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  • Primal Challenge Journal---Sara6

    I've been looking forward to this. My 45th birthday is exactly one week into the challenge!

    One of my goals is to break the addiction to sugar and grains. That will be hard to do with my birthday coming up. I'll have to find a way to celebrate without cake!

    I also want to get stronger. I'm naturally a person of low muscle tone. I have to work very hard to build muscle.

    Towards that end, by the end of the challenge I want to:

    ----be able to do 10 real pushups (not on knees)

    ----be able to do 1 (yes, one) pull-up

    ----lose 10 lbs.

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    I'm weak, weak, weak. Some of that has to do with T O M, but those effects should be on the wane today. Yesterday's slip ups involved dried cranberries and pasta at dinner. I don't suppose it matters that it was mixed grain, high protein?

    I did 1 pushup, plus 9 on knees.


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      I hate feeling sluggish. If I eat all the dang carbs I want, good and bad, I don't have any energy problems. Is it just because I have 6 kids (altho 2 just left for college) that I have no energy? I don't think so. I never was tired until I started low-carbing, so now I've been tired for 10 years and haven't lost any weight!

      I'm totally sick of it. I need to get my ass into ketosis and stay there!!! Seriously, a week of nothing but bacon and eggs might do the trick for me.

      Exercise? I'm trying to get into the mindset that it wll make me feel better. I know absolutely from research and personal experience that it will not help me lose weight. It will make me tired, yet more energetic. However, in the early a.m, all I can think about is how tired I am. I guess I'm going to have to do the HIIT because it's short and sweet. I'll stick with tabatas, jumping rope and some pushups and squats.

      Such a grumbly post, but I'm not happy. I'm tall and I think of myself as slender, but when I was at the shoe store yesterday and saw myself in my new Vibrams (!), all I saw was a dumpy, middle-aged woman. Ick. Where's my willowy form?


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        At this rate I will never have that willowy form again. I dove off the wagon headfirst the other day. Not good. I'm hoping that I'll be in sufficient carb-overload by tomorrow morning that I can just fast and start over with my bacon and eggs.

        OTOH, I'm loving my Vibrams. Dh and I went for a walk and we were jumping up and down off the curbs, something I normally won't do because I don't feel secure in my tennies. I like being in contact with the ground! I did Tabatas yesterday because they came up on Itunes while I was working on the computer. So, that was good.


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          Sara6, just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, lift your head high, and go at it again. You're doing great by taking up this challenge.

          I am 34 and pretty physically active, but still cannot do a single push-up.


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            Thank you, Agnieszka, for the support!

            I started over yesterday, but my weight is up to higher than it was when we started this. I haven't seen 180 in years, and now I'm back. I was pretty good yesterday, but I ate fried cheese which is very salty and didn't help any. I had no pasta for dinner last night!

            Exercise-wise, I walked a mile in my vibrams with dh and then did tabatas. Later I jumped rope with the kids for PE.

            Today, weight is the same, but I've had bacon and eggs for breakfast.


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              Yesterday was I absolutely exhausted and I lost sight of the fact that it was DD3. I ate a lot, but I also ate dark chocolate covered almonds as a cheat---and a couple of bites of dd's mac and cheese. But I woke up this morning (without the alarm!) in ketosis!!!! Hallelujah! I feel better today, energy-wise. I have to keep this going--it's so easy for me to slip out of it.

              Tomorrow I'm going to a symposium that will probably include a boxed lunch--sandwich, chips, fruit, and cookie. yuck. I want to eat with my friends, but I don't want to have the food conversation or pressure. I'm not going to convince anyone this is the right way when I haven't lost any weight to speak of. I don't know what I'll do.

              I'm debating bringing my own and sitting outside, talking on the phone to dh, or visiting w/ friends and just eating the fruit because I'm "not hungry". But I will need to eat immediately afterwards and I'm not going home.