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  • Jan's 21 Day Challenge

    I started the 21 Day Challenge yesterday, Tuesday 3/22. My workout yesterday was 40 wall pushups (going to progress to the next step), 50 squats - no problems, 90 second Level 4 plank and the 45-second side planks - no problems. I don't have a chin up bar nor do I have a tree limb to use so I did bent over rows using 8 lb. dumbbells. Did 20 of them.

    Food log - 1 c. coffee w/stevia & 2 Tbsp almond milk creamer; my green smoothie (it's about 300 calories), banana, 10 brazil nuts, 1/4 of a fritatta w/red peppers and onions, a pickle, a Lara cashew bar, 10 almonds, green tea, espresso, 1/2 of a baked chicken breast, 1/3 c. plain spaghetti squash and about 3/4 c. mixed veggies (boiled) with a little butter on them. The 1 thing I had that I shouldn't of is the soy-based yogurt after dinner. Those will have to get donated to someone else or trashed.

    Day 2, 3/23: Exercise: indoor walking on my patio. Just wore my socks - no shoes. 30 minutes of walking but didn't start my pedometer on time so it only tracked 14 minutes and 1420 steps. Will keep it on today and see if I can start tracking my steps. Using an I-phone app.

    Day 3, 3/24: Exercise: 2 rounds of Primal BP; 1 full set of knee pushups (30 reps) but on the 2nd round I died. Planks - Level 4 no problem although I was getting a bit shaky on R2; No chin up bar so I grabbed my 10 lb dumbbells and did 20 reps of back rows. 50 squats each round on my bosu ball. Not going to log all my food but I did notice how full I stay longer when adding an avocado to my lunch and eating the whole thing instead of half; and I am focusing on chewing my food really, really well.

    Day 4, 3/25: Very sore from all those pushups yesterday but it's a good sore so I'm happy b/c I know I worked out. I didn't do any walking this a.m. b/c I really had to focus on getting out of here early for work. I think I may have fallen off the wagon at lunch b/c I had Pad Thai for lunch. It really did hit the spot though. Yummy wild salmon for dinner.

    Day 5, 3/26: Bike ride w/the Joy Ride Club. 35 miles & 1 sprint at south end of island. Hit 27.5 mph so that felt really good!

    Day 6, 3/27: Easter so we were having Breakfast at Mom's so I did a 30 minute walk but I forgot to put my Strava on so not sure how far I walked. Tried to stay on the food plan, but I broke down & had the Ricotta pie that Lisa made and there was cheese on the breakfast tortillas.

    Day 7, 3/28: Had orientation this a.m. so didn't have time for any workout. Didn't do zip today or tonight.

    Day 8, 3/29: 2 rounds of Primal BP; Had to take quick breaks after each 10 reps of pushups but I got through 30 each time.

    Day 9, 3/30: No workout at all today. UGH!

    Day 10, 3/31: 7 minute HIIT workout from Grokker and then 2 laps on mountain bike at JD

    Day 11, 4/1: Another 7 minute HIIT workout from Grokker which focused on leg strength

    Day 12, 4/2: Road ride that was cut a little short when my chain broke but I still had 24 miles in.

    Day 13, 4/3: Road trip with our gang to Santos and road 42.5 miles. Awesome mountain bike trails and great ride, especially at the end when I was really feeling it!

    Day 14, 4/4: I didn't have time to work out this a.m.

    Day 15, 4/5: 7 minute HIIT workout with an emphasis on legs & then threw on another 50 squats on my BOSU ball. 20 mile road bike road w/the hubs. uphill sprints, pullups on the pedals & standing only moves.

    Day 16, 4/6: sore back probably from bike riding so did a stretching routine and then hit some planks. Kind of took it easy

    Day 17, 4/7: 1 set of 30 pushups, 1 set bent over rows, 10 minute standing core workout; bike ride with Tom after work

    Day 18, 4/8: REST

    Day 19, 4/9: 35 miles of mountain bike riding in anticipation of next weekend's 50 mile race. Whew - I feel it!

    Day 20, 4/10: Rest day after the bike ride from yesterday. Did have to move the rest of the crap out of the townhouse so multiple trips up & down the stairs & to the truck.

    Day 21, 4/11: No workout today either.

    Day 22, 4/12: 30 minute, upper body HIIT workout w/weights & 10 minute core workout

    Day 23, 4/13: 28 minute yoga stretch

    Day 24, 4/14: 25 minute walk

    Day 25, 4/15: Metabolism booster workout from BASE boot camp.

    Day 26: So now I went past the 21 days and stepped on the scale. No change. Same weight.
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    Great job!


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      Thanks, Zoebird! Getting ready for my primal dinner of ground beef, sauteed in coconut oil w/onions and red peppers and mushrooms. Some spaghetti squash on the side as I have a mountain bike ride tomorrow & want to work on my sprints!