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    Cooking Terms and What They Mean
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      A couple of blog posts ago I had mentioned Lew Rockwell dot com. Well, in today's link love post, if you follow the Lewis Black link you will find another link to an interview between Mark Sisson and Karen De Coster. You can read the article here at Lew Rockwell dot com.

      Way to go Mark! Perhaps this means Mark is a closet Libertarian! Mark does take an individualist approach in the interview. I personally will have no confidence in government until they fix their food pyramid which I doubt will ever happen. Statists prove me wrong.

      I cooked some sunny side up eggs for the first time ever after watching a video on how to do it. I'm getting better at making eggs. I plan on introducing an avocado or an orange with my nitrate free bacon and free range egg breakfast.


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        Just watched this video shot by a friend of mine featuring Mick Dodge who is on a 1,000 mile barefoot journey across the pacific north-west. Pretty cool stuff.

        Barefoot Sensay Foot Quest


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          Primal Blueprint Fitness! Need I say more? I have the day off work today, so you can bet that I will be spending my time reading Mark's new book.

          Had an avocado with my breakfast this morning, and it was a good thing. I've never been a big fan of avocado's but the one I had this morning with my bacon and eggs were pretty good. I've also got an avocado slicer, so it makes it a bit more fun. :P

          Seems like a lot of people are blogging here, I had to go three or four pages in to find my blog post and it doesn't seem like I posted too long ago.

          Back to the book...


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            My new computer arrived today, will assemble it tomorrow. Looking forward to my new computing power.

            I'm kind of embarrassed, but I'm on the knee (or girl) push-up level on PBF. I can do a little over forty push-ups in a single set while on my knees. Still need to test where I'm at with the other exercises. Will probably do a full evaluation Sunday.

            I got into a spat with my rude neighbors and the daughter teased me about my bare feet as if I was weird or something for not wearing shoes! They had let their rude dog loose and it was barking and nipping at me so I started chasing it so I could kill it and eat it, but unfortunately my neighbors intervened before I could get my hands on the mutt. Afterwords the Dad apologized to me for their rudeness and I invited him over to use my Gold's Gym Platinum Assisted Power Tower.

            Speaking of which, I also cranked out two sets of six pull-ups.

            I don't feel ready for sprints. I want to work out with squats for a while and build up more strength first.

            Figured out a tough issue at work today with iPhones and the meta viewport tag using height=device-height. It don't work. Steve Jobs is a weenie and Android rocks his world.

            Enough for today.


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              Been a while since I've updated my journal. I've been having issues with my blood pressure. It's going up. The whole reason I started this primal thing was to lower my BP.

              However, the good news is that I think I know what is causing it. I think it might be the grain fed beef I have been eating recently. I thought it might have been sodium levels, but I'm not so sure any more.

              Another good thing is that we have the Primal Blueprint 30-day challenge coming up, and I've been thinking of all the things I can do to go totally primal. Here is a list of the things I could try:
              • Eat grass fed beef
              • Eat free range chicken
              • Eat organic vegetables
              • Stop eating Lara bars
              • Stop drinking coffee
              • Stop eating caveman cookies
              • Stop eating dairy foods (greek yogurt/heavy cream/cheese)
              • Lift more heavy things
              • Start up sprinting again

              I will probably think of more things in the coming days.

              My neighbor has let me borrow his portable blood pressure monitor. I will be taking my blood pressure several times a day over the next five weeks to see how things go. I'm not sure how long it normally takes to get ones blood pressure down, but hopefully I will be able to at least see some improvement.

              It is going to be a challenging month to say the least. I'm a crappy cook and so I have to deal with eating bland simple meals all the time.
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                Picked up some ancient Chinese herbal medicine for my blood pressure. Anything with horny goat weed in it must be good for you!

                Here are the results with my first day's blood pressure testing with my Omron digital blood pressure monitor model HEM-712C:
                150/113 97
                148/83 110
                146/90 95
                137/86 104
                131/77 100
                140/83 92
                141/88 101
                141/81 83
                153/79 90
                149/92 98
                147/80 93

                These numbers are lower than what I get using my Pharmacy's BP monitor. My pulse rate seems very high.

                Speaking of the Pharmacy. There is a doctor who works there who is overweight. We spoke a little bit about primal blueprint, and I lent him my copy of the book for a couple weeks. It will be interesting to get his opinion on it, he seems like an open-minded person.


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                  Blood pressure results from yesterday:
                  145/86 86
                  162/97 95
                  141/87 71
                  177/94 84
                  153/76 84
                  142/71 75
                  134/90 76
                  171/83 83
                  163/101 86
                  127/83 75
                  150/89 89
                  118/75 88
                  144/81 94
                  136/71 91


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                    Picked up some Grand Marnier pate from Alexian. I figured this was a good way for me to get some liver without having to actually prepare it. It did not last the day.

                    Blood pressure results from yesterday:
                    116/72 92
                    129/73 79
                    145/72 82
                    132/57 75
                    141/74 79
                    123/66 79
                    127/65 88
                    130/76 87

                    Numbers are looking better for sure. I think I should be able to get my pulse rate down once I get back into exercising. Only two more days until the challenge starts.


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                      Ate some Opah yesterday. I feel like I am wasting my money buying expensive fish, then ruining it when I cook it.

                      blood pressure results from yesterday:
                      128/83 89
                      125/74 90
                      145/80 79
                      127/81 93
                      130/67 75
                      127/72 80
                      150/81 83
                      135/72 76
                      127/70 88
                      144/78 82
                      146/73 87
                      132/70 73
                      133/70 80
                      139/83 78
                      151/75 77

                      Averages over past few days:

                      I had an interesting conversation with my friend last night. He used the term "rabbits as capital". At the end of the day, those who have rabbits put it in the middle, and we divide it up equally so that we all get some. It sounds like the kind of system I want to be in when you are starving to death and do not know how to hunt.
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                        The Incredible Edible Egg


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                          I gave my copy of the Primal Blueprint to the local pharmacy a few weeks ago and now they smile at me every time I walk past. I hope to one day get their opinions on the book. The real reason I gave them my copy of PB was to try and meet the beautiful young woman working there. I'm tempted to just go up to her and introduce myself. When she smiles at me, it's just too much.


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                            I've been posting a lot on the forums lately because the company I worked for ran out of money and had to fire everyone in order to protect the IP. sigh.

                            I saw the woman I want to meet today, only she was at the coffee shop instead of the pharmacy. I almost decided to get some coffee and ask her if I could join her, but I get butterflies in my stomach when I try to do something like that. I'm just not that kind of person who approaches women in that manner. I really wish someone would introduce us, or she would approach me. I wish I could be a "smooth operator", but I do not know what to do. When I see her, my brain gets so clouded that I have a difficult time just standing straight or walking, I couldn't imagine trying to speak to her.


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                              The neighborhood extremist left-wing eco-nazis have told me that I must remove my charcoal only BBQ from my deck because it is against the rules of the complex where I rent. Gee, I have an idea. Let's make a bunch of stupid rules which makes it impossible to rent out the condos because this will somehow make the value of the property go up! Yeah! Brilliant! This incident has moved up the probability of my moving out at the end of my term from about 75% to about 95%. Good luck finding someone to rent this place when there are at least a half dozen others just like it on the market with nobody in them.

                              I used to eat some salsa called "killer salsa" which has cane sugar in it, but I switched over to Casa Sanchez. This salsa is way better. I love cilantro.
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                                It turns out the charcoal grill rule was an ordinance imposed by the local fire chief. Good thing there is an election coming up in two weeks! Speaking of which, there is a certain senate majority leader who is in a bit of trouble...