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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Jostle)

    My personal challenge is to be more strict in general about my diet with a focus on not having alcohol or sugar during the next 30 days. The one cheat day will be on August 22nd for a wedding, so I guess 97% primal for the month. Feel free to comment on my food or workout logs.

    B 7am: Fast 8oz glass w/ ACV

    L 12:30pm: 1 Large Avocado,2 Carrots, 1C mixed raw nuts/seeds (Pecans, Almonds, Brazil, Pumpkin), 1/2C Blueberries



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    Day 1 Cont.

    S 6pm: 1/4C Pecans, 6 dried Turkish Figs

    D 8pm: 6 chicken breast tenders wrapped in bacon, 6C of salad consisting of spinach, broccoli, spring lettuce mix, mushrooms

    WOD: Walk for an hr


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      Day 2:

      B 7am: IF, ACV w/ 8oz H20

      L 12pm: Spinach wrap,Turkey half sandwich, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, dill pickle spear,

      D 7pm: Ground Sirloin with coconut oil and sauteed mushrooms, hard boiled egg, 15 spears asparagus, 3 dried Turkish figs, 1/2C blueberries with coconut milk

      WOD 6pm: TABATA in the back yard, 6 sets of push ups, jump squats, baby burpees (no push up at the bottom), X dot drill


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        1. Go to sleep by 11:30pm

        2. Take fish oil more consistently

        3. Get family and friends to go Primal

        4. No alcohol or sugar

        Physical Stats:

        5' 10", 155lbs


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          Day 3:

          B 7am: ACV w/ 8oz of Water

          L 12:30pm: 3 hard boiled eggs, 3 chicken breast tenders wrapped in bacon, large avocado, 2 carrots


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            Day 3 Cont:

            S 5:30pm: Large Fuji apple and a hard boiled egg

            WO: 30 mi road bike ride @ a 15mph pace

            D 9pm: Big Salad with Arugula, mushrooms, spinach, spring lettuce mix, hard boiled egg, ground beef with mushrooms, balsamic vinaigrette, and olive oil

            6 dried Turkish figs

            handful of almonds

            1/2 C of pickle juice


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              Day 4:

              B: Fast 8oz water with ACV

              L: 3 hard boiled eggs, large avocado, 1/2 cup of nuts w pecans, almonds, Brazil, carrot, large peach

              D: 8oz of salmon cooked with lemon pepper in butter and drizzled with olive oil, 2 mashed squash mixed with 2 Tbs of butter, splash of nutmeg, and splash of cinnamon

              S: 6 Turkish figs

              I realized baked or fried squash basically tastes like a desert and is a nice side when avoiding sugar.

              WO: Rest Day


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                Day 5:

                B 7:30am: Fast 8oz of water w/ ACV

                WO 12pm: 30min MTB ride

                L 2pm: Large Fuji Apple, 8oz green tea

                D 7:30pm: 4 slices of thick bacon, 3 Chicken thighs cooked in the bacon fat, piece of beef jerky, 3 cups of veggies: broccoli, zucchini, celery, carrots, onion.

                blue berries chilled in 1/2C of Coconut milk


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                  Day 6: 8/8/2009

                  B 8am: 4 thick slices of bacon, 5 Eggs over easy cooked in the bacon fat with Tabasco

                  L 12:30pm: 3C of the last nights dinner

                  D 8pm: 11oz sirloin steak cooked medium, 3C Caesar salad, 3/4C of steamed broccoli and carrots, 1 small roll

                  WO: Cut the yard with a push mower for 1.5hr and trimmed for 30mins


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                    Day 7 8/9/2009

                    B 8:30am: 4 thick slices of bacon, 5 over easy eggs cooked in the bacon fat

                    WO 9:30am: 2-2.5hrs of mountain biking at a moderate pace

                    L: IF

                    D 8pm: 1/2lb of grass fed calf liver and onions, side salad with spinach, mushrooms, and mixed leafs, hard boiled egg


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                      Day 8/10/2009

                      B: IF 8oz glass of water with ACV

                      S 11am:6 oz cup of coffee with organic half & half

                      L 12pm: 1/4 of left over liver and onions, 3 hard boiled eggs, 2 carrots, mix of nuts: almonds, pecans, Brazil,and an apple, 4 dried Turkish figs. 6oz cup of coffee with organic half & half

                      D 7pm: Big Salad: 2 slices of thick crumbled bacon, 4 chicken tenders cooked in coconut oil, spinach, mixed red/green lettuce, shredded carrot, broccoli, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, hard boiled egg, topped with balsamic vinaigrette and EVOO

                      WO: Rest Day