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  • Primal Challenge Journal - Primal Mom

    Ok, I am a dork .. I posted my Challenge Statement to my "other" journal .. ook, here is my new one for the Challenge

    Cutting and pasting from the Primal Challenge "Statement" ... ok, where to start ??? ... short and sweet - since I am new, it is all a "challenge" in a way !! ... here I go !!

    1) finish the book - about 1/2 way through (got it Sunday LOL !)

    2) enjoy life - sounds simple ... For the past couple years - ok, 3 or so - I have been all about stress - and not really work-type stress but self-created stress about food and fitness - I definitely need to find balance and remember that life is there to be enjoyed !! ... For me, so far, the Primal Blueprint seems to represent some freedom ...freedom from weighing and measuring food every second of the day - freedom from carb cravings - I have created a great deal of stress with very rigid and restrictive food "programs" - grrr... no more ... And the worst part is, I have known better and still done it ... definitely no more !

    3) Play more - within fitness and workouts and outside them - on the playground and in the park with my kids - maybe without the "low-fat merry-go-round" I will actually have the energy to do that !

    4) Get rid of some of the random "health" issues - nagging headaches ... pooped adrenals ... the thryoid wackiness .... hmmm ... sounds like stress, lowfat diet, too much exercise, yada yada ...

    5) what everyone else said .. more rest .. more fun ... clean food - no grains, no sugars ... maintain my weight or build muscle and reduce fat ...

    as much as possible, organic/pastured/raw where appropriate

    6) Keep up with my Primal Journal and meet some more great people here !!!!

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    And now for day one, August 3

    B: 2 eggs w/ mushrooms and spinach; 1 piece organic bacon; 1 T almond butter; coffee (w/ organic H&H) ... still debating the dairy issue ...

    SN: 1 HB egg; almonds; 2 strawberries

    L: baked chicken, with skin (!) ... green beans - yuck - the restaurant was out of salad - how does that happen ??? - there were no other options but starch & grains - I should have just gotten more chicken LOL !

    SN: whey powder & almond butter

    planned dinner: sauteed chicken w/ olive oil; oven-roasted veg (Zucchini, eggplant, peppers) - lots of nightshades - I might experiment with getting rid of that for a couple of weeks - my parents are in town and they very excitedly brought this from their garden !

    Maybe a few strawberries ?? ....

    all in all, not what I had planned but I am not going to let green beans ruin my day !!!!

    Later !

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      Hey Primalmom - how old are your kids and what do they eat? Do you feed them primal? I am trying to figure out how to get my kids off the grains (at least mostly) and was wondering what other parents were doing out there? I have 1.5 yo and 3.5 yo daughters. Good luck with your goals!


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        Primal Journey - Day 2 -

        2:30 AM, EST - awoke to 3 yo yelling "Mommy" - back to sleep

        5:00 AM - awoke again to get the peeps up - parents leaving to drive back to Ohio, hubby to work - older son wanted to go with him so packed a snack bag for hub and son

        * coffee with unsweetened almond milk

        7:00 - two eggs, slivers of salami and cheese; handful of cherries; 1 T almond butter


        *Full-body lifting workout

        * 10:00 - ?? - will I need something postworkout ? Probably ... what to have ... usually it is whey and some CARB ... ya know, the myth of PWO carbs ... hmm ... whey and almond milk ???

        * 1:00 - lunch - chk leftover from last night - green veggies - EVOO ...

        * NOTE ... last night's Nightshade-fest - dinner was around 6:30 ... at 9:30, I noticed all my joints aching ... hmmmm ... had green peppers and eggplant (also zuch, yellow squash, onion) and a few cherry toms ... wish I knew if it was some or ALL of them ... guess I will have to eat them in isolation and see what happens ...

        * Dinner - hmmm ... grass-fed beef is frozen hard as a rock - if I can get to Whole Paycheck today, I think Wild Salmon is in ... that would sooo

        (G)ROCK !! ... hehe .. lame ... ok, so .. Salmon .. salad ... EVOO ... a few nuts ...

        * Bad night-time eating habit - I always want "something" sweet - usually I end up having a protein shake ... a relic from the BB-style diet ... grr... Wish I could kick it - maybe I can trade it - "cocoa powder mixed with almond butter and stevia" fudge ???? LOL !

        so have a great day - I am off to the gym

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          Hello, Day 3 .... having some coffee and almond milk ...

          I did not eat enough in the AM yesterday, i think ...last night I was STARVING ... did end up having the whey protein and almond butter ... so, today will be more concious of that !


          B: (will try to wait 3 hrs before eating)

          3 eggs / spinach & mushrooms / strawberries

          walking and sprinting for exercise

          L: leftover salmon - it was sooo YUM - salad - veggies


          SN: maybe ... some nuts ... tea

          D: flank steak - veggies - salad - EVOO

          * strawberries *

          Gotta use up the veg I have b/c I get a boat-load tomorrow from the CSA-thingy ... and raw milk and GF beef pickup today !!!!!!!! yay !!!!!!!!!!!!

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            10:00 - ?? - will I need something postworkout ? Probably ... what to have ... usually it is whey and some CARB ... ya know, the myth of PWO carbs ... hmm ... whey and almond milk ???</blockquote>

            I have stopped worrying about pre and post workout foods. If I&#39;m hungry I&#39;ll eat something, if I&#39;m not, I don&#39;t. Most of the time I&#39;m fasting til lunch- and I workout first thing in the morning (around this time at 5:30-6:00).

            As long as you&#39;re eating enough protein and getting healthy fats and have plenty of energy for the workout and the rest of the day.. you&#39;re good to go.

            Free yourself some more!


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              ahh, you feel my pain Ellen !!.. you know the conundrum .. I am definitely needing to FREE myself some more !!!!!!!!

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                dorkus ... forgot that I posted this in the "wrong" journal - guess it doesn&#39;t really matter !!


                Day 4 ... well, let&#39;s comment on Day 3 first ...

                I am still struggling to put it all together - for me, this 30 days is going to be a great transition period ...

                I am still working toward getting it "right" but I am NOT going to fall into my old habits of

                1) demanding rigid and instant adherence

                2) beating myself up for each misstep

                3) giving up and going back to the bad stuff

                In the past, I have done low-carb (but still some grains and crappy low-carb bars etc) / no gluten (but still GF grains) / no grains but not low-carb / good whole food with grassfed beef and pastured dairy but still grains and gluten ... ayyye - confusing but the bottom line, I was always freaking about weight gain -and I went back to low-fat, high protein and obsessions ... it always happened ...

                So, this is truly a new lifestyle and one that I want to be permanent - I WANT to get off the rollercoaster !!!!!

                OK, yesterday - too many nuts - holy crap - I was making crispy nuts and just kept noshing - ugh - and then, I made some sugar-free ice cream to try a recipe - used eurythritol - organic eggs and cream ummm ... tummy issues started about 10 min after my small 1/2 cup serving last night - dear lord - continuing on here still - TMI !!!! ... I have never had any lactose intolerance, so I am thinking it was the eurythritol (!!!) ... won&#39;t be trying that again LOL!!

                So, today&#39;s goals:

                * meat / eggs / veggies / EVOO / avocado

                * small amount of dairy

                * a few berries - maybe 1/2 cup

                * no nuts - just need a break !

                * no snacking ... can it be done ???

                * bodyweight circuits and walking (did some walking yesterday too)

                * Vit D - going to the pool !!

                * going to Athens (GA) to pick up my local organic produce - yay !

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                  I am sooo mad - I want to cry - I am still listening to the Sugar guy - whaaaa .... I think I am getting a lot of answers here ....

                  1) the protein powder I use currently has crystalline fructose in it - another name for HFCS - google it

                  2) I have had elevated liver enzymes for over a year - hmm, do ya think that is related to the BLOODY PROTEIN POWER !!???

                  3) For however many years, I have used different protein powders (call it poison) and protein bars (more poison) .... grrr .... what cesspool of poisons have I ingested ???

                  4) is it any wonder that, after starving my body of good fat and protein during the LowFat Vegan Wonder Years that I then developed hypothryoid disease ?

                  5) and that after starting to eat a low carb diet, and exercising, sure I lost weight, but added a crap-ton of poison to my diet ... so, adrenal fatigue and liver problems are NO BLOODY WONDER !!!!!!!

                  6) And further wrecked the metabolism by adding and subtracting over the past three years to get:

                  * diet soda

                  * sugar-free gum

                  * lowfat stuff

                  * poison powder

                  but hey, I alternated that with trying to kick it and go "straight" - a couple times now ... this has to be the last time


                  (runs off screaming ...)

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                    Hey primalmom- it will be okay :-) All we have control of is what we do moving forward. Just chalk it up to a learning experience. It&#39;s a process that we will constantly be fine-tuning for the rest of our lives.


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                      thanks girl !! I am trying NOT to dwell ... moving forward !

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                        I&#39;m with ya on feelin bummed (and enraged) after watching that sugar video on YouTube. Wow! To think of what I&#39;ve done to myself over the extremely sugary diet as a kid and continual battles with being overweight as well as my increased difficulty to lose weight after leading a strict vegetarian existence in 2007 and 2008. Ugh.

                        But hey, now we know. And that&#39;s a good thing.


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                          I am going to use this journal as my primary journal for the Challenge - too confusing to have two !!

                          I am definitely going to need a nap today - 3 yo woke up at 4 am and would not go back to sleep !!!!!

                          so ... yesterday - no nuts ! That was great - not that nuts are bad, I was just eating wayyy too many .... And no desire for protein powder aka poison - funny but for me, when I KNOW definitively that something is BAD for me, I have no desire to eat it - none, nada ... cool !!! ....

                          today ...gonna try to make the almond/coconut pancakes using coconut flour - hopefully no headache !

                          Other food planned ....

                          * lunch out - a burger, no bun - salad

                          * dinner - homemade chicken soup with the leftover chicken from the other night&#39;s roast chicken and the broth I made from it - salad


                          * limit dairy - will have a little Greek yogurt mid-morning probably if I need a snack - and maybe some cheese in the chicken soup - it is going to be Mexi-flavored (Chicken Tortilla No Tortillas !!)

                          * Workout - full-body weights / walking (love all this walking )

                          * no nuts again

                          Oh, after the Sugar film yesterday, I collected the last remaining things with sugar - here&#39;s what I found - bottle of organic ketchup, jar of marinara sauce (thanks Paul Newman !), bottle of pickapepper sauce, couple of loaves of bread (including one gluten-free !) .. they are all poised to make their way to a food bank (they were unopened) ... I also threw out some already-opened stuff - and some oatmeal (whaa) ...

                          I think it&#39;s all gone ... grain-free, sugar-free

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                            I am a total nut abuser too :blush:

                            I wish we lived closer ! You read like you totally get it.


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                              Oh and P.S.

                              You&#39;re a dork!