces of almonds
    4 oz of venison roast
    one small carrot
    and a small coconut milk /whey smoothie

    I drank 1 cup of reg green tea, and one decaf, had one 12oz decaf coffee with 1/4 cup of cream

    I feel ok, fighting the blues a bit.... keeping moving. playing my guitar...

    noticing how negative my friends are.


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      Today I did a HIIT workout, have figured out a better 10 day workout schedule.

      I feel good when I do my one hour pilates/yoga video daily
      I enjoy my 3x a week strength circuit.
      Found a better interval / HIIT workout .

      My 10 day regimine.
      1- weigth circuit 1
      2- pilates/yoga
      3- pilates yoga/ abs
      4- Weight circuit 2
      5- pilates/yoga
      6- pilates/yoga / abs
      7- Weight circuit 3
      8- PIlates/yoga
      9- 20 min HIIT
      10- Day off.

      I am very comfortable at 20-30 grams of carbs a grains, no sugar, no excess. Am still finding myself riding out emotions of letting go of bad habits.. but know the longer I stay away, the less I will want them and soon not at all.

      I did not stick to this journal at first. Had come up with various reasons not to, but see the great benefit of being here daily where I can get the support I need. Thank you all who read this for that.

      Also have taken a big step personally by setting some boundaries in my relationships to keep true to myself. Giving all of myself away to others my entire life has left me with an empty tank, one I tried to fill with work and food, and the habit of being on a diet to lose weight. ( yes it actually is a habit, a comfortable place to be where you know how to deal with it and life is predictable whether you're happy or not.)

      SO one foot in front of the other now. only forward.


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        It's amaazing.. I told enough people what I am doing, and started this journal, and introduced myself to the MDA community, and now people are stepping up to help me!

        My boss, whom I 've worked with and for for over 15 years, and has seen me go up and down, through aa divorce, and a host of many other things.... just told me yetserday that what ever it takes support wise I've got it.

        I am truly blessed


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          Have gone back and forth on giving up coffee.... but for now, it is tied to too many non-primal habits. So God help me and all of you as well.... giving it up at least for the next 30 days. Will save money too, and will need it ffor new clothes


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            Just popping in to say hi! Keep up the good work!
            Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

            My journal

            I see grain people...

            Exist in shadow, drifting away.


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              Thanks. I have a weight goal, but my over all BIG ASS goal for this year is to put the extra weight, and all that went into creating it, behind me. To never have to obsess, or worry over my body weight again. I want to wake up each morning knowing I can handle anything, and have the energy, mentally and physcially to do so. Most of all, I want to be happy in my body and full of joy.. like I used to be when I was young and didn't know I wasn't perfect


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                Am noticing today, that I am back to obsessing over food. NUts in particular. I have to laugh... you can find every opinion positive and negative on any food, diet, lifestyle etc.... and ad nosium. I was drawn to PB because Atkins worked for me in the past, and also it just "feels right"... Have done so many things that I have learned too much. PB is simple, as long as I keep it that way. So that is what I can focus on for tthis weekend and coming weeks ahead. Keeping it simple, consistent, and have fun ... drop the obsessing.


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                  it's amazing to me how much of my eating, good or bad things follows what is going on in my head( mental stress). Last night I had a date and for the first time I did not try so hard. I was myself and let my date do the work. I was able to relax. I wasn't even hungry. And I when he left, for the first time I did not sit and wonder if I had done enough, been enough, or was pretty enough. I actually thought about if I liked him, how i felt about who he was. This is a seroius change for me. Not working to carry the conversation. Talking only when spoken to. Asking someone to do something for me. Something simple like.. please shut the back door, I am getting a little cold.

                  This morning , I am still calm, and my eating , breathing and thoughts are all reflecting that. I am not worried if I am going to miss my workout, what I am going to eat this afternoon at a bridal shower I am attending, or even what I am not going to eat. I feel so in control, and not in a Soup Nazi way, in a self loving way.

                  It is very true, change has to start with how you love, see, think and talk to yourself. Otherwise, you'll just chase your tail.. and I have a gold medal in that sport. Nice to feel like I really can put it behind me


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                    Oh happy monday.. my NO carb day!!. Been a great day so far.. the kiddo is home for the week and we have a fun one planned. Totally ready to begin doing IF next week! Just one more week of keto to really make it easy.


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                      spent a lot of time this week and last week reading through the forum journals, and different posts. The patterns I find are this.-

                      1. When you are hungry, eat primal foods; eat till you are satisfied.
                      2. Avoid grains, sugar, and excess in all it's forms
                      3. have more fun, move more frequently, use your brain for things that actually matter and improve you.. ie: not worry, gossip, senario building, or otherwise useless thought processes
                      4. push your limits- strength wise 2-3x a week, cardio wise 1-2x week, be sure to take time to breath deep and stretch it all out.
                      5. what ever you are doing, be there 100%, when youa re done, then move on to the next thing.
                      6. You can easily reach an ideal body weight by doing the above and throwing in a healthy dose of IF on a regular basis. ( for me that's at least once a week)
                      7. Get used to being different, and don't worry about what others say to you about how you eat and exercise.. thier comments and complaints will eventually turn into questions and an opportunity to share the wonderful world of primal living with someone you love or care about.
                      8. Spend more time living it, doing it, and being open to the benefits , than talking about it, planning for it, and worrying if it will actually work.
                      9. Let go of the outcome. Let go of the past. Grasp the opportunity instead.


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                        Have to take some of my own advice today! Went to ball game with my son last night and had a beer! That was ok, but later in the night was hungry, and did not bring anything for "me"... so I ate a handfull of crackerjacks! I got so sick, couldn't sleep for my burning stomach. Bummer, but shaking it off , and moving on. Luckily for me, and yes, this is a good thing, my body instantly rejects grains, sugar and anything processed. So I am grateful for that. Headache today, but it is going away nicely.


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                          made wonderful chicken curry coconut soup yesterday! Enjoying it today and will for a few more days

                          Digestion is bak to normal after wed night base ball game. getting back that steady energy feeling and mental control.

                          Love PB living. Also been reading Dr. Laura's book " stop whining , Start living". Really hits home, and I whined a lot over my life.. mostly about my weight, recently regarding not being able to "enjoy" CW foods. But then yesterday, my son was given some peanut m&m's ( chocolate and nuts my favorite in any form) and I said no thanks. And it was easy because the momentary yummt flavor, woudl soon turn into a not so pleasant tummy ache and all the stuff that goes with it until it is out of my system. It was nice to give into the instant gratification of knowing in an hour, my stomach would still feel great, I made a good decision and stuck to it, and it was not about control.. it was about quality of MY day, my body.

                          Good way to end the work week

                          side note.. drastically cut back intake of nuts this week. Like none! And I notice I am not retaining water as much throughout the day? Interesting. Switched ot just macadamia or walnuts, when I do go to eat them, and having them in something. Like on a salad, and not just reaching for a handfull.
                          Who new?


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                            Been programming myself to eat every 3 hours for years, noticing the more relaxing rythm of eating only when I am hungry and until I a satisfied. I find I am less tense and also make better choices, more intuitive. One thing I have not been on point this past week with is exercise. Played with my son, walked here and there, but no weight lifting. Forthe coming week, I have my workouts laid out and first thing in the am. On my own as my son is to his dad's for thier week and walking to work most of the week and after work . Not to "ove do it, " but to just keep moving and happy. I notice when I am alone is when being sedentary strikes. A bit of hiding on my part. Love people, coming home to an empty house mkaes me feel tired and I get the munchies. Have my guitar to play, can go for a walk, call a friend. Keep primal. .. read a good book, get sunlight.


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                              starting my IF journey tomorrow and throughout the coming week. Skipping breakfast monday, wed , friday and dinner wed night post massage. Lots of low level cardio planned. and 2 weight workouts at the end of 2 of the fasts b4 I eat to really burn some fat off.

                              Wish me luck