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Arthur's Primal Challenge Journal

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  • Arthur's Primal Challenge Journal

    Arthur's Primal Challenge Journal

    Starting Point

    Age 32



    ~14%bf (will get tested but was 15% at 190lbs so guessing)

    Goal: knock off 1% bf while keeping strength and muscle size.

    I've had great success with this nutrition plan... down 5 lbs in a month and wasn't even trying. It isn't water either because I was already eating "clean" by normal standards.


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    Breakfast – 4 egg, mushroom, peppers, cheese omelet with some blueberries on the side and coffee. (multi and flax seed oil taken as well)

    Snack – almonds, sunflower seeds and rasins

    Workout – full body workout at gym… very high intensity nonstop... ~30min… 5 min core… 5 min stretch

    Lunch – 2/3 lb of sirloin tips with mushrooms and peppers and a banana

    Snack – almonds and an apple

    Dinner – ½ lb of butcher made hot sausage (whole foods) and a salad

    Snack – 4 cheese slices


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      Breakfast – Protein shake with whole milk (~50grams of protein in total), fresh pineapple, coffee, multi and flax seed oil

      Snack – almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins

      Workout – full body, core, stretch

      Lunch – leftover sausage, turkey, cheese, mushrooms, peppers and a banana

      Snack – almonds and an apple

      Dinner – 2 x 1/3lb of ground beef burgers (pasture fed) with tomato slices

      Snack - ~3oz sharp cheddar

      NOTE: I shop at whole foods and a local farm so most stuff I eat is organic and as natural as I can reasonably get. I also drink about 120oz of water a day when I workout. (fill water bottle up about 5x a day... 24oz bottle)

      I’m taking tomorrow off from the gym because I’m pretty sore today. Probably do some strecthing and a walk later after work... nothing major.

      Things are going well.


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        Breakfast – 4 eggs and cheese scrambled with blueberries on the side, coffee, multivitamin and flax seed oil

        Snack – almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins

        Lunch – 2 1/3lb pasture fed beef patties with tomato slices and a banana

        Snack – almonds and an apple

        Dinner – chicken salad

        Snack – cheese slices

        No workout today (sore and swamped at work so no lunch break) so I wasn’t as hungry at dinner as usual… also the lunch was pretty filling.


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          Breakfast – Protein shake with whole milk, a banana, coffee, multivitamin and flax seed oil

          Snack – Almonds, sunflower seeds and raisins

          Workout – full body weight training, core, stretch

          Lunch – chicken salad, cheese slices and an apple

          Snack – almonds and strawberries

          Dinner – Pizza (cheat meal for the week)

          Didn’t feel so great after the pizza but it was good.


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            Breakfast – protein shake with whole milk, blueberries, vitamin, flax seed oil

            Snack – almonds, rasins

            Workout – running class 30 min (sprints) 1st time doing it… it was awesome

            Lunch – chicken Caesar salad, banana

            Snack – Almonds, strawberries

            Dinner – tuna on a low carb wrap (~5g net carbs)

            Went to a game so drank some light beers (~6 16oz)


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              08-08 to 08-10

              Was a RI holiday Monday so didn’t workout for those 3 days. Was sore as hell from sprinting class the Friday before.

              Ate pretty good… no big cheats to report.