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    Up early this morning. I forget what time I fell asleep last night. I think I went to take a nap and never recovered. I ended up leaving the lights and my computer on over night.

    The other day I tried out my Gold's Gym Platinum Assisted Power Tower and managed to crank out two sets of three normal pull-ups followed by two more sets of two. I then started using the assist and did a bunch more reps using the assist (I lost count as to precisely how many.)

    Yesterday, I tried the push-ups and they were much more difficult than the normal push-ups I do. The grab bars are wider apart and I have to lower myself down to where my nose is below my hands. Trying to lift myself up from this lower position is very difficult. I managed to do four sets of three push-ups. I had a difficult time keeping my back straight doing the push-ups, but I will continue to try and improve my form.

    I'm continuing still with the Abs Fitness Workout. This is getting easier now, and my form is improving on exercise number six. I still skip exercise number eight.


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      Yesterday I did two sets of three pull-ups followed by two sets of two. I then used the 10lb resistance bands and did three more sets of three with those. I then switched to the 25lb resistance bands and did two more sets of three.

      For dinner, I went out for sushi with some co-workers and ordered some sashimi salad which came with sea vegetables. It was delicious. I was pleased to find out that I could order something without rice.

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        Yesterday I did four sets of three push-ups followed by three sets of three dips using the 10lb resistance bands. I wish I could use the assist for the push-ups!

        I also started practicing exercising with my kettlebell weights. I practiced doing some swings, cleans and turkish get ups. Today I am going to practice doing some squats, although my legs are already a little sore from the exercises I did yesterday.

        I went to Sheels and discovered they have the lowest prices on kettlebells. I picked up a 35lb weight which I can now use if I need something heavier.

        I also took a look at some firearms. I am interested in the Smith&Wesson .357 Magnum. I have never owned a gun before, but I like the idea of packing some heat!

        The gun laws in my state are not very restrictive, so I only need to register if I want to conceal my weapon.
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          Legs were in a lot of pain yesterday, and they are sore still today. I skipped doing any exercises yesterday to let my body repair. Must. Avoid. Cortisol.

          Law #4 is by far my weakest area in the Primal Blueprint, so this is why my journal is mostly about law #4 activities (for those of you bored enough to be reading my journal.)

          I bought some cave-aged cheese yesterday because if it's cave-aged it must be good.

          Darth reminded me that I need to learn how to fight. And no, I do not support Sarah Palin.


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            Bought some Purity Farms Ghee the other day and started cooking with it.

            Did some pull-ups and dips with my neighbor this morning who was kind enough to let me sleep over at his place because I locked myself out of my condo. I got to meet his daughter Chloe.

            Legs are starting to feel better now.
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              This morning I did three sets of three pull-ups followed by some more using the 10lb assistance bands. I also tried doing some dips without any help from the assistance bands for the first time and I was able to do one or two per set.

              After work, I did some exercises with a 20lb kettlebell weight. I first did two sets of ten two-handed swings followed by a set of ten one handed swings for each arm. I then did a set of ten overhead presses, one on each arm. After that, I did two sets of ten squats using only my body weight. I also threw in a few more pull-ups in between the kettlebell exercises.

              My diet is suffering because I lack the time and skill to prepare my own meals. I am eating far too many nuts.

              After lunch today, I was walking back to work and my neighbor, his daughter Chloe, and Sonic the Great Dane just happened to be walking my way so I got the chance to chat for about ten minutes. Chloe was silent most of the time, I think she was perhaps just a little shy. I estimate she is probably about half my age.

              I saw Chloe again as I came back from work. It looks like she was just getting back from the swimming pool because she was only wearing a towel as far as I could tell.
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                Been taking it kind of easy exercise wise. I tried doing four pull-ups in a row and succeeded.

                Poo'd myself this morning because I got my hair cut. I can't remember the last time I pood. I will not being using any shampoo until my next haircut which is usually about three months away. I'm still using my old conditioner about once every five days or so. I will eventually switch to something more natural.

                I watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown about Cheese. During which he talked about how he US government forbids the sale of cheeses made from unpasteurized milk unless the cheese is aged at least 60 days. This is clearly unconstitutional, and only the states can enact such a law.

                I'm going to spend some time tomorrow calling republicans in the state of Connecticut (had to look up how to spell that) and try and convince them to elect a patriot to the U.S. Senate.

                The Liberty In Our Time channel is providing me with a lot of educational material for my brain. I am currently getting an introduction to microeconomics by Murray Rothbard. His lectures on history and economics are fascinating.


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                  I've been really busy lately making phone calls to republicans in Connecticut urging them to vote for Peter Schiff. I am making an impact, but it is very small. We need more volunteers calling. I will continue to do all I can because I believe in my heart that he can convince the other Republican Senators to filibuster raising the federal spending cap. Peter is very good at explaining complex economic issues of our time, he gives you a perspective which is hard to find anywhere else.

                  Anyway, I probably wont have much time for adding journal entries until after CT Republican primaries on Aug. 10th.

                  I did want to make a note that I did eight sets of ten push-ups spread throughout the work day while I was at work. I was surprised at how easy they were. I think doing those wide-arm push-ups on my Gold's Gym Platinum Assisted Power Tower really made the difference.

                  The guy who sits across from me at work is probably the strongest guy there for his size. Our CEO, John, is about 6'7" huge rugby player type guy. Speaking of John, we all got an e-mail from him today which sounded like he is closing a deal on a big new contract. We should find out more next week.

                  The Liberty In Our Time channel on YouTube has recently uploaded some videos about the Civil War which I can't wait to get into. I have been trying to learn as much as possible about the Civil War because everything I learned from my state run high school education has been distorted. I've basically had to re-educate myself in all areas of study covered from my state run high school (which was probably one of the better schools.) History is fascinating when being told the truth, I hated it in high school.

                  The state run school systems were a brain child of President Lincoln. In the state of Nevada, Sharon Angle is running against Harry Reid for U.S. Senate. Angle wants to abolish the unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education. You can count on me to be voting for Sharon!


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                    I just got through listening to the first lecture on the Civil War by Mark Thornton. After reading The Real Lincoln, I have always wondered how the North managed to win the Civil War.

                    The best way to learn about history is through a monetary or economic perspective. This lecture is about a book which gives such an account of the Civil War.

                    I also just purchased Wilson's War to start learning about WWI.


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                      Today I bought a Gorgonzola Cheese Torta from Rising Sun Farms. I had a couple of bites and I then came back a few minutes later and had a couple more. Here is the nutrition information, I hope it's not too bad for me.

                      Been doing six sets of fifteen push-ups throughout the work day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Doing pull-ups on the other days. I try to get in some kettlebell exercises as well.

                      I implemented a browser history object in JavaScript at work today. I did this because window.history.back() does not work on Android devices using WebKit. My new implementation works quite well. Dilbert will soon be available on Android devices.
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                        I recently bought a new scale, erm I mean a Taylor Glass ITO Body Fat Body and Water Monitor (get your terms correct Grok!). It appears that I was actually heavier than I thought I was because my old scale was not calibrated correctly. My official weight as of this morning is 168 lbs. My new Taylor Glass ITO Body Fat Body and Water Monitor is pretty awesome. It is made of glass, can handle up to 440 lbs of weight, calculates your body fat percentage, water percentage and has several memories.

                        My ability to do push-ups and pull-ups has been improving. I can now do three sets of four pull-ups and three sets of ten wide-arm push-ups. I am also starting to do some dips as well. I find it a little difficult to keep my balance when doing the dips, but I can do about three sets of three.

                        I'm really looking forward to Mark's new exercise program.
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                          Police Begin "Guns Drawn" Raids on Organic Food Stores in California


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                            I posted the above video on the Odds and Ends forum and it has created quite a stir. There are many people who lack a basic understanding of history and economics. Fortunately for them, there is the Mises Academy. I would love to take some of these courses myself, but I lack the time. I'm hoping they will be archived so that I can go through the courses at my own pace, and hopefully at a cheaper price.

                            I was doing some research on Henry Waxman, which I believe is Mark Sisson's congressman. There was some news recently about how Waxman wants to regulate dietary supplements. A google search has lots of articles. I would think the Lew Rockwell blog search result is probably the most trustworthy source in my opinion.

                            At any rate, I found this interesting video on health freedom:

                            I'm still doing push-ups and pull-ups from time to time. Today I did 25 push-ups in a single set which is a new record for me. Eagerly awaiting Mark's exercise book.


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                              Hey I've been following your Journal and I really love the content. I've got a super political family from the Northeast ( NYS Senator is my cousin), and I applaud you for taking the time to call up and encourage everyone to elect a "patriot". Couldn't agree with you more on how many things regarding food and agriculture are down right unconstitutional in America. I don't care about party bullshit, things need to start going in the other direction. It's shape up or ship out.


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                                My computer died on me last night. It's pretty old and I had been thinking about buying a new one. I'm currently posting this from work. I bought a bare bones system this morning, but it's going to take about 3-4 weeks to arrive.

                                In tyranny news, Health Inspectors shut down 7yo girls lemonade stand, needs $120 license. I'm sure Katt would be proud.

                                Will be spending the weekend phone banking for Peter Schiff. Since I don't have a computer, I'm going to be bored anyway. Will have to do the phone banking from my PC at work. It will be a miracle if he wins, but I plan on doing my part nonetheless.