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    Well, I'm a bit late, but what better time to start than the present?

    So as I stated, my goals are:

    To reinstate my walking routine

    To give up beans, sour cream, and mayonnaise

    To never, ever eat a piece of bread

    To invent the perfect Primal slushie (blackberry wine is marvelous, but underage drinking is not... next option.)

    Add to that:

    To actually take the time in the morning to prepare a proper veggie-and-protein breakfast

    Day 1: Breakfast is a bust, according to above standards. Healthy, though. Had microwaved leftover chicken, a few nuts, and sliced strawberries with cream. Tasty food. First slushie experiment (well, third, if you want to be technical) scheduled for today. Also need to vacuum the floors.

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    Update for Day 1: Ate more stuff. Bowl of spinach first. Later noshed some chicken, this time with cauliflower and Romano cheese. Had some shredded frozen apricot to ward off the overwhelming heat. BLT's for dinner - no bread on mine, did use mayonnaise. (Yeah, yeah. I'll give it up next week? Seriously, though, there's something about a BLT that needs the mayonnaise flavor.) Still hungry, so noshed a couple of ounces of cheese (I think). Had a cup of hot chocolate somewhere in there, too.

    I seem to be eating a lot lately. I think it's the heat.

    No walking, unfortunately - too hot in the afternoon, and evening brought a huge windstorm that's kept everyone housebound.


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      Bit of a late report on Day 2.

      Breakfast: Cup of coffee (with cream), half a grapefruit. An hour or so later, topped off with scrambled eggs with onions and green peppers. (Honestly, I think I ate more than I do for dinner.)

      Lunch: Leftovers - chicken with crookneck squash and spinach. Had butter on the veggies. Dairy products are my indulgence.

      Snack: ('Cause, srsly, I eat lunch and dinner 5-6 hours apart.) A small peach and a handful of soy nuts.

      Dinner: T-bone steak with Brussels sprouts and a few green beans. Ixnayed on the steamed corn.

      Shaved Ice Attempt #1: Plain, no flavoring. Tasted like the towel I used to hold the ice while I broke it. Poured Kahlua-flavored syrup on it; tasted marginally better. Perfection not achieved.

      Walking: Much better than the day before. Made the trip to the mailbox (about half a mile for the round-trip) twice.


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        Recap for Day 3:

        Wow... I can't believe I've been doing this for three days already. Time flies when you're not doing a bunch of things you're supposed to be doing.

        Anyway, breakfast: Coffee, a couple of small peaches (itty-bitty guys, really), three scrambled eggs. Need to do something about this eating thing.

        Lunch: Didn't end up eating lunch until about three-thirty, so I didn't want to overstuff. Stir-fried celery, onions, and zucchini with one egg.

        I lasted okay (so I just need to eat less and keep myself busy, hmm) but by eight o'clock (when we had dinner) I was quite hungry. For dinner: Homemade chili; picked out the beans. My dear mother, had she noticed what I was doing, would undoubtedly have made some comment a la "Beans won't kill you, dear", but once I looked at the bowl of beans that I picked out I was glad I had - there was nearly a cup in there.

        Shaved ice: Chopped up some frozen apricot and tossed some cream on it. Tasty, but a little weird, and too much potential for sneaky calories (cream is vicious that way). Perfection not achieved.

        Walking: Had a good 30-minute walk with the little brother. Also, on an unrelated note, played a short game of one-man frisbee. Fun game; will include that in my workout video.


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          Well, Day 4 has been something different...

          Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with celery, onion, and purslane. Went with only two eggs this time, which didn't cut it. Turns out the "big breakfast" I normally eat isn't so calorie-laden - in fact, it's lighter than the egg-and-sausage breakfast I used to consume.

          Snack: Cup of hot chocolate (cream, cocoa powder, a bit of Sugar Twin - great stuff).

          Snack (didn't have time for lunch, so had to grab this): Ounce of Pepper Jack and a peach. Tasty peach.

          A couple of hours later, I was hungry again, so "lunch": chili, mostly without beans. (I had neither the time nor the inclination to remove all of them; I took out about two-thirds of the total.)

          Snack (again): link sausages.

          That finally filled me for a decent amount of time. It's rather odd - if my breakfast doesn't cover it, I can spend the rest of the day trying to make up for it. Then, after eating roughly once an hour for a few hours, I finally get full.

          Didn't cover the whole evening, though, so dinner: beef wieners (no bread, bit of mustard), spinach, and a bit of green beans, both with butter. Topped off with another cup of hot chocolate.

          I should note at this point that my eating habits usually don't reach this level of laziness. I spent all afternoon helping my mother to clean out our pantry and no one really had time to cook, plus we ran out of eggs.

          Walking: Didn't do a lot of walking. Cleaned the pantry, as stated, then played a short game of indoor Frisbee (practicing for video) and tested some of my home-made weights. (Note: mayonnaise jugs do not make good kettlebells. The handle insides scrape one's knuckles.) Went outside for a bit, meandered around (mostly to keep my knees from getting stiff), then did some push-ups and hefted a tire. Tires are not for the faint of heart, and I'm not sure they're for the terminally wimpy, either. Fun, though. Then I came back and played with my not-kettlebell for a bit longer, because I'm a glutton for punishment.

          Shaved ice: Too cold for shaved ice today. Rained all day.


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            Today, it hurts just to move (which, I admit, is what I was expecting). Not only are my arms, chest, and thighs insanely sore, but I'm suffering from general muscle fatigue that makes any movement more difficult. I'm thinking I overdid it yesterday.

            Breakfast: A peach, a cup of coffee (with cream, as always), fried summer squash, and a hamburger with fried onions and a bit of mustard (since we were out of eggs).

            Snack: Peach popsicle (my brother's invention; basically half of a peach frozen onto a stick).

            Snack (lunch was late): A few handfuls of trail mix - almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, white raisins, and cranberry raisins.

            Lunch: Filling from a couple of Taco Del Mar tacos.

            Dinner: A bleu cheese Black Angus patty (the really expensive, tasty kind from Costco) with sliced tomato on fried veggies (squash, cabbage, onions, and mushrooms, I believe).

            Walking: Went grocery shopping, which pretty much covers my walking needs. It hurt. A lot.

            Shaved ice: None. Cold and rainy all day.


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              It still hurt to move a lot today, so I loafed as much as possible. I've been feeling better this evening, though, so I should be fine tomorrow. Looking forward to trying my sprinting track.

              I didn't write anything down today, so let's see how well I recall from memory:

              Breakfast: Coffee, a peach, some walnuts; a bit later, scrambled eggs with onion and cabbage.

              Snack (being lazy, I didn't bother to make any lunch): A quarter of a leftover Black Angus patty and some nuts.

              Snack: A cup of hot chocolate and some fried squash.

              Dinner: Roast turkey (with stale grease... tasty), fried squash, and microwaved cauliflower (also substandard).

              Dessert: Sliced strawberries with cream.

              Shaved ice: Still no motivation to attempt. Will resume when hotter.

              Walking: Too sore. Blew off walking in favor of a less strenuous(!) exercise: weeding and de-bugging the garden. Removed several pillbugs and slugs. The chickens were very happy with these.


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                Much less sore today, but still a bit achy, so I decided to hold off on sprinting another day.

                Breakfast: Coffee, scrambled eggs with chopped cabbage, canned mushrooms, minced garlic, and a bit of Cheddar cheese. Honestly, I think it would have been better without the cheese.

                Snack: Quarter of a leftover Black Angus patty. Yep... that one just kept on giving.

                Lunch: Chard and carrot salad topped with turkey and Litehouse bleu cheese dressing. (Only the best stuff for my indulgences.)

                Snack/Shaved Ice: Popped some frozen strawberries into the ice shaver, shaved, and topped with some cream. Still the best shaved ice derivative I've come up with so far.

                Dinner: Beef (got the bone, with all the hormone-laden fat and calcium-rich marrow intact), broccoli & cauliflower mix with more bleu cheese (awesome stuff).

                Snack: A few nuts to ward off potential Charlie horses.

                Walking: Several rounds over a dirty lump at the back of the yard (it's a fairly large lump), walked most of the way to the driveway (roundtrip is a half-mile if I go the whole way), played a short game of one-man indoor Frisbee.

                Protip: If playing one-man indoor Frisbee, do not do what I did and lose your mayonnaise lid behind the furniture. This is the only way possible to actually lose at this game.


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                  Geri, your journal reads like Bridget Jones' Diary--you were cracking me up! Please keep it up, I'm on the edge of my seat to see of you actually achieve shaved ice perfection.


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                    So, here we go... I'm tired today.

                    Breakfast: Coffee, some walnuts, a peach, and a bowl of chili (beans extracted) with some Pepper Jack cheese.

                    Snack: A handful of nuts.

                    Lunch: Turkey with some spinach and broccoli-cauliflower mix on the side. Bleu cheese dressing on the turkey and B&C; I think I need to lay off this stuff.

                    Snack: A peach. It was a mercy killing. I think I ate something else as well, but I can't remember.

                    Dinner: Bratwurst sausage (thought I'd indulge, but it wasn't worth it - the stuff tasted like plastic) and salad with more bleu cheese.

                    Walking: Not much walking done. Went fishing, meandered around a bit, came back, walked part of the driveway, then finished my sprinting track. (No time to try it out. I need to spend a little less time reading comics and more time on exercise.)

                    Shaved ice: Nothing. Too busy, and not just reading comics.


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                      I had no idea anyone actually read this... o_0 That's a little surprising.

                      Anyway... what a day it's been. I woke up at about 6:00 this morning, which is not a good time for me to be up (unless I've been in bed since nine), and I spent all day cleaning fish. So I'm exhausted, but I'll try to throw this thing together anyway.

                      Breakfast: Coffee, some walnuts, scrambled eggs with vegetables - tomatoes, onions, red pepper, and cabbage, if I remember correctly. Tasty.

                      Lunch: FOOLED YOU! No lunch today. Tried IF instead.

                      Snack: Skipping lunch worked okay, but I ended up needing a little food to get through the afternoon. I had some nuts.

                      Snack: Got hungry again, had some hot chocolate. Grok, of course, wouldn't have had this stuff, but I needed some quick high-density calories.

                      Dinner: (Or can I call it break-fast, too? Was there even a fast?) Fresh-caught catfish (not by my family, unfortunately), crookneck squash, and chard. All veggies came from our garden.

                      Shaved ice: Pending. Dishwasher made the shaver too hot.

                      Walking: No excuses today - got up bright and early to go out for a walk. Except I can't go out until I tell someone where I'm going, and no one else was up. Read comics for two hours, then went out. Had a lovely mile-and-a-half walk, then came back for...

                      Sprinting: Finally got around to doing that today. Immediately came up against two problems:

                      (1) My sprinting track (really just two piles of tires and a strip of bare ground) is way too short. I'll have to fix it tomorrow.

                      (2) I forgot to breathe while sprinting. Dumb idea.

                      By the time I was done, I'd taxed my muscles and thought for a bit that I might die (due to aforementioned failure to breathe.)


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                        Well, today was an utterly bum attempt at anything resembling a Primal lifestyle. I didn't walk, I didn't work out; I didn't even move the tires on my sprinting track. Instead, I had cramps and residual sleep-deprivation, so I spent all day playing Puzzle Pirates. (Still, it's better than reading comics.)

                        Breakfast: Coffee, nuts, and some chili (sans beans) w/cheddar cheese.

                        Lunch: No lunch. I prefer not to eat during cramps, so I just snacked throughout the afternoon.

                        Snacks: Nuts, hot chocolate, and some more nuts.

                        Dinner: Sweet, sweet food: beef steak, some kind of salad (with mayonnaise in; my sister made it that way), and stir-fried veggies.

                        Snacks: Yeah, it was one of those days... some walnuts and another cup of highly dissatisfying hot chocolate.

                        Yesterday's shaved ice: Took a couple of peaches. Blanched, peeled, and cored them, then froze them. Thawed them out and cooked them with a bit of corn starch. Refrigerated resultant mixture overnight. In morning, poured peach stuff over ice and mixed thoroughly.

                        Not bad, but it's still missing something, and I think I got it too thick. Perfection not achieved, but getting there.


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                          Breakfast: Coffee, some nuts (I think), and some leftover salad. (A little fuzzy on the details, though. Time to start writing down everything I eat again.)

                          Snack: Frozen strawberries with cream.

                          Lunch: Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese.

                          Snack: Some ice cream I found in the freezer (decidedly not Primal, but I did make it myself).

                          Dinner: Fried chicken breast, sauteed crookneck squash with onions, and cauliflower - with plenty of bleu cheese dressing for the cauliflower and chicken.

                          Walking: Went down the driveway and part of the way down the fence - maybe a mile or less. Still haven't readjusted my sprinting track or gotten around to working out again.

                          Was going to make shaved ice - had a syrup made and everything - but I couldn't find the handle for the ice shaver. Will try again tomorrow.


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                            Skipped this post last night, because I decided to go to bed early. Not that it helped. If I'm actually going to get to sleep, I'm going to need earplugs. Possibly an eyemask, too.

                            So, to reiterate, this is for yesterday.

                            Breakfast: Coffee, nuts, scrambled eggs with cabbage and sliced carrot.

                            Lunch: Chicken (browned in olive oil) over microwaved broccoli with rice wine vinegar, a little added oil, and Romano cheese.

                            Snack: Some nuts. (The supply of Primal snacks is a bit limited around here -- I really need to remember to eat pork rinds occasionally.)

                            Dinner: Pork with some kind of seasonings (not sure what; my sister cooked), a mixed veggie dish with potatoes (I picked out the potatoes; is she trying to kill me or what?), and microwaved broccoli with Litehouse bleu cheese dressing. I must cut down on that stuff.

                            Snack: A cup of hot chocolate. I probably didn't actually need this; I'm thinking I'm suffering from sweets cravings due to something I ate earlier.

                            Shaved Ice: Still couldn't find the handle to my ice shaver, so I put the ice in the blender, blended it partway, added the strawberry syrup, and blended it some more. Overall, it was amazing; it reminded me a lot of the Icees I used to eat as a kid. But it wasn't blended enough, and there were ice chunks in it that I had to chew up or spit out. Perfection not achieved, but I think I'm on to something.

                            Walking: Blew off walking; went Grokking. The first thing I did was fix my sprinting track, which was an adventure unto itself:

                            As noted previously, the track was too short. This was largely because of one grievous error committed during its construction: I failed to follow (or even read, for that matter) the instructions. The thing was maybe 20 yards long; way too short. Unfortunately, I couldn't expand it to the recommended 50 meters without taking up half the yard (nor do I have a device that measures in meters), so I lengthened it to 30 yards and I'll see how it does.

                            The lengthening process in a nutshell: Move the starting point (four tires in a pile, if you recall), measure out, move the ending point (four more tires), continue to measure, then replace the ending point. Only I couldn't use the tires for the ending point, because the track now sticks into the yard and my mother does not appreciate "trash" (i.e. perfectly good workout equipment) in her yard. So I rolled the tires all the way back (a fun exercise in itself) and threw them back onto the pile, which was awesome. I should throw tires more regularly. I replaced the tires with a narrow log, which I am still working on anchoring.

                            I also had to weed the area. This may seem innocuous, but out here the weeds tend to get upward of four feet tall and anchor themselves in the ground so they cannot be pulled. I had to cut many of them out with a pair of nippers. Then, to maximize the workout potential, I collected these massive weeds into two bundles and hauled them to the chickens. (Not as impressive as tires, unfortunately, but not a bad heft for my muscle quotient.)

                            Then came the matter of anchoring the log at the end of the track. I was just going to drive some stakes into the ground, but it's the middle of summer in a desert so I may as well try and drive stakes into a rock. I'm working on wetting the area so I can get them in, which involves hauling water in a bucket - another workout in itself.

                            Finally, I went to work with my bicycle. And here's another fun fact about me: I'm learning to ride a bicycle at nineteen years old. I can't use the pedals yet, because I get panic attacks - and not the nice voluntary ones, but the overwhelming, hyperventilating, please-kill-me-now kind. So I'm practicing driving the bike by sitting on the seat and "pedaling" on the ground, which gives me a lot more control over the angle of the bike at any given time. It's also a great leg workout.

                            I think that covers it for yesterday. Nothing else I did was really noteworthy enough to mention, so I'll close this here.


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                              And now for today's report:

                              Breakfast: Coffee, scrambled eggs with strawberries and peach. (Experimental food. It was weird.)

                              Lunch: Leftover pork, broccoli with rice wine vinegar & Romano dressing.

                              Snack: Some nuts.

                              Snack: A delicious sugar-free wad of coconut and chocolate that my parents brought home from town.

                              No dinner.

                              Walking/Grokking: Weeded the garden.