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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Barney Rubble)

    Goal is to tighten up eating habits... Maintain current WO routine and add some non WO movement to my day. (I am desk bound) Turned 50 last week and in pretty good conditon overall but could still lose a few a midship. Currently taking in a little too many carbs to be truely primal albeit no junk food. Raisins, figs, prunes as snacks are probably a little too rich for GROK... need to cut back here. Other bad actors are Cheese, Smuckers natural peanut butter and salted Planter Deluxe Nut Mix. Not that all the food is bad just probably not primal enough. My motto was if God didn't make it, don't eat it, Served me well for a long time. Hopefully this challenge puts me over the top.

    Current WO Routine

    SUNDAY CIRCUIT TRAINING. For those interested I do

    20 JumpSquats-Pushups. Jump hitting heels to butt then land and repeat 20x do 1 PU. Do 19 JS's/2 PU's, 18 JS's/3 PU's. Continue to 1 JS/20 PU. Try to do it without rest. THIS IS BRUTAL take 3 minute rest do 20 Situp/Seated Military Press. Using the same counting technique above alternate Situps with Seated MP's. Use Bricks, Stones, light Dumbells for MP.

    1 hour Self Defense Class

    MONDAY WEIGHTS 2X5 Bench Press, Front Squat, Dead Lift, 2X10 Dumbell Clean and Press, 3 minute Plank

    15-20 minute karate kata

    TUESDAY Morning HIIT 12 x 150yd sprints (run 150 walk 150)

    5 minute cool down 15-20 minute Kata

    Evening 2 hrs Martial Arts

    WENDESDAY Morning BODY WEIGHT CIRCUT Jumping jax, pushup, lunge, crunch, wall squat, pull ups,side lunge,horizintal row,burpees. 3 sets 1.5 min rest in between

    Evening 2 hrs Martial Arts



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    Started day off well

    Breakfast 3 eggs

    hand full of mushrooms,

    1 TBS Olive oil

    3/4 cup salsa

    White Tea

    MV (Multi vitamin)

    Lunch salad: Spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms,

    HB egg whites, romaine lettuce,

    Carrots, red beets.


    tonite weights and mow the lawn (did GroK do that??????)


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      Supper was Chicken Cordon Blue actually a piece of ham stuffed & rolled with chicken and swiss cheese. had 1 1/2 of those along with steamed broccoli and cauliflour and beets. Still hungry after about 1 hour and had fist full or 2 of mixed nuts. Later wife wanted to go for Ice cream.. Uh Oh what to do. well after 5 minutes of menu reading I settled for a frozen banana. Not all that bad better than IC. Though the chocolate Im sure is not >70% Cacao there is not all that much on it. Over all I would rate my 1st day at 60%

      Gotta do better


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        Well we are moving along fairly comfortably so far.

        Did HIIT WO in am before work and had a pretty good martial art WO. 20 minutes body weight warmups pushups situps planks etc. then 1 hr point sparring.

        breakfast: Banana and Cashew butter

        Lunch: Salmon and Mixed Vegetables (frozen I know but...)

        Suppper Redo of last night. Caulifluer and Broccoli and 1 ham/chicken roll. About 1 dozen grapes on way to MA class.

        Really hungry afterward. 3 cheese stix.


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          Pretty good day yesterday. Tried IF by skipping breakfast. Not to bad but wsa pretty hungry by lunch. SO,, had the left over salmon and vegetables not enough ate 3 stix of cheese and some grapes. Not quite Groklike but I am getting there. Supper was grilled porkchop with carrots and green beans. MA class afterward. hungry when i got home. Big handfull of mixed nuts. Missed weights because I worked out of town.

          Finished reading PB. Boy I guess I got to rethink my work out routine. Probably overdoing it. And at 50 I get sore often and have nagging sprains and strains that prevent me from going 100%. I think I may change up alittle as I learn.

          2 days weight training...I'll keep those. Intensity is probably about right between 7-10 (during the lift)

          1 day HIIT as (cut 1 day)

          1 day body weight but I am going to cut back on time to about 10 minutes (vs 30)and increase intensity perhaps increase reps or speed. Those 30 minutes were tough. Glad to see that go

          2 days MA KATA. 30-45 each hr each. instead of walking or hiking The KATA exercises are whole body and not all that strenuous plus its a good way for me to work in more time and practice.

          2 day MA class (2 hrs each) One day is the physical day, where 1/2 class is conditioning other half is technique. The 2nd day is typically new technique alot of rolling and throwing.... work up a good sweat but not nearly as taxing as day 1 just slow steady movement at about 30-50% intensity.

          1 day Self defense. This is typically 1 hr of sparring, kinda like HIIT though not as strenuous probably a 60-70% intensity.

          So lets see, Cut out 20 Minutes of Intense body weight trng and 3o minutes of circuits and 1 day of HIIT> I am sure my body will appreciate the break. i hope i don't loose my aerobic conditioning as the belt tests are tough enough. We'll see


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            2 posts in one day. Lifted this am. Felt pretty good. In a hurry to get to work. Had 1 cup white tea hand full of mixed nuts and 3 pieces of provolone cheese. WOW. What breakfast that is. Still on that cheese kick.. Gotta slow down The nuts are ok but should start replacing with veg. I think celery is quick and easy too. Top with almond butter? maybe tomorrow. Pre made HB eggs is an Idea too. Lunch...went out to lunch with boss and 3 clients. Uh Oh. Well I found something that all in all wasnt too bad. Grilled Carribean spiced chicken (Grok would have liked the skin too but oh well)with apple slices,and bacon over romaine and "summer greens" arugala and dandelion??. Didn't like the fake dressings available so I went commando and ate it raw, and cup of unsweetened tea with lemon. Pretty good actually. Funny I dont have that hunger with me today and feel pretty full after lunch.


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              Work had me out of town for a while and finally back. Stayed with the challenge fairly closely even got some play and exercise in. Did some sprints on a football field --run 110yd walk back (x10). and did a pick up game of football (american) one day.. took me back to my college days though I am probably a step or 2 slower after a few years. weight lifting was on an old universal in the hotel, not my fovite but did in a pinch.. Bench, lat pull, dips, leg press, and military press, ab planks. Wont list all foods here but bfst was typicly eggs w/ veggies (mushrooms spinach brocolli)or just an apple. Lunch was skipped and supper was steak and salad or fish Salmon and salad. Restaurant fare so probaly not wild grass fed or organic. But much better than high carb stuff. all in all feel pretty good am down 3 pounds. last night jitz class I really stubbed big toe. black and blue today and painfull. gotta tuff this out