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  • Diane's Purple Journal of Primality

    Hi all! Thought I should jump on the bandwagon and post one of these. No idea how frequently it will get updated.

    Right now life is all about adjusting to my new job. (Still having occasional moments of OMG SQUEEEEEEE I GOT THE JOB!) This is my second week. The people are nice, the product is actually going places, and we get to make decisions that affect our own destiny! I'm still learning how stuff works, and don't have access to enough systems to cause any serious damage yet. I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things soon enough.

    The new workplace has a gym! I peeked in last Thursday and did some sprints on one of the bikes. I'll probably keep doing free-weight exercises at home, but it's nice to have some machines I can use. For a nerdy workplace, the gym sure was crowded.

    There is also a cafeteria. Decent salad bar, and they make a very yummy bacon cheeseburger (which they are happy to do bunless) for only about $4.

    The one down side is the commute. 40 miles, 39 of it on the freeway... I am going to have to learn some serious stress management techniques. At least I'm going from LA to OC so traffic is not uniformly awful, but it has these stops & starts that are utterly inexplicable. Things that are utterly inexplicable tend to enrage me. Not really good for my health, that. And the extra time spent commuting means I'm likely to stay up later in addition to getting up earlier.

    Also there is free food at the drop of a hat. Most of it from the doughnut or beer kingdoms. More annoying than really tempting.

    Once I get settled in to my new routing, I'm going to look at ramping up my workouts. I'm at a decent weight (62 kilos, about 136 pounds) but I am still more fat than fit.

    It's weird, I now have a whole new social circle of people who don't know how fat I used to be. They just know me as this medium-sized person who takes 20 minutes to order lunch.

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    Whew, survived my second Monday. I found the nearest Whole Foods and everything! I hate Orange County, it took me 10 minutes to find my way out of the damn shopping center.

    Still staying clean, despite free cookies in the break room today! Probably drinking too much coffee. I'll see if I can gradually make the switch back to all tea.


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      Actually got some exercise (on the Wii) last night, and got to bed before 11:30! Still tired as the dead today, damn cats woke me up at 4 AM again. Still, I'd probably be feeling tons worse if I'd gone to bed after midnight which has become my usual.

      Work = good, I actually helped some yesterday.


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        Got some exercise, last night, at the work gym - 20 minutes on the bike with 4 sprints of 45 seconds each. Did not get to bed before midnight, slept in this morning though which helped.

        Also just got through the last of the (current) tomato backlog. Happy tomato season, tons more are on the way!
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          It's still all about the new job - I could totally work too hard at this place. Last night I hit the jackpot on the overtime food - Texas Pit BBQ, which was both plentiful and deeeee-licious. I have no regrets. (Well, maybe that diet Dr. Pepper.) I ended up completely earning it too; I was there past 9 PM! Yikes. It's kind of a novelty working someplace where the mysteries all eventually have answers and people actually CARE about getting to the bottom of things.

          Exercised on the Wii last night and tonight. I know it's not hard core but it does seem to be helping.

          Today we went out for a group lunch to treat the new guy. Gasp, apparently restaurants in SoCal are allowed to server hamburgers rare again! Sadly the restaurant was entirely too frou-frou, my burger came on a bun, the salad had some insane 2-dimensional croutons that I had to pick out, and they heated the plate so my salad was wilted. And boy were they sloooooow. Oh well, it's primarily a beer joint anyway, so I'm not sad if I never go back there.

          Alas, tomorrow morning there will be an early meeting, probably with doughnuts. I swear I'm going to start sneaking in bacon to those things.


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            Ugh, another 11+ hour day at work yesterday. At least we get overtime! I hope this doesn't become a habit... I did manage to get into bed well before midnight, but that was about my only victory for the day. Well, and chatting with a random coworker about "this primal thing" that I've been doing.


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              Yesterday was better. Hallelujah, an 8-hour work day! I also got in a walk and got to bed by 11:45. We walked to Red Robin and I got the Royal Robin burger that comes with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. For some reason they still gave us French fries in addition to our salads, but we mainly managed to resist the fries. (I had a tiny one, and it was crunchy and good, but I stopped at 1.)


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                Getting weaned off the coffee at work, back to normal tea levels. Did a backyard workout on the weekend and a Wii one tonight. PMS brain of doooooom all day today. I also blame the 3-day weekend for my no-brain day, as I wasn't the only one. :P


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                  Congrats. Sounds like the new gig is going well.


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                    Still having fun breaking in the new co workers. I wasn't the only one having a bunless burger in the caff today!


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                      Guh, 2 more 10-hour days. Mister Overtime is my friend! Exercised on the Wii last night & got to bed by midnight anyway. Yay weekend!


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                        Good week so far. Only worked overtime on Monday. Tuesday I learned that the cafeteria guys are more than happy to put double bacon and double cheese on a burger; managed to get in a well-timed gym break with no loss of productivity; and only pulled an 8-hour day! Another 8-hour day today, yay. This is extra good because the overtime food today was pizza (ewwww) and yesterday it was a choice of 5 different kinds of pasta (quintuple ewww!). Mostly just goofing around at the gym, trying out the bits of equipment that I don't have at home.

                        Still maintaining my reduced size, in fact my 'skinny' jeans are now a bit loose. It's all good!


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                          oh. my. god. I am SO sleepy this morning. What the heck?

                          Yesterday I got to work a bit late & had to park all the way back by the basketball court. On my way out, I thought, "Hmm... basketball court. Hmm... basketballs!" I spent about 10 minutes shooting baskets, or trying to. It turns out that I do suck at basketball after all. I did get some good little sprints chasing after the ball like the spaz that I am.

                          I also got a small but very annoying sunburn last weekend. Note to self, next time I hold up a low-cut t-shirt and think "I'm going to regret wearing this," just don't wear it... dum dum...


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                            Been getting a little more exercise the past few days:

                            Sunday = backyard workout
                            Monday = playing around on the machines at the gym
                            Tuesday = 10 minutes shooting baskets and I was totally exhausted. I SCORED A BASKET!! Yes, just the one. Stop laughing!!

                            Today = very sleepy again. And my triceps are a bit sore. That's probably good, right?

                            Weight has been up a little but not completely alarming. I'm blaming PMS. Dear menopause, please hurry up!


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                              Haven't posted in a little while! Mostly more of the same, trying to keep the food mostly clean and not getting enough exercise. Too much time at my desk and not enough time sleeping, maybe I should sleep at my desk!

                              I did something unusual today, namely went to the gym in the morning. I had to be at work for a 9 AM meeting, which I always hate since traffic is at its worst. So I left the house at 7, got to the office by 7:50, and was in the gym by 8! I did a few machines, was going to do some free weights but the place got taken over by a bunch of social work-outers. :P

                              While I'm here, here's what I did in the gym:
                              Lat pulldown, 40 pounds, 3 sets of 12 (I had previously been doing 30 pounds)
                              Chest press, 30 pounds, 3 sets of 12 (had been doing 20 pounds)
                              Seated row, 40? pounds, 3 sets of 12 (had been doing 30 pounds)
                              Treadmill, slope 1.0 (whatever that really means), 15 minutes mostly at 3.3 mph, 4x 1.5-minute "sprints" of 4.4 mph. Hey, for me that's sprinting.

                              I was so sweaty afterwards that I actually needed a shower! Yay me. I was even reasonably awake and perky in the meeting; and for some reason I haven't been freezing my ass off all day. This could be the start of something good!