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  • Primal Challenge Journal (CardioJunkie)

    Looking forward to the challenge!


    1 - Get down to 145lbs and maintain (currently 157lbs, 5'10" female)

    2 - Work towards 100% primal by the end of the challenge (today somewhere in the 70/30 range)

    3 - Incorporate more primal eating with my entire family (fight the school lunches!)

    4 - Moderate my addiction to cardio

    5 - Learn how to listen to my body and eat to nourish instead of out of stress, diversion, etc.

    6 - Suspend daily tracking of food intake (borderline OCD!)

    7 - Shoot for 7-8 hours of sleep each night

    8 - Commit to doing strength training 3-4 times a week, I do bodyweight workouts typically


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    Day 1 (August 4)

    Good start so far. Workout this am - 15 sets of 30seconds burpees, 30 seconds rest, 4.5 mile easy run. So far I've just had coffee & cream. I'm going to start trying to wait until mid-morning / lunch to start eating (modified IF) because I've found that it works better for me. Will check in again at the end of the day!


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      Day 1 (August 4) Continued

      B: Roast beef & mozzerella sandwich on spinach bread (thanks MDA!), side of tomatoes

      L: Salad with mixed greens, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, red pepper, tomato, homemade oil & vinegar dressing

      S: Almonds, apple with almond butter, fresh blueberries

      D: Peanut butter power balls (2), large banana

      Total carbs: 196g, fat: 179g (wow); protein 94g

      WO: Bodyweight workout am + 4.5 miles; played indoor soccer for 45 min this pm, picked blueberries for 1 hour at lunchtime, yum!

      Great day today, my first day. Thanks for the inspiration everyone!


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        Day 2 (August 5)

        Ok, I did good for one day! Unfortunately I had a miserable day today. I needed to read today's post earlier in the day. I'll cut to the chase and spare the details

        Total calories: 3700; carbs: 289g; fat: 230g (!); protein: 154g

        Way too high to reach any goals there.

        WOD: Ran 4.5 miles am; easy 24 mile bike ride at lunch

        If I can get through the next 30 days having more than just one good day out of 4 or 5, then that will be an accomplishment for me. I typically do well one day, then bad the next, or two days good, then next 2-3 days terrible. It's a vicious cycle unfortunately.


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          Don't beat yourself up. Just use it as a learning experience.


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            Ok, catching up on the last 2 days...

            Day 3 (August 6)

            Totals: Calories 2700; carbs 178; fat 188, protein 120

            WOD: ~25 mile bike ride; 2 mile walk

            Day 4 (August 7)

            Totals: Cal 2950; carbs 206; fat 207; protein 101

            WOD: ran 6.5 miles am, indoor soccer ~50min pm

            Over all ok 2 days for me, even though I know my numbers look high it's actually encouraging that I have been able to keep from having an all-out binge / blowout. Unfortunately today (Day 4) I did eat about 700cal of the total when I got back from my soccer game. Oh well. Going to hammer on the eating this weekend and start next week re-invitorated!


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              Ok, time for me to catch up. The last couple days have been...interesting. First, the recap.

              Day 5 (August 8)

              Totals: Cal 2850 carb: 195g Protein: 87g Fat: 175g

              WOD: Nothing

              Day 6 (August 9)

              Totals: ~3650 cal, ~350g carbs, ~100g protein, ~150g fat (didn't keep track)

              WOD: Biked (indoor spinning bike) 30 minutes, Tabata for 10 reps, walked 2 miles

              So, here's the news. I have been frustrated over the last couple weeks because my weight has been steadily going up, I have been eating like crap, and I have been feeling extremely bloated especially in my stomach. Well, yesterday I took a pregnancy test and we have solved the mystery. Officially 7 weeks pregnant. (I am excited, however this was not exactly planned.) I am going to try to be a primal pregnant person for the rest of the challenge and beyond!

              Today: Day 7 (August 10)

              2965 cal; 297g carbs, 104g protein, 171g fat

              WOD: Ran 4.5 miles am, rode 24 miles at lunch time.

              At the moment completely exhausted (I think the fact I now know I'm pregnant is making me feel sick, as in "morning" sickness, how about that mind/body connection!) and have to travel for work tomorrow and the next day. Will check back in a couple days!


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                August 16, 2009

                Suffices to say I've been a little "off" the last week. Trying to figure out what to do from a diet/exercise perspective. Will re-invigorate this week, and come up with "modified" goals for this challenge that I will post tomorrow.


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                  Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's an awesome way to solve the mystery... much better than adrenal fatigue or something. haha.

                  I was getting pretty OCD about the tracking too and have stopped doing that for the challenge (stopped about a week before the challenge I think) and it's awesome to be able to eat more "naturally" (without measuring/weighing everything and tracking it). I'm focusing on eating the right things now but working on the other primal blueprint laws more... adequate rest, move slowly, lift heavy things, sprint, play, etc.

                  Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here's to the little primal grokaroo!


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                      Thanks for the congrats! I appreciate it. Still sinking in as this will be #4 and was not exactly planned. I'm trying to re-formulate my goals for the challenge and want to try to maintain a somewhat primal lifestyle, darn these carb cravings and all day sickness!

                      Thanks again