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  • Primal Challenge Journal (jtkeith)

    Okay, I'll give it a shot at maintaining some journal entries. We'll see whether I can manage to keep this thing updated!

    8/2 Daily:

    BF: skipped, fasting till lunch/hungry

    L: garden salad with hardboiled eggs and bacon

    S: handful blueberries, walnuts, almonds

    D: garden salad and grass feed beef steak

    8/3: Daily:

    Starting the day fasting because I'm still feeling amazingly full from the steak last night. Currently 16 hours fasting and just starting to think about lunch.

    Looking forward to hitting the gym to lift today. I'm not super regular on the schedule, so I'm quite ready.

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    Finally broke today's light fast (17 hrs) with a small steak, tomatillo, poblano, and avocado salad. Also bought some beef bacon for tomorrow AM. That's a new item for me, and I'm curious how that cooks up and tastes.


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      So, my fabulous workout plan changed into a play day instead. The weather was just too nice not to get outside and get some sun and water after work. I should have made "more play" part of my goals for the challenge! Fun though...

      Good dinner tonight: garden salad, beef patties, sauerkraut, blueberries

      All in all, a good #primal day.


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        Started day 2 with a weigh-in:

        H: 5'9"

        W: 159

        Breakfast (13 hour fast) consisted of coffee, two eggs fried in coconut oil, five(!) slices of beef bacon*, and a couple slices each of peach and canteloupe.

        * Beef bacon is interesting. Completely different than pork bacon. Much leaner; quite thin; reminded me slightly of eating thin-sliced jerky.


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          8/4 continued...

          Walked to lunch -- always a good thing! Had a nice bowl of sauteed asparagus, a Kombucha drink, and one solitary chocolate covered almond.

          Planning to cook sea scallops and bacon tonight, along with a nice veggie mix of some sort. That will be quite nice I think. The bacon is Hempler's uncured, nitrate/nitrite free bacon, and it cooks up nicely.

          And really hoping to get to the gym today, but it's likely to be late, if at all. Oh, modern life, with all your scheduling and demands -- sometimes you make it so very difficult to be friends.

          With any luck I'll be too busy to post again tonight and will catch up tomorrow sometime.


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            Good morning! Off to the gym now to lift weights. Today is a quick session because tomorrow we have a kettle-"ball" class that focuses on moving with a full range of motion. Kicks my butt!

            <u>Yesterday evening:</u>

            Had a handful of almonds, walnuts, filberts, and macadamia nuts, along with some blueberries for an afternoon snack yesterday. Fine fare, but I&#39;m not sure where that snacking urge came from.

            For dinner we made sea scallops, pan seared in butter and thyme. Also a sauteed bacon and summer squash medley, along with cucumber slices on the side.

            After dinner we had a small bowl of homemade buttermilk and cherry ice cream (not #primal) and some red wine (also not #primal!). It was a tasty cheat though.


            Skipping breakfast this morning, so I&#39;ll be fasting till lunch. Planning on a green salad with peppered steak strips for lunch and BBQ chicken later at an outdoor concert this evening.



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              8/5 continued...

              Lunch went well today. I had a pulled pork salad at a place that will serve (almost) any sandwich as a salad. That was quite yummy and the first meal of the day. I appreciate the salad-ification of sandwiches.

              And it was another day where I felt I needed an afternoon snack - a handful of nuts and another of blueberries. I did workout this morning, so maybe just a bit calorie deprived with my workout and all.

              Dinner was a Walnut and Cherry salad from Burgerville. A bit light on the protein, so I think I&#39;ll go hunt some down now.

              Overall, I&#39;d give today a 9 out of 10.

              Late edit:

              Found some protein and a bit of fat, and now feel much better.


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                Today is a breakfast, no-lunch, dinner day. Generally speaking two meals seems to be the norm these days, with an occasional three-meal day or some healthy snacking. I&#39;ve gotten in the habit of trusting my body to tell me when it&#39;s hungry, and when it isn&#39;t.

                Breakfast: three eggs fried in unrefined coconut oil plus four pieces of bacon. I know that low carb is not a license to eat bacon all the time, but sometimes it&#39;s just plain good. This bacon happens to be uncured and nitrate free, so at least there&#39;s that.

                Tonight is the kettleball class, which I like because we use lighter weight and it gives me a chance to really focus on full range of motion. Still, try holding 20 unstable pounds at arm&#39;s length and tell me that doesn&#39;t wear after a while

                I&#39;ve been primal for a while now, but keeping this journal is definitely helping me to move from 80% to 90%. I&#39;m not sure if it&#39;s the focus or the extended accountability, but glad in any case!


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                  8/6 continued...

                  What a fantastic finish to the day! Did the kettleball workout and that was fun, especially after lifting much heavier things yesterday. Fun to get out there and move!

                  Since I hadn&#39;t eaten since BF, I had another pre-dinner "hey, some nuts are handy, let&#39;s eat some" moment. Not as many as the past couple days though. And really this isn&#39;t bad, just a new habit for me this week, so I&#39;m curious as to why...

                  Dinner was a farmers&#39; market extravaganza. Basically everything came from Sunday&#39;s farmers&#39; market, which is also where we pick up our weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) delivery. Some things in the delivery aren&#39;t 100% primal, like the Yukon Gold potatoes and perhaps the wax/green beans, but tasty nonetheless.

                  The main fare for tonight&#39;s meal was a free range chicken from the market. It&#39;s something like $28 or so, but these guys are HUGE and we get two or three family meals plus some fabulous stock. We also know something about the quality of our food, which frankly is priceless to us.

                  We also had sauteed summer squash, wax beans, green beans, and cherry tomatoes, all with a homemade pesto mixed in. My GF is as primal as me and she can cook much better than me, which makes me a lucky guy indeed.

                  We had a couple glasses of red wine with this meal, which takes 10% off a pure primal day, but on the other hand really made the dinner go.

                  Today was a great day to enjoy life.


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                    7:30am - 2 cups of black coffee

                    10:30am - 3 eggs, scrambled with 3 pieces of beef bacon

                    5:00pm - 2 glasses of red wine with colleagues

                    7:30pm - medium garden salad with leftover cold chicken


                    Very few carbs and actually not that many calories today. I&#39;m not really striving for caloric deficit, so I think I&#39;ll see if I can&#39;t go work up an appetite tomorrow.

                    Red wine is clearly my default cheat. It&#39;s something that has just become part of our everyday lives. Well, not every day, but 2-3 times a week we have a couple glasses. It&#39;s enjoyable, but perhaps a wee bit much. That&#39;s something to ponder.

                    Other than casual walking, today is a much needed rest day as far as exercise goes. Maybe tomorrow too. It would be fun to get out and play on Saturday.


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                      9:00am - 2 cups of black coffee

                      11:00am - 3 egg scramble with broccoli, onions, red peppers

                      5pm - snack of walnut, filbers, macadamia nuts, cheese, and some salami

                      7:00pm - tuna melt with salad substituted for chips/fries, and one beer


                      Woke up two pounds lighter (157) than yesterday, but also feeling like I need to get out and move a bit more. Didn&#39;t quite accomplish that, so something to hit harder tomorrow...

                      Have a fabulous evening!


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                        9:00am - 2 cups of black coffee

                        11:00am - 3 egg scramble with bacon, cheese

                        3:00pm - salmon fillet, two skewers of scallops, shrimp, beef at my Dad&#39;s birthday party. Two beers.

                        5pm - snack of almonds, macadamia nuts, filberts


                        Lots of driving here and there today with family stuff. Diet was mostly okay; exercise was mostly non-existent. Hitting the gym tomorrow as scheduled!


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                          8am - 2 cups of black coffee

                          11am - salad with greens, cherry tomatoes, and cold chicken

                          1pm - salad with greens, grape tomatoes, and beef strips

                          3pm - one cup of coffee

                          8pm - conveyor belt sushi


                          That&#39;s a lot of salad when you put it all together. The sushi was good, especially the seared salmon. No alcohol today, but no exercise either due to an unexpected need to work several hours later than expected. That&#39;s korg life for you!


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                            Started today with a weigh-in:

                            H: 5&#39;9" (nope, didn&#39;t get any taller)

                            W: 159 (pretty much always this +/- 2lbs)

                            My assessment of this first week:

                            I&#39;m doing very well on the diet portion, which thankfully is like 80% of good primal health. I came into this month already several months into the primal diet, so that&#39;s kind of expected I suppose. Explicit grains of all kinds have long been gone, replaced with lots of veggies, salads, more real meat, fish, nuts, and berries. I also supplement with vit. D3 and omega-3 fish oil to offset all that grain fed meat

                            Intermittent fasting is also going well (though 20hrs is about my current limit). I think IF&#39;s are easier with the increased satiety of the higher fat, higher protein, low carb diet. Honestly, I think the compound efect of lower carb (lowering insulin production), IF, and increased strength conditioning is pretty killer, and is what I personally need to continue. There&#39;s much to learn here I think.

                            Speaking of exercise - this past week was frightfully messed up. It felt like I flaked out more than I have in months. Weird that would happen just when I decide to keep a journal for a bit. That&#39;s something to attend to, for sure.

                            I have definitely *not* been alcohol-free this week, but haven&#39;t really overindulged either. My self observation is that beer has more obvious negative effects than wine, but in either case I&#39;m not having more than two drinks at a sitting. I think to move from 80% to 90% this will need to improve though.


                            Bottom line:

                            Diet: 80% there

                            Exercise: 50% there

                            So I&#39;d say I&#39;m about 80% overall, with some room for dietary improvement, and lots of room for exercise improvement. Kind of where I started a week ago, but with a whole lot of recording to help make it obvious where I ought to focus.

                            Anyway, that&#39;s me talking about me. Enough of that.



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                              8/11 - Daily

                              7am - black coffee

                              8am - 3 egg scramble, bacon, blueberries

                              1pm - garden salad with jumbo shrimp

                              6pm - salad with avocado, tomato, cucumber, turkey


                              Pretty simple food day today. Lots of salad and various greenery, with a bit of protein scattered about.