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  • Time for change (jamesfromNZ)

    Hi all,

    The past few years have been rough for me. I have yo yo'd pretty hard and as a result am now back over 100kg.

    I had initially lost about 15kg in 2011 for my wedding and the lowest weight I got down to was about 88kg. Since then I have had trouble controlling cravings and often binging on junk food and fast food. I feel like this way of eating has also impacted my mental health, especially over the past year where I have been depressed and having anxiety about things I never used to be anxious about.

    I have always wanted to commit to a Paleo/primal way of eating and now is the time for my health, happiness, and well being.

    I suffer from psoriasis and so I am interested in seeing how that reacts to my change in eating (hopefully for the better!)

    My goals are this:

    Get my weight back under 100kg, then 95kg, then 90kg.

    Complete the 21 day challenge

    Journal everyday during that time.

    Commit to at least 3 workouts a week at my crossfit gym and a walk with the dog everyday.

    Once my nutrition goals are on track I will be setting some more specific exercise goals in preparation for a competition my wife and I are in later in the year.

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    Welcome to Primal. We're really glad you're here and that you enjoy all the benefits others have derived from this path.

    Regarding the psoriasis, I think you'll notice good changes. You can enhance the speed of it clearing by getting 15-20 minutes of mid-day sun exposure to the affected areas.
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      Welcome James, from another Kiwi. We are very lucky that in practice it's not too difficult to source decent food here. Meat and veges, eggs, butter, a little fresh fruit and we're off and running. What competition are you entering, and is your wife on board with the primal lifestyle too? That will help a lot if so. Best wishes for wonderful improvements in both your physical AND mental health as you start to treat your body as it requires.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Thanks for the support. It definitely is a bit easier in NZ to find good quality food, shame about the prices though....

        We are entering the two 2 tango crossfit competition in September. It's a male-female partner one. She is on board with primal and looking forward to some of the recipes from the Pete Evans book we bought.

        I start my 21 day challenge tomorrow. It is time....

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          Update - I am starting my 21 day challenge tomorrow.

          I put it off for a week or so because I have been a bit more stressed at work recently and wanted to start off on the right foot.

          New goals:

          Fit size 36 jeans comfortably.

          Walk Indy (our dog) everyday.

          Meditate using headspace everyday.

          Work out 4-5 times a week at crossfit gym (including a PT session every Friday).

          Complete my 21 day challenge!

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            Success on the horizon. Best wishes.
            Female back to the basics: 5-2017
            CW: 2017: 150
            GW: 130 a dream, I know
            Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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              Day 1

              Breakfast - 4 eggs scrambled. Mixed berries (from frozen) and 1/2 cup of Greek yoghurt (natural,unsweetened)

              Lunch - Protein Smoothie

              Dinner - Baked eggs with artichoke hearts and chorizo

              Snacks - Pear and Raw nuts and protein brownie (Paleo style)

              So first day done and dusted! Not so bad overall. Got a bit hungry around 4 but luckily my wife brought a slice of brownie to the gym for me.

              Was a little unorganised and so had to take a smoothie for lunch but will be taking something more substantial over the next days.

              Dinner was amazing! It was from a Pete Evans cookbook. Was quick and easy to whip together and tasted incredible. Definitely making it again!

              My workout was ok. We focused on Snatch and my shoulders and chest were still a bit exhausted from Friday. But my main goal there is to move and sweat so mission accomplished.

              Hopefully will have a better nights sleep tonight, last night was a little rough.

              Onwards to day 2!

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                Day 2

                Breakfast - Chia pudding with mixed berries and banana

                Lunch - Pumpkin Soup and Protein Shake

                Dinner - Turkey nibbles (part of the wing I think?), orange kumara and mixed steamed veggies.

                Snacks - Pear and Mixed raw nuts

                Drinks - Water, Coffee, Green Tea x 2

                Overall today was pretty good as well. I think I might just have to have that Chia pudding every second day because it is so yum! Loved the texture and flavour (enhanced with vanilla extract and natural maple syrup).

                Had my first bout with such a radical change in diet by developing a random headache just before lunchtime. Popped some ibuprofen and was good after about an hour.

                Had an enjoyable workout at crossfit but the wod made me realise how much I really want to get into shape because I was struggling for breath and taking lots of long breaks in between sets and exercises.

                Had a better sleep last night but still woken up by our cats around 3-4am. Hopefully will have a full night tonight. I am using sleep cycle which makes it really interesting to see my sleep patterns.

                Day 3 ahead!

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                  Hi James,

                  A fellow psoriasis sufferer here. Have you tried cutting out nightshades or following the autoimmune protocol? I found the Paleo Mom website a good resource, My psoriasis has really improved anyhow, sure hope yours does too as it's a shocker of a skin condition.

                  Good luck in achieving your goals!


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                    Yea I've tried elimination diets before and found a couple of things that flare it up are sugar (refined) and wheat. Everything else seemed to be fine.

                    I think my psoriasis is more affected by being overweight so we'll see how it goes.

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                      Day 3

                      Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs, berries and Greek yoghurt.

                      Lunch - Soup and Pear

                      Dinner - Paleo bread, eggs and bacon

                      Snacks - Protein Smoothie

                      Soooooo effects of withdrawal came into effect today. Became really sluggish and foggy (forgot what I was getting at the supermarket) and also quite irritable. Hopefully this doesn't last long. It is taking all my willpower not to give in and get junk!

                      Because of how I felt I didn't really feel like cooking up a big proper dinner so my wife and I just decided to have bacon and eggs. Not that I'm complaining though!

                      The Paleo bread I bought from the supermarket and is actually quite nice! It is full of seeds and is of course gluten, dairy, and soy free. Definitely not going to be an everyday thing (so expensive!) but is nice to have in reserve for situations like today.

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                        Day 4

                        Breakfast - Chia pudding with berries and banana.

                        Lunch - Pumpkin soup and Paleo bread

                        Dinner - cranberry chicken salad and green juice from Tank

                        Snacks - 2x mandarin, Blue Dinosaur Paleo bar (ginger nut flavour)

                        Overall a pretty good day. I felt a heap better than yesterday and didn't have mad cravings or lethargy. In fact I felt pretty energetic!

                        My wife and I trained late tonight so we picked up a salad and juice from a local take out place. I don't feel guilty because it was good quality food. The only iffy thing in the salad was the feta and dressing (balsamic honey). The salad was gluten free so I can at least stay wheat free from eating it.

                        It's strange I was able to walk past a lot of food at the mall that in the past would have made me crave it and then give in and buy it. This time though, I didn't get those feelings. Might just be a mindset thing.

                        The upcoming weekend will be a big test for me as that was typically when I binged and ate like crap in the past.

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                          Maybe your mall food experience will carry forward to the weekend. Hang in there!
                          The Buck stops here. I am responsible for my past and my future. So for today: I choose to be happy. I will seek wisdom. I will be a servant to others. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.


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                            Day 5

                            Breakfast - 3 scrambled eggs and yoghurt and berries

                            Lunch - pumpkin soup and Paleo bread.

                            Dinner - Pumpkin Salad with Spicy lamb fillet

                            Snacks - Protein Smoothie and Cacao Mint Paleo bar

                            Another great day eating. Things are definitely getting easier and I'm not craving as much. Still a few cravings but they are getting more manageable.

                            My psoriasis got quite itchy and inflamed this afternoon but I also had a tough PT session so maybe the stress from that caused it to flare up. Will have to keep an eye on it for a while. I am also going to ensure I take my fish oil to supplement healthy fats which may help keep it calm.

                            If I make it through this weekend it will be the first weekend in months if not years that I haven't eaten some form of junk food or take away!

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                              Day 6

                              Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and 2 slices bacon

                              Lunch - Protein smoothie

                              Dinner - Salmon fillet, sweet potato wedges, steamed broccoli

                              Snacks - natural mixed berry bar

                              So another successful day! Feeling really good and motivated to keep eating well. Walked around in the mall today and wasn't interested in the food court or other food areas where I would drift and snack on something!

                              Starting to feel the weight loss effects and body fat being burnt, especially around my sides where my ribs are.

                              I am finding that I am getting full a lot easier and really feeling when I've eaten enough. Which is a weird sensation because before I started this I could eat and eat, even past being full. 1 whole pizza? No problems! Just wolf that down along with some chips. But tonight I got full pretty quickly with broccoli and sweet potato! Almost couldn't finish my salmon! Will have to keep an eye on this as time goes on.

                              I bought a Fitbit weight scale today. It said I was 104.3 kg tonight but that is with a full stomach so I will test again tomorrow morning for a more accurate indication.

                              Crossfit workout this morning was tough but sweated up a storm!

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