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  • Primal Journal - Not Wanting to Die at 40 - xendaddy

    My name is Xendaddy, I am 29 years old, and I've been on the primal diet for five weeks. In the last five weeks, my energy levels have jumped, my neck and ankle pain has subsided, and I have lost 21 pounds. My high weight five weeks ago was 268. I am now at 247 and still going down.

    I am writing this journal because my whole family, both sides and back many generations, has suffered from Syndrome X-type diseases: Type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, dementia, kidney failure, etc., etc. My sister and I are obese. My youngest brother is fighting chronically high cholesterol despite being at a healthy weight. My dad has Type II diabetes. My mom's parents both have heart disease. My dad's mother died from Type II diabetes and obesity. His father has Alzheimer's and is a chain smoker and spent most of his life as an alcoholic. My siblings and I are trying to break the cycle, both for ourselves and our children, but it is extremely hard work.

    I am finally seeing success with primal living, and I want to log my experiences for my family, and for anyone how is afraid that this is just another diet that will fail. I think I finally found something that works, and this is it.

    Starting Weight: 268
    Starting Jean Size: 44x30

    Current Weight: 247
    Current Jean Size: 40x30

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    Notes About My Diet

    Before I go too far, I wanted to share some notes about my diet. I'm following a diet that's a little more strict than Mark's diet. I read "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordaine before I read Mark's book, and I found that I lost more weight with Dr. Cordaine's diet. I'm not saying everyone should be as strict as I am. I just wanted you to know what I am doing.

    Here is what I choose to exclude from my diet based on Dr. Cordaine's book (in addition to the other primal things):
    • Added salt
    • Dairy
    • Yams and sweet potatoes
    • Fatty meats (I trim the fat or eat lean meats)
    • Vinegar


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      Welcome to the primal community! I hope all goes well. I know it will and you will thus become an inspiration to not only your family and friends, but too many others around the world.

      Keep us updated on the progress.

      I just want to add that Mark only suggests sweet potatoes for people who need the extra carbs. I enjoy running medium distances, 5 to 10 K's and thus enjoy a sweet potato once in a while. I also avoid added salt and am unable to digest dairy well so I only eat it once in a while for flavor.

      Mark does say to eat all the fat on the meat which is a big difference between primal and paleo as far as Mark and Dr. Cordaine goes... or am I wrong, anyone??

      Keep us posted!
      Find me at Cheers!


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        Grass-fed beef is...interesting

        Not much to report since I usually weigh myself on Monday mornings. If I stepped on the scale every day I'm sure I would go nuts.

        Anyway, last night we tried grass-fed beef for the first time. I found some NY strip steaks on sale. The flavor of the meat was not what I expected. It was plenty tender, but the fat had a very intense flavor. My kids weren't fans, but I enjoyed it. It is definitely an acquired taste.


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          It's been a crazy couple of weeks with work and all the summer stuff. Between lots of extra hours at work, I was able to go camping last weekend and attend a couple barbecues this weekend. I thought that sticking to primal eating would be hard, but it hasn't been. On our camping trip, I pretty much ate eggs and meat. Mmm... Man food. I was able to keep to about 80% primal through the week. There were a couple business lunches where I couldn't do that. But the BBQs have been pretty easy to manage. Check out my results from this morning:

          Weight: 242 lbs
          Starting Weight: 268 lbs.

          I'm down 26 lbs in a month and a half.


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            This weekend I did the most primal thing I've ever done (besides eating). I went fly fishing. For the first time, I experienced the thrill of the hunt. Although I didn't catch anything, I learned a lot and felt a little of what Grok must have felt.

            For those not familiar with fly fishing, it is very much like hunting. The fisherman starts by surveying a stream. He walks up and down the shore looking for calm pools and eddies. He looks for fish in the calm areas. If he says any, he casts. And he casts. And he casts one more time. If no fish take the fly, it's time to move on to the next pool. I think I covered about a mile of stream in six hours of fishing. What a great primal exercise.


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              I love fly fishing. It is really easy to get the lure caught in the tree when you wind up though.
              My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well


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                CW: 240 lbs.

                It was a rough couple of weeks diet wise. While on vacation, it was hard to stay primal. My wife's family loves their meat and potatoes, especially potatoes. (They come from a long line of potato farmers.) I only lost two pounds over two weeks. However, my waist shrunk two inches, so I suspect some of the fat burned got countered by muscle built. Usually, I need to lose 10 pounds to lose that much off my waist.

                Most of my exercise has involved hiking, fly fishing (which involves hiking) and kid-related stuff. I'm trying to get on a regular program, but my hours at work have jumped due to a big project. We'll see what happens there.


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                  Primal Blueprint(ish) is my attempt to live to retirement age (I made it to 40 before breaking down so badly I knew I was in trouble--you're lucky you've got a jump on it!).

                  Following with interest and wishing you luck,


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                    Getting back in the primal mode of things since vacation has been fun. I found some ground elk at the grocery store, and it was awesome. I spiced with some garlic, chili powder, coriander, mustard seed and cumin. Coriander and elk are made for each other.


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                      CW: 238 lbs (as of last Thursday)
                      Total weight lost: 30 lbs!

                      I'm slowly but surely losing weight, and I feel a lot better already. It's late summer, and I've been doing a ton of yard work as my exercise. I trimmed all the suckers off our huge russian olive, I edged our wild and unruly sidewalks, and I installed some nice landscape lighting.

                      I've noticed that after an afternoon of work, I don't ache from head to toe anymore. Pollen allergies still bother me, but they don't level me like they used to. I can also run all over town (the museum, downtown, etc.) and not feel like the walking dead the next day.


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                        30 pounds? Stupendous!!


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                          CW: 236 lbs (as of Sunday night)

                          I'm pumped. Slow but steady wins the race.


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                            Just wanted to say congrats on the 30lb weight loss - what an awesome achievement already! I'm definitely going to check out the Paleo book you recommended also given your great results!! Keep up the great work!


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                              CW: 234 lbs

                              The last week has been an awful week of fighting pollen allergies. I've been living in a haze of Zyertec and Benadryl. I'm so tired I don't want to do anything. I've pretty much been sitting on the couch watching TV. This sucks. I've managed to keep my diet primal, but exercise has been out of the question.