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30 day challenge--and I am doing it 100% this time!

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  • 30 day challenge--and I am doing it 100% this time!

    My official 30 days starts on Monday, but I wanted to start posting today while I am still eating grains and such. This is my 2nd official attempt at going primal--I was un-official primal last spring and felt fabulous. Than I moved across the country so of course I was induldging nightly with people bringing food saying their goodbyes....only to move back 5 months later, 10 blocks from where I started LOL Thats life i guess!

    So I am ready to commit again. A little backround, i lost about 70lbs through chronic cardio and pre-packaged food, where while I was thinner I didnt feel great and my skin was terrible (I have psoriaisis). Than, my Mom got cancer, I started taking care of her instead of me (no excuse) and when she passed away I didnt seem to care anymore. That was 2 years ago--the past 2 years have been a hodge-podge of diets and binges that landed me about 30lbs up from my lowest adult weight. I also have problems with infertility (its unexplained, and I dont menstrate), I have psoriasis, some other small issues, and of course I need to lose weight.

    Ready to give it my all. This time, I have the support of my husband who is also joining me.

    I am commiting to being 100% primal--effort that is. No more excuses!

    Welsome to my journey!

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    Enjoy the process

    Nice that your husband is on board too!


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      I have spent the last 2 days eating the SAD. I have felt bloated, tired, achy, and hungry. I have had mostly carbs, mainly bc I am trying to use up my non-primal foods so that i am not wasteful. I usually dont eat this many starchy things, but I want to get rid of them and I am not in a financial position right now just to throw it out. Anyway, looking forward to Monday! I hate feeling bloated and achy.

      Monday I am planning to be on the beach for the most of the day, and will be having pulled pork for dinner. I might IF until dinner, it just depends on if I am hungry or not before I leave for the beach. I will probably bring a small cooler with some water, so i might through in a snack just in case.

      Something I want to get back into as well is doing my green shakes. I dont do any fruit in these--just lettuce, lemon, celery, carrot, and whatever else I have in the fridge/freezer. My body has actually been craving it! I am not a huge fan of BAS, so the shakes are a good way for me to fill up and get my veggies in.

      Hope everyone is having a fabulously primal weekend!


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        Today is the day!

        So excited, bc I am ready to get back to being "me". I usually dont eat the SAD, but I have in the past year and it took its toll on me. I am ready to get back in action! I am ready for my DH to get back to his old self too--he gained about 100# since we were together (over 10 years, but still--thats a lot of weight to gain) I am about 60# or so above what I was when we met...but I dont want to set a goal weight bc the numbers on the scale dont tell the whole story! I actually dont think I will weigh in for at least the 1st 2 weeks, possibly the whole 30 days! I dont like to get caught up in the numbers. I will use my clothes and the mirror as my guide.

        I will post my food tonight when i am done eating it--but I have a pork butt marinating in fridge, and am going to have that later with probably califlower mash. I am not eating breakfast as I am not hungry, but plan on bring a few nuts with me to the beach in case I get hungry there.

        I am spending the day at the beach--soaking up some sun, getting some salt water on my skin and playing in the sand...

        Grok on!


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          Had a great Primal day:

          Went to beach and got plenty of sun

          Moved heavy things-- lugged a stroller and beach chairs and toys across soft beach sand-twice. Also did some swimming...


          Coffee with cream X2
          1 ounce of almonds
          2 ounces of assorted cheese
          pulled pork

          Didnt eat so much today--but i was at the beach and didnt eat breakfast besides some coffee. I underestimated the time it would take to cook the pork, so I actually didnt even eat yet--although it is resting as we speak so dinner will be in about 5 minutes. I plan on getting plenty of sleep as well bc i am quite tired from the day.

          I need to prepare a little more in terms of food--I wanted to have some veggies roasted and some things made to pull together easy meals, but I just didnt yet. Tomorow I am only working for a few hours, so I will do my planning 2morow for sure.


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            Went to bed last night at 9pm! I was so tired from everything, and was getting a mild headache due to the low carb flu. I also have major sunburn on my body (which is new for me since i have never really had sunburn in my life) and I just wanted to go to bed in hopes thta it would be better when I woke up. It isnt much better, but a tiny fraction better so I guess it just takes time.

            Today is work for a few hours, than shopping with my brothers, than coming home and relaxing. No breakfast since I am not hungry for it, but I will have some tea. Probably no lunch either since I will be out and about--might have a snack when I get home from shopping. Dinner tonight is hamburgers with egg wrapped in a lettuce bun.


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              Food today was awesome:

              1 baybel cheese around 12pm

              2 eggs fried in butter

              2 hamburgers (3oz each) topped with raw red onion, cheese, egg, and ham wrapped in lettuce--so delish!

              1 ounce of muenster and 3 slices of pepperoni

              I am still trying to cut down my dairy a bit and get rid of some processed things like pepperoni and ham. But, I am taking it day by day. Once I get more creative in the kitchen with my meals, it will be easier for me. I am trying not to go food shoppibg until next Monday, so trying to use up what we have. tomorow I am making chicken with bacon, spinach and swiss with some cauliflower mash.

              Somethings i want to try next week:

              homemade guacamole
              garlic aoli (will also make a basil version)
              cauliflower rice with peppers, onions, flank steak and guac
              coconut milk (especially in my coffee)


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                Another great day! I love how I feel so energized (with the exception of the end of the day where I would usually eat mind-lessly


                4 egg whites cooked in butter with some feta cheese
                1 3oz portion of 80% lean burger leftover from last night's dinner
                4oz of chicken breast, cooked in bacon fat and topped with bacon, spinach, and swiss
                coffee with half and half and splenda, X2
                4 almonds (nothing significant, just wanted something crunchy)

                i might have some cut up cheese later bc I really havent eaten that much today. Depends on how I am feeling.

                Did some research online for slow cooker recipes that I can adapt and make primal. Found some really good ones! Tomorow I am just going to make turkey meatballs in the crock pot, bc after work I have a graduation ceremony to go to. I also am going to try my hand at making garlic/basil aoil to have with my roasted chicken legs for Friday. i am going to serve it in lettuce cups with roasted red peppers.

                Loving my new lifestyle!


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                  Last night i ended up having a piece of baybel cheese, and 3 cups of popped popcorn. yes, I know it wasnt the most primal thing, but At only about 10g of carbs, I wanted the splurge. 80%, right? I also realized that i didnt eat enough, and was starting to get a headache. Still a good day overall!


                  Coffee with cream and splenda
                  BAS with spinach, fresh mozz, bacon, apple slices, almonds slices, and red onion topped with olive oil and balsamic.
                  Slow cooker chicken legs, mixed with olive oil, garlic, basil, and some romano cheese.

                  I am seriously in love with my slow cooker. I always like to buy chicken legs bc they are cheap, but I end up wasting it since it stays stuck to the bone. But when I opened my slow cooker, it fell of the bone, and was so tender and juicy from stewing all day in the fat. Was even better when i mixed it with the garlic oil!


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                    Originally posted by Pinkskyy View Post
                    I am seriously in love with my slow cooker. I always like to buy chicken legs bc they are cheap, but I end up wasting it since it stays stuck to the bone. But when I opened my slow cooker, it fell of the bone, and was so tender and juicy from stewing all day in the fat. Was even better when i mixed it with the garlic oil!
                    The slow cooker fills my house with lovely meat aromas nearly every day. Right now I've lamb shank cooking in coconut milk with onion.
                    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


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                      I know I love it! It was seriously the most under-used appliance in my kitchen, and now I want to use it every day! to think I almost got rid of it!


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                        omelete with sausage, onions, roasted red peppers, and some cheese with a small side salad

                        2 tacos with beef and cheese, lettuce and onion

                        Not much to update with, this weekend we have family visiting so I will be busy with that. On a happy note, I lost 2lbs and Dh lost 8!! So happy that he is sticking with it


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                          Had a not so primal weekend--but I am back to it! I knew that I was going to have some grains and sweets, so I am not beating myself over it.

                          Tomorow I will be at the beach as long as the weather holds up, and Ifing until dinner!


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                            Beach was great today--I love how a day at the beach puts me in such a good mood.


                            Coffee with cream
                            Iced tea
                            Baybel cheese

                            chicken sauteed in butter, topped with homemade sauce and mozz cheese

                            Will have some tea later, and thats about that

                            Went food shopping today and have a great menu planned for this week. I love how primal shopping is cheaper! I guess if I bought steaks it wouldnt be, but since I am on a budget I am going with the cheaper meats--chicken legs, stew meat, etc.

                            Tomorow I will be having some turkey-garlic roll-ups, and some homemade almond crust pizzas for dinner...


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                              Another day at the beach--only lasted a couple of hours, but it was nice anyway.


                              Turkey breast, chedder cheese and bacon sandwiched between romain lettuce leaves

                              Cauliflower pizza---this was so good! I ate about 1/2 of 1 pizza topped with spinach, garlic and feta.

                              Tonight I am experiementing with some recipes I foung through some blogs. I love the internet! I dont know what i ever did without it LOL

                              Today is 8 days into my challenge--other than my weekend, I have been 100% primal. Feeling great! Changes that have happened since going primal:

                              1. Lost about 4lbs.
                              2. No longer am i night eating, or getting hungry
                              3. Cooked all of my food, and have saved money doing so
                              4. Psoriasis is 100X better than it was--could be bc of the beach as well, but it it basically just white now instead of red, flaky and thick
                              5. Clothes are feeling loser, stomach not bloated
                              6. Realized that when I want something sweet, a small piece of fruit is like heaven
                              7. DH also lost about 10lbs--all without him complaining lol

                              Not too bad for 8 days!