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    Well, I think it has taken hold. This is day 8 I think? I am going to post, because I feel like I am not having much variety. Maybe logging it will make that more clear...

    B: 1 egg fried in butter, coffee with stevia and splash of milk
    S: 1/2 banana
    L: Ground free-range turkey with green chiles over romaine lettuce
    S: Handful of walnuts
    S:Couple bites of smoked amsterdam gouda (hadn't had cheese in MONTHS due to vegan diet prior to was delicious)
    D: Dungeness crab legs, baby greens with carrots/red pepper and homemade tarragon vinaigrette.

    Oh, and a couple glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. I have been trying to switch to red wine, but summer leaves me wanting something refreshing with a kick.

    The banana is way out of the norm for me, but we had some about to go south, so I thought it was better than wasting it completely. I could only eat half though (too sweet) and ended up composting the other half.

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    Why how do you go from vegan to eating meat so quickly? Was it an easy decision?


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      Well, to be honest I had been somewhat unsatisfied as a vegan for a while. My reasons for going vegan were a)I heard it was the 'healthiest' diet and b)I think animal farming (read: factory farming) hurts the environment and is unethical. When I went vegan several months ago, I was trying so hard to make sure I was getting all my nutrients and eating beans and grains and vegetables like crazy; but I was feeling lethargic and run down. Over the past couple of months, I started researching ways to bring more protein into a vegan diet, and for some reason this site and the link to protein sources came up on my google search. As I was reading, it started to make sense that eating meat might actually make sense.

      I was really worried about the first day - I ate salmon, and was okay with that - I guess I just kind of slid down the hill from there. In the past week I have had salmon, shrimp, crab, steak, ground beef, pork, bacon, turkey bacon, ground turkey, and chicken. Amazingly, the transition was pretty easy for me. I will only eat free-range/antibiotic-free poultry, grass-fed beef, plus sustainable seafood - because I have learned enough to know that those are the healthiest for me. I guess the transition was helped by knowing that I was being as healthy as I could a vegan I felt like no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get enough protein and nutrients - and all of that bulky food was keeping me from getting lean. So I made the switch.

      I know this was kind of a long ramble, but I have actually wondered myself why it was so easy. My veg friends would say I just gave up because I have no discipline or commitment. The thing is, now I know that I am making myself as healthy as possible.


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        Good on you, I was vegetarian for a couple of years because of my love for animals but I was the same, always tired, having to worry constantly about food. This way is easy and it works.


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          It is relatively easy. I need to learn to prep better (i.e. - thaw the meat that is in the freezer before it is time to cook it) but I will get there.

          So here is today:

          B: Two eggs and two strips of bacon

          S: 1/2 cup of Pedialyte. I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat today and it was in the fridge, so what the hey.

          L: Chicken stir fry with bok choy, carrots, mushrooms, and cabbage.

          S: Beef jerky

          D: Grilled hamburger with salad and a few sweet potato fries (call it a mini-carb reload - this is my first 'potato' since going primal).

          Today was pretty easy. I didn't even really get hungry for dinner, but am still used to the "it has been five hours - it is time to eat" mentality of my past. My weight stabilized today. I have been weighing every day, just to see what is going on in the early days, and every day I had lost at least a half a pound. Today, I was up two tenths of a pound from yesterday, so I think the water weight is finally all gone and now we will start getting to fat loss. So far down over 5.5 lbs from 9 days ago, though - so even if it is just water it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.


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            I have forgotten to include activity - Friday was totally sedentary, so nothing to report. Saturday I weeded the garden, mulched, cleaned out the garage - all in 95 degree heat. So I guess that counts as moving slowly and lifting heavy weights. Today, not so much...just a little housecleaning. Tomorrow I am starting Turbulence Training again to get bodyweight exercises in.


            B: Fritatta with tomatoes, red peppers, zucchini, onion, and bacon

            L: Chipotle - Carnitas salad (pork and romaine only, added my own salsa at home because I don't know what is in their salsa)

            D: Chili (sauteed onion, carrot, zucchini pureed with tomatoes and cooked with ground beef) and salad

            Up a little in weight today - going to start weighing once a week now.


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              B: Two eggs fried in butter, coffee, milk, stevia

              L: Barbecued chicken breast and salad with greens, zucchini, carrots, vinaigrette

              S: Beef jerky

              D: Leftover chili and salad

              I was STARVING by dinner time today. I need to make sure I keep nuts or something on hand to have at work to keep the hunger at bay.

              No activity, once again. I will set my alarm in the morning and get up and do is too sedentary and I can't switch jobs - so I need to exercise.


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                B: One egg, one slice bacon

                L: Beef curry, salad with greens, carrots, cucumber, homemade mustard vinaigrette

                S: Almonds

                D: Beef stew with carrots, onion, mushrooms, peas; red wine

                Activity - lame - I slept in. I WILL move some tomorrow and maybe even lift heavy things.


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                  B: One egg, one slice bacon

                  L: Salad with greens, carrots, cucumber, MV dressing and leftover beef stew

                  S: Almonds

                  D: Almond crusted chicken with bruschetta topping (baby tomatoes, basil, olive oil), baked sweet potato chips, leftover salad from lunch, red wine


                  Turbulence training and sprints. My legs are sore today!


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                    Yesterday's food -

                    IF'd through breakfast, ate lunch at noon. It was my first IF since starting - and it wasn't too hard. Maybe I can do it once a week?

                    L: Two eggs scrambled with zucchini, roasted red pepper, garlic

                    D: Salad with greens and cucumber, 5 large shrimp sauteed in hazelnut brown butter (mmmmm) and then a bowl of leftover stew

                    I had a couple of glasses of wine tonight (date night with hubby) and WOW did they hit me hard. I have had wine since starting this, but not that seems perhaps that grains/starches acted as a buffer to keep the alcohol from hitting my system as hard. I will have to keep that in mind before having more than a little wine in the future...

                    Took a walk downtown, not much other activity today.


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                      B: 1 egg, 1 strip bacon

                      L: Hamburger patty with sweet potato fries

                      D: Chicken with broccoli, carrots, celery

                      Didn't have any salad greens in the house - I bought some for today's meals.


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                        B: 2 egg omelet with sauteed zucchini, red pepper, onion; coffee with cream and stevia

                        L: Ground bison patty with salad and steamed brocolli

                        S: Beef jerky

                        D: 4 shrimp, sauteed vegetables.

                        We were at a restaurant for dinner, so I also tried my mom's appetizer choice - queso dip with ground beef - so I had 4 tortilla chips and 4 dips into the bowl. Not primal...but it was tasty. I didn't feel bad after eating it, so I am glad I didn't overdo it. It was nice to have something 'bad' in moderation and then know today I am back on the wagon fully. I guess that's where the 80/20 comes in, although (with the exception of wine, which is my vice) I would like to be more 95/5. My weight today is still right where it has been (147.5 to be exact - my low on this so far was 146.5 a week or so ago). I might use calipers to test BF soon, and compare to my readings taken when a) I was exercising compulsively but following CW and b) when I was vegan but not really exercising much.

                        How long does it take to lose percentage points off of body fat?


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                          B: One egg, one strip bacon, coffee with cream and stevia

                          L: Lamb kabob (ground lamb mixed with parsley, turmeric, coriander, salt, pepper, and walnuts threaded onto skewers); salad; jalapeno poppers (I think I found the recipe on this site, though I don't remember now - peppers stuffed with seasoned goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, and grilled - yum.)

                          D: 1/2 sweet potato baked into chips and 1/3 small bag of kettle chips, white wine

                          Dinner was the opposite of primal - but a much needed carb-fest. So much for back on the wagon. I will get there though.


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                            B: One egg, one strip bacon, coffee with cream and stevia

                            L: Chicken stir fry with bok choy, carrots, mushrooms in a miso sauce

                            D: Sockeye salmon with sauteed zucchini and squash


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                              B: Two eggs sauteed with zucchini, sweet baby peppers, onion and butter, coffee with milk and stevia

                              L: Chicken thigh with huge salad and balsamic vinaigrette

                              S: A few almonds

                              D: Hamburger patty with sweet potato and carrot, wine; handful of sunflower seeds

                              Activity = laziness these past few days. I gotta get more into it.