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    8/12 - Daily

    8am - black coffee, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 strips of bacon, handful of blackberries

    noon - pork chops, small greek salad

    8pm - thick cut pork chop, cole slaw, onions, coffee, small bit of homemade ice cream. Not all #primal!


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      8/13 - Daily

      I'm fasting till dinner today, which should mean a 22 hour fast since last night. Got pretty darn hungry at about 16 hours into it, but at 20 hours that hunger has resolved itself into more of a dull sensation. It's interesting to self-observe, and to think about how many people routinely miss meals for one reason or another. It sure gives you an appreciation for luxury of regular meals!


      I should have taken a picture of an empty plate this morning to show my primal breakfast. Heh.


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        8/13 continued...

        Finally broke my 20 hour fast with dinner:

        1/2 pound steak, prawns, big ass salad, stir fried mushroom, onions, etc. It felt really great to enjoy a good meal tonight.


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          Weekend Update

          Finally made it back into the gym yesterday after about a week layoff. Felt so good to lift again, but really struggled after. The 44lb kettlebell workout really punched me in my core!

          After working out, went to a couple different beaches on the Oregon coast and just walked for fun. Half play, half casual exercise, and a really good time overall.

          Diet has been remaining about 80%, with some IF, and some cheats in about equal measure. Psychologically speaking, I clearly haven't quite committed to *really* going full #primal. But, I feel great and feel great about how we're doing overall. Our life balance is good.


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            Sunday, 8/16

            9am Breakfast:

            Egg scramble with tomatoes and a few slices of bacon and coffee. Snacked on blueberries, blackberries, and a handful of unroasted mixed nuts till dinner.

            8pm Dinner:

            Beef roast, with farmers' market fare: fresh beets, beet greens, and corn on the cob. We don't eat much corn, but a bit of organic corn in the summer coming from the farmer's market is okay with us. We also slathered that corn in our homemade butter (from last week). Two small glasses of wine with dinner.

            Monday, 8/17


            No breakfast today, other than a couple cups of coffee. Still digesting from last night I suppose!

            12 Noon Lunch:

            Finally broke my fast today (about 16 hrs) with a tasty salmon and avocado salad. Looking forward to some gym time tonight.


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              Monday, 8/17 continued...


              Finished the roast beef from last night, plus made a dent in the beets and beet greens - *and* had a killer salad as well. Fun veggie night, for sure.


              Hit the gym to practice variations on "carry heavy things" using the suitcase carry, shoulder press carry, etc. Some funny looks, but those simple exercises really to force you to work on your core.


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                Tuesday, 8/18

                B: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 strips of bacon, coffee

                L: salad greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, avocado, shredded chicken

                S: blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts

                D: 1/2 canteloupe with blackberries and yogurt, 2 hot dogs (no buns), 1 bottle of really good espresso stout beer


                WOD: slow moving day with a fair amount of walking about.


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                  Wednesday, 8/19

                  B: skipped

                  L: salad greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, shredded beef

                  D: sushi tonight!


                  WOD: heading to the gym in about an hour to lift weights for a bit. Was thinking about sprints, but it's like 100 degrees outside today, so I think I'll do some inside work instead


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                    8/20 Daily

                    B: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 strips bacon, blackberries

                    L: garden salad with cold chicken

                    D: big ass salad with hardboiled eggs and turkey breast.


                    WOD: play day


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                      8/21 - Weekend Coming!

                      I won't be posting any updates this weekend because we're heading out for a camping/kayaking weekend. No technology to speak of - and glad for it! Should be able to maintain the #primal diet and some real outdoor fun though.

                      See you, possibly, on Sunday evening


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                        8/24 - Weekend Wrap

                        This was a get-out-there-and-play weekend. We drove to central Oregon Friday night and setup camp (about midnight). Fun in the dark After camp a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and coffee, we headed to Hosmer Lake, which is a fabulous kayak/canoe lake.

                        We ended up kayaking for about five hours along the "kayak trail," which is sort of a lane bracketed on both sides by rushes. The water is not too deep, and it's super clear there. You can see plenty of trout, ducks, and an occasional river otter. We finally reached the end of the lake and found where it's feeder stream comes in over a small waterfall. This was a really fun time.

                        For dinner on Saturday night we made "tinfoil stew." Everyone builds their own by adding meat (hamburger in our case), veggies of their choice (zucchini, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.), spices of whatever kind. Then wrap it all up and toss it in the coals. Give it 10-15 minutes, with one turn, and you have your own stew. Our meat was a bit lean, so next time I'd use something a bit more fatty.

                        Once again I was really appreciating the #primal switch I've made because though we were extremely busy and meals were sporadic, I never had that clawing hunger that said EAT NOW OR DIE. Hungry? Yes, of course. But it's always a manageable hunger now that I'm predominantly a meat and veggies guy!

                        Right now we've fasted overnight for about 15 hours and are starting to think about breakfast again. I think eggs are on the menu. Boy, do we eat a lot of eggs!


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                          8/24 - Daily

                          Hi again.

                          B: Sauteed veggies (leftover from camp), egg scramble, bacon, coffee. 16 hour overnight / morning fast.

                          S: Handful of walnuts, filberts, almonds, dried cherries

                          D: Pecan-Crusted Trout with Orange-Rosemary Butter Sauce served over sautéed veggies

                          Lovely Fresh Salad

                          Lange Pinot Gris, chilled


                          WOD: light weightlifting for some fun and stretching, mostly


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                            8/26 - Daily

                            B: 3 sausage, 1/2 grapefruit, yogurt with berries

                            L: big ass salad (arugula, grape tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, bacon, and small bit of gorgonzola)

                            D: another big dinner salad, but with tuna



                            - 20kg kettlebell exercises (swings, shoulder press, various other)

                            - some old school upper body weight training (bench press, etc.)

                            - pull ups!


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                              Hi there, self!

                              It's been a few days since I last updated this journal. I started the journal so I could assess how things were going. It's sort of like weighing yourself everyday and tracking your progress. After nearly a month of doing this and reviewing the results, I'm feeling pretty good about things. As with weighing, I'll probably record and assess less frequently from here on out. That's one of the really nice things about #primal -- it's not about micro control.

                              Our diet is pretty much whole food driven, with lots of organic produce coming from our local farmers' market. We do a lot of cooking, from breakfast to dinner, with big salads (esp. this time of year) being a staple. We're about 95% grain free, with a small bit coming from organic corn in our CSA delivery. It's hard for me to get too upset about eating 1/2 ear of organically grown corn.

                              One thing I think we knew, and the journal confirms it for me, is that we do like to eat out a couple/few times a week. And I eat out for lunch a bit too often. The good side of all that is that there are always good food options because we're selective about where we dine. On the downside, it's more expensive to eat well (but only expensive in the short run!). I've found a great lunch option that serves fabulous primal salads that vary from week to week. That makes it easier when there's no time to pack a lunch in the AM.

                              We tend to eat two meals per day, but sometimes have three. On the two meal days I'm likely to snack on some nuts -- usually after work, in that hour or so before we get dinner ready. With the primal diet it's pretty easy to go 12, 15, 18 hours between dinner and the next day's lunch. I've found that we're more likely to skip breakfast or lunch, than to skip dinner!

                              We also enjoy a good glass of wine or beer, which is probably the least primal thing we do. Not a lot at any give sitting, but it's an ongoing part of our social living, for sure.

                              Exercise is an area that's going to need more attention and focus going forward. I don't think I'm doing enough of the right kinds of heavy work that really strengthens your core. I'm working on that though, so we'll see.

                              Finally, for anyone who reads this (probably just me) I'd like to say that I'm humbled and awed by the stories I read on MDA. The struggles that people are/were going through and their determination to make change are truly inspiring.



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                                1x10 Reverse pullups (curl style)

                                2x5 Straight pullups

                                20kg Kettlebell shoulder swings

                                20kg Kettlebell overhead press

                                20kg Kettlebell lawnmower pulls

                                3x8 Dumbbell curls

                                3x8 Hammer curls

                                3x10 Tricep press

                                3x10 Tricep extensions

                                100yd Suitcase carry (50lb dumbbells)

                                100yd Shoulder carry (40lb dumbbells)

                                3x100yd Overhad carry (45lb plate)


                                Okay, the curls/tricep exercises are kind of a standby. Something I do while deciding if my injured shoulder is up to more.

                                Today was pretty good, so I jumped on the kettlebell and carry exercises. These are fun because they're kind of goofy compared to people using the machines or even the benchpress and other bar-oriented free weights. I think they're kick-ass fun and, you know, they're *tiring*. Fun to really work on tightening your core a bit.

                                Looking forward to some squats, deadlifts, lunges, and so forth in a couple days!