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  • Primal Challenge Journal (AZadventurer)

    Hello all!

    I was first introduced to the idea of the primal lifestyle about 3 months ago (Thanks Eric B!). I like what I read, it really made sense, and so I've been trying to stick with it as best as possible since then. This 30 day challenge is just what I need to really get myself on track with everything that I've learned thus far and to keep myself motivated. I just moved to AZ about two months ago and have been doing as much outdoor adventuring as possible (with my vibram five fingers of course). Hope to keep track of all that with this journal too.

    Current stats: 5'4", 114lb, BMI: 19.6


    - Sprint routines at least twice a week

    - Start strength training at the gym 2-3 times a week

    - 10-15 pull-ups every morning before going to work

    - Eliminate bread and processed carbs from my diet completely (or to the best of my ability)

    - Continue to snack on nuts, however, stop adding raisins and cranberries to my nut mix...

    - Do something outdoors (kayak, bike, hike, climb) at least once a week

    DAY #1:

    B: Two eggs with 2.5oz of pork chorizo (with 1/2tbsp of coconut oil)

    S: Handful of fresh raspberries

    L: Grilled chicken breast and a peach

    S: Nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts)

    D: Grilled top sirloin with assorted steamed veggies

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    Ok, so yesterday (day #1) was a not so good, very bad day. So here's what actually went down...

    B: Two eggs with 2.5oz of pork chorizo (with 1/2tbsp of coconut oil)

    S: Handful of fresh raspberries

    L: Chicken breast cooked in 1/2 tbsp coconut oil, and a banana

    S: Nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts)

    D: Edemame (one of my tortoises died this evening and I was not motivated in the least to cook anything... sigh...)


    Calories 1455, net carbs 54g

    F 54%

    C 14%

    P 32%

    A 0%

    WOD: Ran 1mi at a 9mi/min pace, then sprinted .25mi at a 7mi/min pace in the vibrams... until my ankle started hurting... not sure what I pulled/did... but I've been limping around ever since. bummer... had the energy to keep going. Such is life. Did make the 10 pull-up goal for the day.

    Tomorrow will be a better day...


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      Day #2

      B: Three thin slices of bacon and two eggs, one small banana

      S: Coffee (no cream or sugar)

      L: Did I mention I am veterinary intern and therefore do not get lunch?

      S: One small banana, 2oz mixed nuts (raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts...)

      D: Small chicken breast cut up and cooked together with one strip of bacon and 4 strips of gyro meat (from Sprouts) with 1/4 yellow onion. Topped off with 1tbsp of tzatziki sauce (fresh from Sprouts). One 12oz Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat beer.


      1,363 calories, net carbs 92.8g

      F 46%

      C 26%

      P 21%

      A 7%

      WOD: Still recovering from whatever the heck I did to my ankle yesterday...

      12 pull-ups

      Overall, today was great! Work went well, food was tasty, and soon I get a fellow Primal Challenge partaker to join me out here in AZ for a bit. I need to work on making lunch the night before so I actually have food to take to work... sometimes I am just too tired and exhausted to think about making enough food for lunch, however I need to try to remember that lunch is important ; )


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        On what are you sprinting and running? Concrete? Asphalt? Grass? I've got some VFFs and I've been walking and hiking in them but not running yet. I'm scared about running on concrete in them.


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          Was running on a treadmill... too hot in AZ right now for running outside. I have done it several times before with no problems. Randomness of the universe, who knows. This evening feeling achy but tomorrow shall be better. Hopefully will be OK to bike a bit in the AM. I love hiking in my VFFs! Feel so much more connected with the trail in them!

          Ha, realized I was silly in one of my posts... meant 9 minute mile pace, not visa-versa... haha, other wise i would be super ridiculously quick! Wow, i need to go to bed now! Goodnight!


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            Day #3

            B: Two large eggs, two medium slices of bacon, a banana

            S: Coffee! (bounce, bounce)

            L: Chicken breast cooked with 1/2tbsp of coconut oil and a touch of spicy chili sauce, a peach, and a handful of raspberries

            S: Mixed nuts

            D: Left over chicken from lunch, 1/2 an acorn squash


            Calories: 1,390; Net Carbs: 78.5g

            F 50%

            C 21%

            P 29%

            A 0%


            8 hours of cleaning house... lots of constant motion... really, that's all your getting today people. Did lift heavy things, such as the vacuum up and down the stairs, and moved landscaping rocks around the yard. Also did my 10 pull-ups for the day.


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              Oh, a treadmill. Hadn't thought of that alternative. I wonder how they'd look at me at Bally's with VFFs on...?

              Your workouts today are great!