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    I am interested in starting a journal to keep track of my daily food choices. I tried logging (for too many years to count) but find I get too caught up in the numbers. I like intuitive eating better. I would also like to plan ahead and make good Primal food choices, journaling may help me to do this!

    I plan to use a journal to be brutally honest with myself. Too many bad choices lately! Writing it down will give me a good perspective on my overall daily choices

    Today’s plan:

    B – Coffee with almond milk, 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil
    L – Salad and lunch meat, pickles
    Snack - Almonds, banana
    D - Pork carnitas, salsa

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    It's a beautiful Tuesday and here is Today's plan...

    B - Coffee with almond milk - IF 8:16
    L - 2 eggs, salad, pickle, nuts
    D - Leftover carnitas, salsa, avocado

    I may have a tortilla with the carnitas... still on the fence about that. Old habits are hard to break! However I do have almond flour and could try making a pancake instead.

    Other goals:
    Quit stressing so much about stuff!
    Finish document and send to editor
    Walk (done), do a short workout


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      I met about half my goals yesterday. Need to do better, at planning and execution.

      Here we go for Wednesday!

      B coffee, almonds, banana
      L left over meat and 2 pickles
      D carnitas, a little rice, salsa and guacamole. A beer.

      Stuck in the office today with heels on, so plan is to walk after work with the family!

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        Started my Thursday with a 2 mile walk and a cup of coffee with almond milk. So far so good!

        B - IF (15 hours is the goal today)
        L - 2 eggs, ham, cooked in butter
        D - Hamburger patty, onion, avocado, small drink

        I feel really guilty walking without my dog lately, sneaking out the back door with shoes in hand so she does not see me leave... She was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and I can't take her on a vigorous 2 mile walk (yet?); so I'll take her on a short leisurely walk later in the afternoon. I miss my walking buddy terribly


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          Big birthday weekend with the extended family. Could be disastrous, but at least there will be steak

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            Disastrous? Somewhat, but could have been worse. I am back in my cave and eating meat so far today. Lunch was 2 pieces of bacon, 1 egg and some left over salmon. I managed to IF 16 hours from last night... doing damage control

            I am working on being positive today!!! I initially wrote a post that was just venting about (extended) family, holidays are fun but can also be challenging. Deleted that post... Here is a list of good things in life that I will focus on instead:

            - My son is almost out of school for summer = more time together!
            - I can pay my car off this month, finally!
            - I am doing great with ukulele lessons - keeping up with it every day
            - Work is picking-up; it is good to be gainfully employed
            - One of my newest clients called just to say thank you, wow that gave me a good feeling!
            - I am selling and/or cleaning out a lot of needless stuff. I can feel the weight of it lifting off my shoulders and I can breathe easier

            Planning ahead: afternoon snack of nuts and olives. Dinner, salad with leftover steak and salmon.


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              B - IF until 10am, followed by a salad with a few tomatoes and bacon ranch dressing.
              L - ?
              D- Omelet with mushrooms, onion, garlic, a bit of cheese and some salsa
              S - 89% chocolate square

              Tried a new hair color this morning, and so far I like it! Henna with indigo mixed in to get a medium auburn/brunette color. I think I like it better than the brighter red I have had for the last year. And much much better than the chemical dyes I used at the salon for countless years! Ug, wish I know about herbal hair color a long time ago...

              I need to quit eating bad foods. My skin is paying the price for my blatant mis-behavior over the weekend. And I am tired all the time. My focus is off. The heat can't be helping. Over 100 F in early June is usually unheard of here in Nor Cal. Usually does not get so hot until July. Hubby wants to put in a few trees now that the drought water restrictions have been lifted, but I am not so sure with the heat that they would live! Shade would be nice so we shall see Time to get back to work!


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                Just signed up with Real Plans meal planning service, selecting the paleo diet option. I’ve already made 2 recipes since signing up last night! Egg salad, and banana coconut pudding, both are really good! Just signed up for 1 month to see how it goes, if after a few weeks I don't use it I will cancel.

                Today's plan:
                B – coffee/coconut milk
                S – egg salad
                L – banana pudding and a few almonds
                D – egg salad over green salad (hubby will likely put it on sandwich bread)

                Trying to remember to post a few stats each Monday so I can reference back:

                Weight – 126.8 lbs
                Waist – 29.5 in
                Belly – 34 ¼ in


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                  So hungry today. May have to do with my hubby making pancakes for breakfast! Or getting in late last night from art class and having dinner after 9. Eaten good food today, just to much of it.

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                    128.2 lbs
                    Waist 29.5
                    Belly 34.5

                    I enjoyed my weekend a bit too much. But at least I went hiking and did lots of walking. I remembered the grounding post from another thread and decided to take my shoes off at a botanical garden and walk the trails and though the grass totally grounded. It felt really good! It was nice to have a girls day out with 2 of my BFFs. Fish and chips, wine and beer. Not the best choices but yep, tasted pretty good after a long day out.

                    B – coffee with cream
                    L – home-made power bar (nuts and dried fruit). Chimichanga 
                    D – soup and salad


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                      127.2, TOM

                      B coffee with coconut milk

                      L green salad, tomatoes, bacon ranch, EVOO

                      D plan is fish tacos and salad. Will try to resist the tortilla... Or maybe make my own with coconut flour?

                      I wish hubby would quit bringing potato chips home...

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                        No fasting this morning, just too hungry!

                        B leftover fish and salad
                        L Egg salad
                        D ratatouille, red wine
                        Snacks - pickles, olives, fat bomb

                        Hubby put a deposit down on a nice drift boat yesterday. I plan to add rowing to my exercise routine in the next few weeks. Time to get a fishing license as well. Want to help catch food!

                        Shopping with my son this afternoon. Need a Father's Day gift, kid shoes, and a batting helmet. Nice relaxing day!

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                          Friday.... Bad, bad, bad choices. Plan to skip dinner because I couldn't possibly be hungry after all that.

                          I did get a good walk in, and submitted a big document I've been writing on for over a year now. Today is not a total loss...


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                            Cheering you on from the sidelines.

                            My most difficult eating windows are with groups. Lately I have been successful and that feels good. It is nice to be social.
                            Female back to the basics: 5-2017
                            CW: 2017: 150
                            GW: 130 a dream, I know
                            Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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                              Thanks perennialpam for your nice note!

                              Yes groups are hard, I still struggle with that scenario. So great you figured it out!

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