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  • 30 day challenge-Kaizen

    Alright we'll I've been struggling to become "primal". I've been trying but it's quite hard when you live in a hotel and have a mini fridge. None the less I'm going for it anyways. It's going to restrict me more, but it'll help me achieve my goals faster as well. I was a regular member on here a while back, and left and had to re-register basically. Same name as before, but just with "04" added to it. Anyways I'm limited to basically eating out for 90% of my meals with some small sides I can keep in my fridge. I'm keeping fruit and veggies in my fridge along with distilled water and tea. my waist is 36.3in (down from 38.5 2 weeks ago) and I want to get down to a 32 by the 29th of July. On that day I will be turning 24 and I plan on being a whole new person. I believe it's achievable, I've lost nearly 2 and a half inches on my waist, loosely following a primal diet, so 4 weeks will help especially with a 100% compliance diet.

    As far as what I plan to do with my diet, I plan on going 100% primal. Nothing but meats, veggies and fruit, along with tea and water. I'll be using stevia/erythritol very sparingly just for some teas that are just too bitter. I won't be counting much of anything, my whole point behind this is to get used to eating primal.Only thing I will keep track of is my water intake and protein intake. I want to keep Protein at a minimum of 180g a day, I'm around 175-190lbs. Water I'll keep at a gallon of day. I workout constantly, like 6 days a week and fairly intense too. My workouts aren't "primal", but I love them. I'm doing a combination of Insanity, and going to a kickboxing gym. I'll post a before pic soon, and I'll keep this updated as often as I can.

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    Alright wanted to add some more, I know this is becoming into a small novel. I'll be taking some supplements while doing this, hopefully after 30 days of doing this it might change me enough where I won't need them. I'm taking "Enzymatic Pearls" for probiotics, Animal Omega for my EFAs, Animal Pak for a multivitamin, Jay Robb Protein to fill in any protein requirements along with Maca root and Skullcap and some skin herbal supplement. I take the maca for energy/balancing of the body, and I take skullcap because I have some pretty bad stress and anxiety at times, my job does that to me. The skin supplement I'm taking works good, but hopefully my diet will change that and I can drop the herbal supplements. Probiotics as well, although I don't "need" them, I believe it helps. The rest of the supplements I'm honestly taking because I have them, otherwise I wouldn't really take them, well other than a good fish oil. Once I'm done with them then I'll switch to the "Primal Blueprint essentials". Oh and I'm also taking "Nuun natural tablets". For those who don't know what Nuun is, it's basically a fizz tablet you add to water to include electrolytes and such. I was drinking coconut water, but it's a bit sweet and plenty of carbs. Well that's all.


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      Alright day one, starting off my morning with a protein shake and a banana along with my maca and skullcap supplements and my probiotics.


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        Alright well day one down, so far so good. For breakfast I went to the Cracker Barrel and had me a nice "double meat breakfast" with a side of blueberries and strawberries. Pretty damn good breakfast, although I might opt for Turkey bacon next time and skip the sausage altogether. For lunch I went to Chili's and had a nice ribeye with some sort of garlic butter sauce with veggies and apples with cinnamon. It came with a piece of garlic bread and it looked so damn good but I resisted. Damn good, expensive but damn it hit the spot. For dinner I had a grilled chicken salad from mcDonalds. Not a big fan of the salad, but none the less I stayed on course today. I also went to my kickboxing class, probably the hardest workout I've had yet. Today was much more intense than usual. tomorrow is a rest day since I've been working out everyday lately.


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          Why all the eating out? There is so many additives and stuff in restaurant food, you could make the same stuff at home much healthier and for half the cost. Just curious, not trying to judge.