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  • Progression through un-learning

    Progression Through Unlearing:

    It's been several months of eating primal and I've never felt this good in my life. Weight and hunger managment is extremely easy now with a diet so heavy on (good) fats. In fact I took some time off from training (muay tha/bjji) due to an injury (cartilage inflammation) and managed to continue to lose weight without really working out. As well, the inflammation healed in about half the time my doctor had quoted, too which I solely attribute to the diet. I went from not being able to sleep on my side to back in full working order in a little under 2 weeks as opposed to the month I was supposed to wait.

    A few things I've noticed about booze. Alcohol affects me exponentially greater than it ever has before. I was a bit of a social drinker but over the past 6 months have been weening myself off alcohol. I went to one of the Dodgers Vs. Yankees game this weekend and threw caution to the wind with a few pre-game drinks at the local watering hole. I found that alcohol has began to lose its taste, in fact the Stella I had at the bar was extremely difficult to swallow and the shot of Johhnie Walker made me cringe. I attempted to have a Blue Moon at the game but couldn't even get three sips into it, what a waste of $10!

    At this point I actually felt tipsy, strange considering I'm 6'0 210 and a year ago could drink like a fish, and felt the need to put something in my stomach. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to have a Dodger Dog. Big mistake. My lymph nodes immediately started to swell, my jaw ached, I started to sweat and my stomach turned to the point that I thought I was going to lose it in the 4th inning. I had an epiphany right there amongst 50,000 people. I know that the reasons why I chose to start eating primal were correct, but this was the first time since undertaking the change that I had emperical proof that my body was not designed to consume such things. After only 2-3 months it was fighting off what I had put inside it like a foreign invader. Incredible.

    Talk about reaffirming the choice I made. I really felt the need to "detox" with high fat meals the rest of the weekend and feel fine but that moment was like a light-bulb switching on. Grains are definitely NOT "food."
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    Great testimony, but it made me a little teensy bit sad. Dodger dogs are part of my childhood and should only bring joy and good memories. I will have one in July, just because dambit.


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      Same here, I grew up listening to Vin Scully and watching Tommy Lasorda get red-faced screaming at umps.


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        I went primal the last weekend of May and as of today (July 22nd) have lost ~25 pounds from ~245 down to 218 as of 20 minutes ago. I haven't even been training or working out that hard. Just weight lifting 3-4 times per week following Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore's "Starting Strength" program, sprints every now and again and light jogging; a relatively small amount of work compared to training muay thai/bjj 4-5 times a week and running more that 5k a day. I've been eating VLC most days of the week probably 50-70 grams or so, once I get to 190ish I'll probably bump it up closer to 100.