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  • primal challenge journal (ukgrokgranny)

    meals today

    b/fast - 3 egg omelette with onions,peppers and mushrooms

    lunch - big salad with chicken breast, mixed berries with cream

    dinner - stewed steak and kidney with carrots and cabbage, mixed berries with cream

    walked the dogs 2 x 20 mins, walked into town 20 mins

    I'm vertically challenged at 5ft 0ins, 164 lbs and a uk size 16. 2 years ago I managed to get to a uk size 12 with a meal replacement diet for my daughters wedding, I've been trying to get back to that since and getting bigger every month, my long term goal is to get back into a uk size 12, but for the next 30 days I'd like to lose 8 lbs and focus on learning all the rules of PB. I want to start doing some strength exercises that are easy to fit into my life so that I can enjoy exercising regularly.

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    had an ok day today.

    b/fast - minute steak, egg, tomato

    lunch - big salad and prawns with a little seafood sauce, nectarine

    dinner - roast chicken, brocolli,carrots

    mixed berries and cream

    walked the dogs 2 x 20 mins, walked around the shops for nearly 2 hrs(hope this counts!)

    4 circuits of 5 reps of squats, ladies press ups,tricep dip,kettlebell press, plank

    I've managed without diet coke today with only a little headache, tomorrow will be the challenge as I am back at work and I tend to drink more there. I think I'll take no change for the machines so I won't be tempted to buy and I'll pop an extra bit of fruit or some nuts in my bag just in case I get really hungry.


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      I felt tired today but positive about being primal.

      b - 2 egg omelette with onions, peppers, mushrooms and 1 pork mince patty.

      l - big salad with half tin salmon, nectarine

      d - liver and onions, mashed turnip and carrot, cabbage, mixed berries.

      I'm surprised that I haven't craved yoghurt, bread or cereal, what I miss the most is drinking coke or flavoured water, I feel I have a taste in my mouth that water doesn't get rid of. I am having more cups of tea which I have one sweetener in but I feel it is a better option than diet coke at the moment. Once I feel more comfortable drinking water I'll try and ditch the sweetener in my tea, I didn't think that my drinking would be more of a challenge than my eating.


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        Weigh in today - I lost 3lbs.

        I'm pleased with that,I challenged myself to lose 8 lbs over 30 days losing a steady 2 per week and I'm on target.

        It's been a bit of a voyage of discovery as far as foods are concerned,you don't realise how many things that you eat have grains or sugar in them. I didn't realise that stock cubes are made with wheat flour, I'll be making chicken stock this week. I'm surprised at how easy I have found not having diet coke ( I thought that would be the hardest), I haven't missed my daily 2 or 3 yoghurts and I haven't craved chocolate, these are all the things I stuffed my face with before last monday. I do miss potato but I can have mashed turnip and carrot which is a pretty good alternative. I'm still having sweetener in my tea and I am going to try and cut that out this week.

        Exercise has been more of a challenge, I am going to try and do some bodyweight exercises 3 times this week(I did some this morning)although I know I'm probably not doing enough I'm hoping that if I get into the habit I can improve the content as I go along.

        All in all a good week.


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          I've got through 2 weeks and I've lost 2.5 lbs this week, thats 5.5 in total - I'm loving it.

          I wasn't sure if I was eating too many veggies and fruit but while I'm losing weight I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I haven't been measuring calories or carbs, that feels too much like dieting and I want this to be a lifestyle change without effort.

          I made chicken stock last week to make gravy with instead of stock cubes which worked ok most of the time, I think I'll try the butcher for some beef bones to try beef stock. I also made a curry last night, chicken tikka masala made with coconut milk and served on cauliflower rice, it was delicious.

          I'm going to try an organic meat box next week when I get paid, it will force me into trying different cuts of meat and different seasonal meats, I'm looking forward to it.

          I went shopping yesterday and out of 6 bags of shopping 3 were fresh fruit and veg (organic where possible), 1 diet pop (hubbies), 1 tinned stuff (hubbies again), 1 organic chicken and bacon, frozen prawns, what a difference a fortnight makes!

          I am really enjoying this challenge, I wasn't going to join in online, just follow at home but I'm glad I have, it's been less effort than I thought it would be and my husband is having the same evening meal as me so no extra cooking.

          I'm feeling good in myself, my clothes are fitting better, I'm enjoying everything, I think I'm becoming Primalised..