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    Week One: I recorded everything I ate in FitDay. First time I’ve done that for more than two days at a time. For some reason I really enjoyed it this time. Now I feel like I have an idea of what I’m eating. I still don’t understand what percentages I need to aim for, but more or less I think my intake has been good.
    Weight 6/14 = 194.0 Waist measurement = 34.75
    Weight 6/21 = 190.3 Waist measurement = 34.25

    Averages for the week from FitDay:
    Calories – 1604
    Fat – 99.8g (55%)
    Carbs – 76.8g (17%)
    Protein – 105g (27%)

    First off I know my calories are too low. I’m either busy and don’t think to eat…or I’m hungry but now sure what to eat. I used to grab fruit or yogurt as a quick snack. I’ve been eating almonds but really don’t like more than a handful a day. They are so dry. That’s what is so great about fruit and yogurt –the moistness. I drink a lot of water – a lot. So when I’m looking for a snack, not much is appealing so I think that’s why my calories are so low right now. Right now I’m eating breakfast very late (noon-ish), then a smaller meal some time after that (or sometimes I combine these into one meal) and then a big dinner at 6ish.

    Nutrients: I wonder if I should pay any attention to the nutrients breakdown FitDay provides. It says for the week I’m low in Vit D, calcium, iron, magnesium and thiamin. I don’t vitamins/mulit but do take fish oil. We were not outside at all this week since the kids were sick. Hopefully this week will go better sunshine-wise.

    ‘Cheats’: I had my first honey flavored greek yogurt (Greek Gods brand) and I’m sure I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life. I’d love to have one every week! I made mango mousse for Father’s Day weekend – whipped cream and pureed mangos. Delicious! And I ate a lot. The mangos were noticeably high in carbs. And then we were out of town for part of the weekend, waiting for an evening event to start, very hot and sweaty, and we stopped at McD for ice cream. I got a snack sized McFlurry, planning to eat only half but it was sooo gooood and I ate nearly all. My family also had two other sugary treats this weekend that I didn’t feel tempted to partake in at all. Oh and I had some mouthfuls of peanut butter. It was just too tempting when making a sandwich for my son. I have almond butter in the house and I don’t really like it. I’ll try Sunflower butter next to see if that can replace the peanut butter I’m craving. Oh, and one tortilla. I think that was my only grain though! We were at a taqueria and I had steak and peppers/onions. They gave me three tortillas and I was still hungry so ended up eating most of one.

    Sleep: my kids were sick at the beginning of the week and so I was going to bed early because I knew they’d be up during the night. For two or three nights I was up for a few hours during the middle of the night, but in total I was still getting 7-8 hrs. They’ve recovered but are still sleeping in very late (8am!!) so I’m getting a decent amount of sleep even though I’m not going to bed early. I’d really like to change my schedule to an earlier to bed and earlier to rise time but my young kids sleep with me and if I get up they get up and I don’t get my ‘quite time’ so for now I’m taking that at night.

    Exercise: none this week. I take the excuse of the kids being sick but really I just wasn’t sure what to do, when, how, who would be with the sick kids, etc. I’ll put some effort into it this week. I’m looking into SimpleFit but am not sure how to do the substitutions yet for push-ups/pull-ups. My challenge to myself this week is to read some on the Fitness forum to get ideas and inspiration. Also to figure out how to do the substitutions for SimpleFit!

    Problem: A primal diet makes me constipated. What to do besides increase veggies (which I already feel I need to do...)??

    How I’m feeling? I feel great! I have only craved carbs a bit, mostly I just crave fruit (not sweets or bread) which I’m not having much of, I felt alert for the most part, sleep has either been really solid OR I just don’t feel tired and thus stay up too late reading (which is annoying but hopefully will even out with time). I have been feeling HOT. Could this be from what I’m eating?? My husband thought I must have a fever several times this week (the kids did) but no, I was just feeling hot…but well. I have been emailing with a primal buddy and that has been really helpful for me – keeping me more honest with myself!