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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Min)

    Copy and pasted from the challenge thread...

    I've been primal for about 5 weeks now and am looking forward to the next 4! I want to feel more alive with purpose when I train, rather than like a robot going through the motions.

    I've been doing body building style training for a long time now, so one of my biggest goals is to move more naturally. I'm going to cut back my weight training to once a week at most. Instead I would rather focus on more body weight exercises that mimic how I would have moved were I in Grok's era: sprinting, jumping, crawling, swimming, climbing (if I can find something to climb!) and so on. I'm not going to plan anything either, just keep it random!

    I would love it if I could lose 10-15 lbs of fat (this won't happen in 4 weeks... I'm 5'4.5" and 135 lbs, around 20% body fat.) My diet has been right on the PB style track, if slightly higher in carbs (I'm experimenting because I've lost my cycle since going primal). I'll do IF about once a week during this challenge.

    I've had bloating issues for a few years, but they've mostly gone away since I went primal. They still plague me sometimes, but I'm doing more little experiments to see what could be causing it. Part me says it's stress. I'm hoping that living/moving more naturally with some IF'ing will help somehow.

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    Here's how my day is looking... my diet is pretty repetitive actually. Makes my schedule easier. I need to change things up when I can.

    B: Quinoa, berries, homemade mixed nut butter (no legumes), liquid stevia

    S: Plain full fat yogurt, mixed nuts, cherries, liquid stevia

    L: Salad with romaine, green bell pepper, jicama, tuna, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

    S: A shake made with coconut milk, cottage cheese, unsweetened cocoa, avocado, vanilla extract and liquid stevia

    D: Broiled chicken breast and asparagus drizzled with olive oil


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      I forgot to add: sometime before my afternoon snack, I took a brisk uphill walk for 30 minutes. Snacked on a handful of nuts sometime before dinner.


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        Yesterday I didn't get hungry for the nuts before dinner, so I skipped them.

        Day 2 is going well! I do have a couple more things I would like to improve on though...

        1. I need more vegetables.

        2. I should ditch the dairy after I use up what I have and see how it feels.

        3. I need to play and relax more often. I think the remnants of my IBS symptoms are mainly caused by stress - physical and emotional. I forget when I last gave my body a break.

        I don't have a car so I walk/bus everywhere. I got all my swimming gear together for the pool, but of course it was full So I turned around and took a nice long walk to the library. They finally had a new book I've been wanting to read, at least

        B: Quinoa, nuts, blueberries, stevia. Green tea.

        S: Plain full fat yogurt, flaxseed meal, cherries.

        L: Same salad as yesterday.

        S: Same smoothie as yesterday but with whey protein instead of cottage cheese. Lots of broiled, seasoned green beans on the side.

        D: Cottage cheese, whey protein and sprinkle of nuts. Broiled, seasoned green beans on the side.


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          I got up early this morning to do some low intensity cardio and in the afternoon walked about 1.2 miles in all to/from the tanning salon. I don't feel like any intense exercise this week, it seems. I've been having a hard time relaxing with school, work and family stuff going on.

          B: Quinoa, blueberries, stevia. 2 eggs with lots of spinach. Green tea.

          S: Plain full fat yogurt, flaxseed meal, cherries.

          L: Same salad as always.

          S: Same smoothie, with cottage cheese and nut butter instead of avocado.

          D: Cottage cheese and nut butter. Broiled, seasoned green beans on the side.