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  • Well I'm not sure what to do with what little money I have in 401k's and RothIRA's...I feel like with everything going on in the world plus high unemployment, no GDP growth, and printing money like crazy that the stock markets should be half of what they are. But what do I do? Put the money in money market funds and eat the coming inflation? Buy gold now that's it's $1700 an ounce? Buy bonds with interest rates at near zero and wait for interest rates to rise so my bond prices will sink? I swear the only thing that I can think of that makes a little bit of sense would be to cash out of everything, eat the taxes associated with it and buy freakin' cows.
    Sorry to junk your journal up with my pointless whinings.
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


    • Where to put your money depends entirely upon what politicians decide to do, which is a shame. I doubt Romney would reverse the Fed policy, I know Johnson would.

      We are also at the political whim of Asian politicians who might one day come to their senses and stop transferring all their wealth over to the US government.

      I have to give some serious thought about leaving the country now. I might start looking for jobs in New Zealand or something. Although, paper money is used there too, so it may not help that much. People are stupid all over the world, and the people who run central banks are the dumbest of the lot.

      Central banks all over the world will probably follow The Fed's lead and we will have a simultaneous destruction of currencies all over the world. Clearly this will lead central bankers to come up with a new solution -- a new paper currency.

      Then a new fascist criminal enterprise will emerge which will be even more destructive than the last.


      • It's been a long time since I've been to the dentist. I need to get my teeth cleaned.


        • Still working on going to the dentist.

          After depositing a check at the bank today I went across the street to the mall to get a coffee at the Starbucks there.

          I am experimenting with walking barefoot into stores. So I walked barefoot into the mall.

          After getting my coffee a young woman dressed in short hot pink pants and a black blouse looking as hot as can possibly be came up beside me while I was checking out one of those Sharper Image like stores.

          What did I do? I whispered Holy Shit! and took off.

          Something must be seriously wrong with me.


          • Romney is down to 31.5% on intrade.[1]

            Oops, I guess electing a candidate from the top-down rather than the bottom-up is not such a good idea after all.

            I live in a state where we successfully overthrew the GOP. We actually voted for the people's candidate here in Nevada.[2]

            [1] Intrade - Mitt Romney to be elected President in 2012


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                • Don't believe the propaganda you read on right wing web sites about the race being close. Romney's stock is dropping like a rock on intrade. It is now down to 28.5% and falling.[1]

                  I can't wait for the debates...

                  Obama: I think we should blow up this country and that country.
                  Romney: What a terrible foreign policy, we should instead blow up this country and that country.

                  Obama: I think we should steal this amount of money from those groups of people.
                  Romney: What a terrible policy, we should instead steal this amount of money from these groups of people.

                  Obama: I think we need to take away these freedoms in order to protect you.
                  Romney: What a terrible policy, instead we should take away these other freedoms to protect you.

                  Obama: I think we should ban this, that, and that other thing.
                  Romney: No, we should instead ban this, that, and that other thing.

                  Obama: I will promise you this, this and this and it wont cost a nickel.
                  Romney: Oh yeah, I will promise you this, this and that and it will save a hundred billion trillion gazillion dollars.

                  Obama: I think we should create government jobs here, here and here.
                  Romney: How stupid, we should instead create government jobs here, here and there.

                  Obama: We need to regulate, this, that, and this other thing.
                  Romney: That's a recipe for disaster, instead we need to regulate this, that, and that other thing.

                  Moderator: Okay, thank you gentleman, clearly there is a very wide range of opinions here.

                  [1] Intrade - Mitt Romney to be elected President in 2012


                  • Obama: Government needs to grow at this rate.
                    Romney: No, no, no, government needs to grow at that rate.


                    • Romney is hitting new lows on intrade, I'm showing 27% as of right now.[1]

                      You guys have no idea how much corruption and shenanigans the GOP had to pull in order to nominate this loser. They went through all that trouble just to nominate the guy who the left-wing mainstream media said is the best opponent for Obama.

                      The GOP thinks ObamaKare is the worst thing ever conceived, so what do they do? Nominate the guy who designed ObamaKare.

                      The GOP says it is vitally important that they remove Obama from office (presumably because of his policies), so what do they do? They nominate someone who has the exact same policies as Obama.

                      Romney. Ha! What a loser. I've been a Republican my entire life and I wouldn't vote for this moron in a million years.

                      Intrade - Mitt Romney to be elected President in 2012
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                      • Oh my, it just keeps getting worse for Romney every single day.

                        His numbers aren't even leveling out, they continue to plummet.

                        Now down to 24.2% for Romney, and Obama is at 75.5%.[1]

                        They say if you get over 80% on intrade, that is pretty much a sure thing.

                        [1] Intrade - Mitt Romney to be elected President in 2012


                        • And so the total destruction of Mitt Romney continues on a daily basis. Every day, his stock is dropping like 10% or so. Now down to 22.4% on intrade.[1]

                          It's definitely Obama's debate to lose. All Obama has to do is not royally screw up during the debates.

                          The only way Obama can win this election is if the GOP nominates a fascist....oh wait....never mind.

                          [1] Intrade - Mitt Romney to be elected President in 2012
                          Last edited by Grok; 09-27-2012, 09:33 PM. Reason: change socialist to fascist because some people think there is a difference...


                          • I may soon have a new contract signed this week which will bring in some more work for me.


                            • The ratio between the Chinese Rinminbi and the US dollar just hit a new low.[1] This graph is largely controlled by the PBoC because the Rinminbi has been pegged to the dollar for so long that it is extremely undervalued. The Chinese can allow the currency to slowly gain value which will have an effect of Chinese products costing more money for Americans, but they will be cheaper for the Chinese.

                              In effect, the Chinese will eventually sell their products to themselves instead of to Americans. Then the shelves at Wal*Mart will be completely empty because there will be no more products to buy with our worthless currency.

                              [1] US Dollar: CURRENCY:USD quotes & news - Google Finance


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