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  • Primal Challenge Journal (my_second)

    Hi everybody, I've been a lurker for about a month now. I guess this is as good a time as any to introduce myself. 30 days challenge? I'm in!

    I've been trying PB for the last one month with pretty good result so far (even with only ~70% adherence!). I'm a 5'3" male living near Houston, TX. Started at 166lbs/24%BF to 158lbs/21%BF so far without hunger.


    - Lose 8 lbs of body fat while keeping current lean mass. Goal: 150 lbs, 17%BF.

    Currently I still slip in the occasional scoop of coconut milk icecream 1-2 times a week, and I still have coffee with 1.5 tsp of sugar every morning. My total carbohydrate consumption averages around 90 g/day. I also only have on average 1-2 servings of veggie a day. I will go 100% with regards to food for this 30 days challenge, and we'll see what happens.


    - Eat much more slowly (~20) so I can listen to my body and know when I&#39;m almost full so I can stop eating. Right now, I&#39;m a speed eater (I can down a NY steak & veggie sides in <7 minutes).

    - No more sugar in my coffee. Actually, no more coffee. I enjoy green tea, so I imagine the transition would not be that hard. Oh, and coconut milk ice cream will only be once a week (mostly saturday).

    - Average carbohydrate consumption of 60g/day

    - Have AT LEAST 3 servings of vegetable everyday.

    Currently I practice Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) twice a week (Tue & Thu) for 1 hr, and take 1 hour walks twice a week (Wed & Fri). I do nothing on Sat/Sun/Mon. Currently I can only 2 pullups, 12 pushups, and 8 burpees.


    - Go to the BJJ class on monday as well, but will deliberately get in bottom positions so I do more pushing and pulling; I will treat this as my "weight training". I will up the intensity on Tue and Thu and use those as my "sprint" days.

    - I will do Burpees every Wed/Sat morning. By the end of the month, I want to be able to do 25 burpees OR 20 pushups and 8 pullups.

    Nice meeting y&#39;all, and let&#39;s cross our fingers!



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    - B: 2 eggs, 1 sausage patty, 1 strip bacon

    - L: Braised soy sauce pork, 1 poached egg, LOADS of veggie stirfry (bok choy + bean sprouts)

    - S: ~20 Cherries

    - D: 2 eggs fried w/ bacon fat + some home-made bacon bits

    - S: ~10 Strawberries

    I know, I know, a little heavy on the fruits... But I picked these bits of heaven myself from a nearby farm, and they just stand there with their cute, weird and irregular natural shapes, begging me to eat them. What&#39;s a guy to do?


    I could just say: 1 hr of BJJ clas, but how exciting would that be? This place looks as good place as any to have training journal too, so I&#39;ll highlight my BJJ class here too. Let me know if anyone have cool escapes or submissions!

    3 rounds of warmup rolling, then went on to techniques. We learnt kneebar options from side control, and the counter. Got two sparring sessions in, and I took it easy. Got sweeped a couple of times, but in the end I got a mount after a scramble, and won by a textbook armbar.

    In the second match, the other guy had a one arm guillotine in while on his back. I was working the Von Flue choke in, but forgot the basic of Von Flue; DO NOT be on your knees! Sure enough, I got sweeped and submitted with a Go-Kart choke. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.


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      - B: Protein shake + 1 tsp cocoa, peach

      - L: Raw brocolli, baby carrot, cucumber, chicken salad wrap sans wrap (training class lunch platter)

      - D: Taco seasoned beef, cilantro, chopped white onion

      - S: ~7 strawberries


      Had BJJ class. Today we continued options from side control, and this time its heel hook. From right-side control, push right knee in between opponent&#39;s defending legs, and trap the nearest thigh in with right elbow & knee. Obtain an unstable knee-on-belly with left knee. From here, depending on where you fall, you have two options.

      If you fall backwards, keep the right leg trapped, get his right foot behind your right armpit, and perform the heelhook. If OTOH you fall forward, quickly swith to a toehold on his right foot using arm-figure-four hold.

      Got one match with a newbie, and since he doesn&#39;t yet know any submissions, I keep my policy of no submission new guys and strictly pin until the round is over. Dude slammed me a couple of times (retard strength?!), but managed to stay in Kesa Gatame for the last ~1 minute or so.


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        Ah, I&#39;ve been gone for a while. Sorry, but we have had some pretty crazy time here at the office. An engineer left to another unit, so I had to fill in her position AND keep my previous one as well. We are not hiring anyone anytime soon in this economy, so this&#39;ll be quite a while.

        But I like it. Its a new challenge, and I spent the last ~2 weeks adapting to the new work.

        Flash update to catch up; I&#39;ve been keeping at the primal challenge, and have only fell off the wagon twice:

        - A week ago. Went to an AWESOME chinese restaurant with their famous roast pork - I just had to have white rice with every bite; DEELISCHIOUS!!! And you know what, it was worth it; I wasn&#39;t even sorry =P Btw, I&#39;m an asian, so that explains the rice fetish

        - Yesterday. Boy, this one is embarassing. We had a 30 yrs celebration for a coworker, and guess what they had: Double fudge chocolate cake, carrot cake, ice cream in 4 different flavors, and choco chip cookie. I caved, oh, I so caved. I thought I felt just fine, but boy that was a BAD crash after that. My stomach was a bit queasy, and when I got home, I crashed to my bed and had a 4 hour nap. Never again.

        On the workout side... I&#39;ve been getting injured too much lately:

        - I had whiplash 2 weeks ago because some spazzing newbie thought "grappling" means lifting people up and slamming them down as hard as they can. Repeatedly. I couldn&#39;t lift my head from my pillow for 3 days after that (had to roll out of bed).

        - We were sparring and we both thought of the same thing at the same time: Double Leg takedown. Of course we ended up butting head. To be exact, he butted his head against my jaw. I think I blacked out for a second there. It got swollen pretty bad for the next 2 days.

        Anyways, will be back to posting regular updates, hopefully.


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          Just to note, I hopped on the scale yesterday, and it said: 154.4 lbs, 20.0% body fat. Oh my god.

          I have not seen sub 155 lbs weight for the last 4 years. Even when I ran the marathon 2 years ago it only went down to 155, and I&#39;m pretty sure the fat pct was not 20.0%. And this time I&#39;m doing it without starving and running 10 miles per day. Sweet.

          And this morning I tried on a pair of jeans that fit just nice about 2 months ago. It slipped right down to my upper thigh. This is just awesome!!!