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  • This morning I walked barefoot across the street to the local Starbucks to purchase my signature venti iced coffee with an add-shot and heavy cream. The total came to $3.99, I paid with $5, and received $1.01 in change. I tipped the worthless paper dollar and kept the penny in the hopes it was made of something useful like copper.

    Indeed, I received a nice shiny copper penny minted in San Francisco in the year 1969.

    I always seem to have really good luck with the pennies at the local Starbucks here...


    • When it all comes down, you'll wish you had the paper. It will be easier to start a fire with paper tender.
      If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


      • Yeah, If I'm going to be eating human zombie flesh for survival it better at least be cooked well done.


        • I'm trying to learn to make Pasanda curry now that I've mastered the Kofta curry. I'm not sure about the store bought fried onions though. I tried making my own fried onions last night, but they came out soggy. Maybe I didn't cook them long enough.


          • I have the pasandas marinating in the fridge. I cheated this time and used some (toxic) Whole Foods bought fried onions. Next time I will cook my own because I found another great video from Rouxbe on how to fry onions. These Rouxbe videos are the best, if I ever decide to take some cooking lessons, it will probably be Rouxbe.

            Speaking of Rouxbe videos, I'm using my cuisinart to make mayonnaise now, and it is so easy and comes out perfect every time. I can have a batch of mayonnaise ready in 3-5 minutes. The most difficult part now is separating the eggs, which is pretty easy.


            • I just found a liver recipe which I need to try. This recipe has so many spices in it, it has to taste good.

              You have to turn your volume up to the maximum to hear this video, and be ready to turn the volume down right at the very end. It's worth it, because this liver looks amazing!


              • I just now got root access to my LG Optimus V android device using Gingerbreak and a USB cable.

                I now actually own my phone for the first time.

                The first thing I will probably do now is install busybox.


                • I have busybox installed and working on my android device now.

                  I also installed Link2SD and removed all my pre-installed bloatware. I now have a ton of free space on my phone's internal memory. Horay!

                  I also installed the android SDK onto my computer and got the emulator running for a JellyBean virtual device. I want to upgrade my Froyo OS to JellyBean.

                  The next step is to learn about recovery methods.


                  • I stubbed my pinky toe on a rock today while walking to the store and now it's all swollen.

                    I have a dozen onions in my kitchen ready to be caramelized.

                    I'm trying to set up a sandbox merchant account on google checkout, but google's site is messed up and it's not letting me register the test account.

                    I've been mulling around in my mind the idea of writing a web based android application. I want to experiment around a bit with android's webview to see what it is capable of. The great thing about web applications is that you can bloat the hell out of them while keeping the installed executable on the cell phone at a minimum size. Most of the code is pulled from the internet and run in JavaScript. However, you need an internet connection to run the application.

                    I still haven't looked into making a recovery partition on my phone yet, but will figure that out soon.


                    • I currently have a dozen onions sauteeing in a pot with some clarified butter and salt. I'm getting really good at slicing onions.


                      • Well my onions are still cooking and they haven't turned brown yet. I think I used too much ghee; I put in about a cup of ghee. The Rouxbe recipe says to only use 3tbsp. I guess I will try with less ghee next time.

                        I have some pasanda curry marinating in the fridge which will be ready to cook in about a half hour. I need to get the onions out. I'll still eat them even if they aren't golden brown.

                        My toe is a little better today, although still swollen. My ring toe next to my pinky toe is a little swollen as well. However, yesterday I was hopping around, today I'm limping around.


                        • I left about a third of the onions in the pot and added a bit more ghee, then put in the pasandas and let that cook for an hour or so on low heat. The pasandas came out much better than last time, and the sauce was much better as well. I think the key was the length of time I spent cooking the onion.


                          • I walked barefoot to the Starbucks this morning and walked past the sheriff who warned me that it was against the law to walk into a business establishment with no shoes on. I questioned him and doubted such a law existed, and he said it was in the health code. Or in other words, the nanny state code.

                            I suppose I could have gone into a big deal about how we live in a police state and tried to determine if this guy was a true patriot or some kind of statist thug. I wonder how many laws there are that they have to enforce. I bet the law book is about forty volumes and could fill an entire shelf.

                            I told the sheriff I'd just use the drive through unless he wanted to give me a pass, and he let me go inside, but told me that next time I'm going to have to wear shoes.

                            I guess next time, I'll just arrive a little bit earlier, or maybe next time I'll sit down with them and talk about statism and get them to go in and buy a coffee for me.


                            • Yesterday I wrote an HTML page which displays a chess board and the initial position of chess pieces. I then wrote some JavaScript to load in a chess position from a FEN[1] string.

                              Below are some code examples. The web page can be seen here.

                              [1] Forsyth_Edwards_Notation

                              var Board = function() {};
                              // Define HTML for chess pieces
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_KING  = "♔";
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_QUEEN = "♕";
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_ROOK  = "♖";
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_BISHOP= "♗";
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_KNIGHT= "♘";
                              Board.prototype.WHITE_PAWN  = "♙";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_KING  = "♚";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_QUEEN = "♛";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_ROOK  = "♜";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_BISHOP= "♝";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_KNIGHT= "♞";
                              Board.prototype.BLACK_PAWN  = "♟";
                              Board.prototype.set = function(square, value) {
                                  document.getElementById(square).innerHTML = value ? value : "";
                              Board.prototype.setByIndex = function(x, y, value) {
                                  this.set("abcdefgh".charAt(x) + y.toString(), value);
                              Board.prototype.get = function(square) {
                                  return document.getElementById(square).innerHTML;
                              var chess = function() {
                                  var fen;
                                  var board = new Board();
                                  return {
                                      resetBoard: function() {
                                          fen = new FEN("rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1");
                                          return fen.populateBoard(board);
                                      clearBoard: function() {
                                          fen = new FEN("8/8/8/8/8/8/8/8 w KQkq - 0 1");
                                          return fen.populateBoard(board);


                              • California is probably worse than Nevada. I did a google search and couldn't find any law that says I can't go into a store barefoot. I think that cop was full of it.