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    I've decided that this is going to be my month to crack down on my weaknesses. I've been slowly working on cutting things out in the last month or two, so I feel ready to give the final goodbye to these things.

    1.) Improve my bloodsugars.

    2.) No diet soda.

    3.) No dairy.

    4.) Less nuts.

    5.) No chocolate.

    6.) None of the rest of that stuff that isn't primal.

    My bloodsugars have been much higher than I have wanted lately. I'm a type 1 diabetic and going low carb has helped, but not as much as I would like. Crossfit makes my sugars rise and lately insulin doesn't seem to be doing much. I think I've been eating too much especially nuts which has increased the carb content of the diet and my insulin resistance is up. This is my month to get it all under control.

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    Today I think I did well.

    Breakfast - 4 eggs, 2 pieces of nitrate free bacon.

    Lunch - Salad - 4oz of beef, 1/2 cucumber, 1 avocado, some lettuce, olive oil and red wine vinegar.

    Dinner - 12oz Porterhouse, sauteed yellow squash.

    I might have a few blue berries later. I've only had water to drink.

    For my workout, I did the crossfit football workout. I squated 3x5 at 220 and pressed 3x5 at 95. I also did the metcon of 5 rounds for time of 12 kb snatchs on each arm at 20k, 12 pushups, 50 meter run, walk back 50 meters. Took 18:57.


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      For breakfast today, I had 4 eggs, 2 pieces of nitrate free bacon and a few blueberries.

      Unfortunately, my blood sugar still seems to not be co-operating. I may try to have a small dinner tonight to hope tomorrow morning is better. Unfortunately, it is after my workouts, so I like to eat after them.

      Otherwise, I feel like I'm doing well so far.


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        Well, been busy, to finish out yesterday, I had another salad for lunch. It was the same salad as the day before.

        I worked on deadlifts yesterday, was going for a new 5RM max, but only got 3 reps up at 285. I'll wait till next week to try again. I did 3 deadhang pull-up sets of 5,5,4. I then did a metcon of 135# power clean, ring dips of 12,9,6,3 for time. Took me 12:07. I was feeling sore when I started so the workout didn't have the energy I would have liked. I then taught judo and did some work with it for 1.5 hours.

        I got home and just had a little chicken and like 15 blueberries. As well, I had a few macadamia nuts. Not too many though as I didn't want to eat too much.

        My sugars were good overnight and I felt good this morning waking up. I plan to continue having smaller dinners if I can handle the lower calories.


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          I went to bed at 9pm last night. I've been enjoying getting to bed early. I ate too much for dinner last night. Usually the more I eat, the more I want to eat. I had some fish and a small onion, and a head of cauliflower suated. It was too many veggies that filled me up and I ended up then munching on blueberries and macadamia nuts. Thankfully my sugars weren't so bad, but I did get up in the middle of the night to check them. I ended up taking more insulin than I wanted too, but this is a slow process. I felt good this morning after having decent sugars and enough sleep.


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            Yesterday, I had eggs and bacon for breakfast. I had a salad for lunch. Everything was good for my bloodsugars yesterday. I even kept a close eye on them in the gym and things were good. I tried to back squat 225. I got 1 set of 5, one of 4, one of 3. I benched 3 sets of 5 of 135.

            Then I tried to do overhead squats from 10-1, at 95# with some assisted handstand push-ups, but my shoulder gave out and I only got to 5 reps. I plan to work on strengthening my shoulder joint.

            I then had 4oz of smoked salmon, a fried onion, and some macadamia nuts. I went to bed and didn't sleep that well. My cats kept bugging me which didn't help. My sugars were high this morning, so I need to be more careful overnight, but other wise, I've been feeling good about things.


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              It's been a few days since I posted. I tend to stay away from the internet on the weekends. I've been doing well so far. I had a little cheese on a salad on Friday when I went out for lunch, but otherwise, have been keeping away from non-primal foods.

              I've been eating more nuts than I would like, but I've needed something to give me the calories I feel I need.

              My bloodsugars have been good this weekend. I've had more problems with lows because I cleaned out my system some and now the normal doses are doing well. I am trying not to battle that by eating more and starting the evil cycle all over again.

              Today has been not quite as good, because of the increase of food yesterday. I plan to be very careful today to keep it from escalating.

              I did sprints on Saturday which was nice to just go run and leave the weights alone for a day.


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                I'm getting lax on updating this. I've been bust at work and that's when I spend the time on the computer. I've been doing pretty well on my eating. My blood sugars are thanking me. The biggest issues I have are when my sugars get a little low and I let myself eat too many carbs to compensate. Otherwise, I've been doing well.

                My workouts this week have been great. Last week I just grinded through the workouts and they were miserable. This week, I made sure to keep the weights manageable and they have felt decent. I need to work on pushing through the lack of oxygen a little more, but it's been hot this week. Judo has been awesome too as we have a new person coming who is a good judoka and a good training partner for me.

                The only thing that hasn't happened yet is getting my weight to budge. I'd like to lose about 5 lbs so making weight for my next tournament is easy, but I still have a month for that. I think the better sugars make my body not remove so many calories so I have to eat even less.

                Also, I need to work on sleeping more. I always find if I could get 10 hours of sleep a night, weight just melts off. Unfortunately, I struggle at feeling tired when it is time for be. I'll be working on that more in the coming weeks.


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                  I let things slide a bit this weekend. I didn't have any structure to yesterday so I just munched. This is always bad for me as it's harder to focus on how much insulin to take when munching. I also ate too many nuts and had a bunch of whipped cream because I decided Saturday night I could have a little cheat and enjoy it. Unfortunately that turned into dairy products on Sunday too. I don't feel worse from it, except my weight went up this weekend.

                  Today I skipped breakfast after all the food I ate yesterday. My bad day yesterday was still better than before the challenge. I didn't totally ignore my blood sugar so I was able to keep on top of it better than I usually do.