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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Silverwind)

    Starting up! Been looking at these posts a lot today, finally getting a few moments to sit and type something out.

    Planning to add some detail later this evening; after dinner and today's WOD, hopefully I'll have a little 'free time'!

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    I need to work on my playtime! (And a bit of the diet, too, admittedly.)

    I *REALLY MISS* things I used to do! This month, I'm hoping to finally (instead of just 'plan to eventually/when we have time(or $)/pencil in&#39


    Go climbing


    Hike (and)

    Bike - for more than an hour.

    Work on my physical confidence and flexibility/gymnastics and attempt a 'parkour-style' short run. Probably through the woods.

    Hopefully, this month will help me figure out ways to get my missing outdoors time - even with 2-4 kids around! (Ours are 9 and 3.5, and I watch my niece and nephew ~50 hours a week, who are 2.5 and 3 months.)

    (copied from 'goals&#39


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      Ugh. After an unusually crummy day...

      4-5 bottles of water.

      large glass (two small ones, actually) of chocolate milk. *sigh*

      Lunch: Attempted to eat remainder of salad (spinach, romaine, ham, turkey, bacon, egg.) DNF'd - something was tasting off, and I only cleared about half of it before writing it off.

      Dinner: Mom's. Not spaghetti today - pizza instead. *sigh* She'd gone and ordered fancy, REALLY GOOD chicago deep dish. After the lunch fiasco I gave up and had two slices, minus most of the crusty-breadish parts.

      After dinner: not quite one-half an Apple Pie Larabar. Also one more egg after I got home.

      (warm up high note- 3 assisted HSPU's! Yay! Couldn't keep my back straight enough to be comfy doing more though, but it's progress!)


      150 single-unders

      15 burpee deadlifts (35k)

      15 box jumps (24"!!)

      15 pullups (black band)

      15 K2E

      Attempted 3RFT, managed instead 2 +33 jumps in 30:00.

      Burpee Deadlifts Suck. XD

      Trying to get in bed before freaking midnight tonight. :P Hope tomorrow goes better? Please?


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        So far today - much better! I've been in a better mood, having gotten to bed sometime before 11 helped, I'm sure. Although waking up a few times (again) due to (cat, heat, daughter) ..stuff... was annoying, it didn't completely destroy my night. I stayed in bed dozing lightly 'till about 8:30, since the kids were obligingly quiet. I do feel badly about my husband needing to get up and ready for work with me still in bed, but I have GOT to get a bit more sleep for a week or two sometime soon.

        A couple bottles of water later, and a salad (egg, bacon, raisins, green apple, carrots, celery, spinach, lime juice, MMMM) for lunch - a few extra carrots and my chocolate milk indulgence and I'm feeling pretty good today. If I can pull something GOOD for dinner I think I'll be set.

        Going to try to get to the Fort for the WOD later - other children getting picked up late tonight, so not sure if I'll make it in.

        Looking at maps and reviews of local bike trails.


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          Well, chicken for dinner and an orange, and more water - I thought about a few other things, but really, I'm not all that hungry. :/ I'll have to keep an eye on myself tomorrow.

          That said, played "soccer" with the girls for a while this afternoon. ^_^

          WOD: Power Clean, 3-3-3. 25k - 35k-37.2k (the 35 was starting to feel sloppy, but I still thought I could get more up. Will probably do 25-30-35 next time 'round and focus on form and elbows.)

          3:00 burpee lateral jumps (over parallettes)

          1:30 rest

          2:00 B. L.J.'s

          1:30 rest

          1:00 B. L.J.'s

          20 (had to call the kids back from tearing around the parking lot in the midst of the first 3:00)




          Did a quick 2x5rep 15k press; wanting to work on press/HSPU strength. Also made 2 self-kicked handstands today (onto the wall)!! No needing a boost up! ^_^

          Not feeling it today, though, in general - may take some time off. Was recommended if needed, and I've been doing 3/1/2/1 for a while now... (3 months barring the one camping weekend). Probably could use a bit of downtime, and just stay at home and play with the kids. I'm thinking about it.

          Groceries tomorrow!


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            Taking a break from hardcore CF'ing. :/ Sad me.

            Still, turkey, egg and bacon for breakfast/lunch - and water....

            I snagged a bag of cheesy popcorn from the store. I've been craving it so long, and finally figured 'hell with it' - I knew I'd feel kinda meh after eating it, and hoped it would shut my body up. It worked out fine. (better that than gorging on an entire sack of chips ahoy or something!!)

            Dinner was bacon- and bacon-fried ground beef, with a bit of tomato, allspice, and garlic & onion. Delicious!! About a pound and a half of it went *poof* - so much for leftovers! Chayla even demanded more. She'd even licked the plate! ^_^

            Did some soccer kicking with her later today, so got some moving in.



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              Really tired. No real appetite today, ate crummy, didn't feel well. Can't quite settle to sleep. Have company over late (they're all out in the living room). Going to bed anyway.

              Dinner nifty, garlic/lime chicken with spice, and buttered carrots and nutmeg. That worked out well.

              Thankful he's off tomorrow and I can try and relax a while.

              Hopefully get back to workouts?


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                Whee! Felt better today, finally, and got to sleep in a little even! PLUS got a SHOWER! OMG! (seriously, I just needed a while to go soak in hot water. )

                Day food was eggs and bacon, and my last 'treat/cheat' fewd for a while - two small crepes with butter and lemon juice. SO worth it. It's been.. a while.

                Got right back on track; $50 of MEAT at the store later, I have ground beef - tuna steaks - and 11 POUNDS of chicken quarters that are going into homemade BBQ sauce tonight, and on the grill tomorrow. The sauce seemed tasty, it should go well.

                Dinner tonight was the ground beef, one batch with tomato and garlic and onion - one with cinnamon and half a green apple, both dishes with bacon. ^_^

                Finished up one more rest day. If we're up and *awake* early enough to make it in by 9 tomorrow, we're going. If not, I shall do some light biking, enjoy a bit more rest, and restart my schedule on Monday. I thought I'd be feeling more up to par by now, easily - that I haven't, instead, tells me I really *needed* the break.

                Not that I've not been reading and re-reading the Fort blog multiple times a day 'cause I miss them. ^_^;

                Need to get the mini-wheels on the little bike so she can start learning and pedaling with me!


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                  Team saturday this morning, in pairs.

                  BBQ chicken.

                  A bit of 'swimming' (the beach was really pretty shallow, but Chayla had a blast)

                  and a late, unexpected evening.

                  It's been a long, rough day. :/

                  Will have to type more tomorrow.


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                    Okay, so yesterday's WOD was :

                    100 burpees

                    150 KB swings (16kg)

                    200 box jumps (~20")

                    I partnered with Jeff, who has been making seriously awesome progress, and he carried a lot of the work since I wasn't quite back up to speed. Also, on my freaking *SECOND* box jump on my turn, I landed stiffly and tweaked my lower back.

                    ..It's still a bit stiff and achy. :P

                    Anyways, we finished in 24:..50? Which I don't think was too bad, all things considered.

                    We had awesome mustard-peach BBQ chicken for lunch with family, and later went out to the lake for some 'start teaching the 3-year old to swim' time.

                    The beach was very shallow, but I did get some strokes in, and settled for long, quick steps through hip-deep water for a bunch of the 'exercise' time. Otherwise, we spent a total of a good half hour just enjoying the water and being out.

                    I'd like more time, but she started to look like she was wearing out, and I didn't want a water incident to ruin the time.

                    Wound up not really eating later, wasn't hungry anyway, so no loss. Girl-issues not helping the appetite any, plus the heat, plus winding up unexpectedly getting free inking (in a location mostly having 'junk food' - pizza, chips, etc. *shrug* The effort was made, but I really wasn't hungry anyway and didn't worry about it. )....

                    Yeah. Didn't get around to eating dinner.

                    Made up for it today, ugh. Ink is healing, but due to that, heat and child-issues, didn't sleep much last night.

                    Had my chocolate milk.

                    Mom got us McD's "fewd". Meh. It's been a while.

                    Had some watermelon and a little bit of ice cream.

                    Dinner at Dino's out tonight - ate the usual, but realized after that with the girl issues, I really shouldn't have bothered. I feel stuffed and hurty, even though it wasn't all that much. I should either have not ordered, or just taken it all home. :P

                    Have all the little ones again tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be busy.