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  • "Fearless" by Pink Floyd into "Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John and back into "Fearless". Performed by Marco Benevento Trio with Dave Dreiwitz from WEEN on Bass and Andrew Borger from Tom Waits and Norah Jones on drums.


    • I tried to make a text version of the coexist bumper sticker, this is the best I could come up with...

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      • Word of the day: dirigiste.

        Dirigiste is when governments use subsidies or economic policy to steer the economy in a certain direction. The word dirigible means to steer.

        The next time a politician talks about running the economy, or managing the economy, or fixing the economy, they are practicing dirigism.

        Dirigism comes from the French word Dirigisme.
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        • I was at the Whole Foods yesterday. They got a bunch of fresh new cherimoyas in, so the guy in the produce section lied to me last time when he said they would not get any more in until September.

          I also mishandled a bottle of TeJava and it smashed on the floor at Whole Foods. oops. I was wearing my Vibrams at the time, and it made me think that I was glad I didn't enter the store barefoot which I was thinking about doing. I've shopped barefoot at Savemart, but never Whole Foods. Now after I've dropped some glass on the floor I guess I should probably wear my Vibrams when shopping on someone else's property.

          I have also posted The Declaration[1] on google docs for my friend Art. I guess he didn't absorb everything I taught him when I was showing him how to upload documents to google docs. I haven't read it yet, but judging from the title it looks like they are trying to use the authority of the UN to get their natural rights back. I think this is the wrong approach. I'd like to talk to William Blair and discuss this with him.

          I found my chess pieces and my throwing knives, so now I'm thinking about heading out to the desert to visit Art. I definitely want to get some throwing knife practice in.

          Also, I stopped by the Savemart yesterday and picked up about 15 bananas which were in a bag and selling for $0.99 since they were over ripe. They didn't even bother charging me the $0.99 so they were free! Now I have about 15 bananas all peeled and broken into pieces in plastic bags in my freezer ready to make ice creams with. Yummy!



          • Originally posted by Sihana
            Your link redirects to Google Drive.

            As for going through the UN, while it may not be the best sounding approach, it may be their best chance if they wish to resolve it quickly. However, they also may not get any chance through the UN because they did not exhaust all the home options. This is about your indian friends, right? I assume the have already petitioned through BIA.
            Hmm, are you saying that you can't see the document at all? The link works for me. I know google docs is going away soon and they are moving over to google drive. Are you seeing the document on google drive or are you just being sent to the google drive home page?

            I'll ask Art about the BIA next time I see him.


            • I signed up for Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom the other day. I started learning about world history today with a video about Mesopotamia which is the earliest known civilization. I learned about Sargon, Gilgamesh, and Hammurabi. I did not learn about Ashurbanipal since he comes later on in history. Today's lecture only covered from 3000BC to 1500BC.

              These history lectures at the Liberty Classroom are very interesting. I used to find history extremely boring when I was in high school, but these are real history lessons from the greatest history professors. This is the kind of history you will never learn at any state run school.


              • I just got back from visiting a friend of mine who is a Rathore[1]. He is a master Sitar player who was trained by Imrat Khan[2].

                I need to set up a phone number with Google Voice and get Asterisk[3] installed, then I can dump that piece of crap Skype.

                [1] Rathore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
                [2] Ustad Imrat Khan: The Poet of Sitar & Surbahar
                [3] Asterisk- The Open Source Telephony Projects | Asterisk


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                  • I just checked out a local Indian grocery store to pick up some spices. Specifically, the Kofta Curry Mix by Shan to make some meatballs. The grocery store had all kinds of yummy looking chutneys and relishes and other delicious looking items. They also had gallon jugs of a yogurt drink, and some exotic meat like goat meat which I want to try. I'm going to try my hand at making some of these meatballs, but the recipe looks kind of complicated.

                    I really love Indian food, I hope I can learn how to prepare it well. I enjoyed my visit to the Indian market, I will definitely have to return. I liked the woman at the checkout counter, I wonder if she would be interested in being friends with me.

                    I should look around for an Asian market and see what there is to find there. As well as a farmer's market. So much on my to do list.

                    I'm also starting some contracting work on the side right now. Just one client for now, but I can start making some good money with a half dozen or so clients. However, I want to get comfortable working with one client before adding another.


                    • I tried the Kofta Curry meatballs and they turned out okay, but I did not make them perfectly. My friend's wife can make the sauce just perfect, I'm going to need some more practice. My sauce turned out too oily. I'm not sure what caused that, perhaps too much oil or not enough yogurt. I did not expect perfection on my first try though. Perhaps it will turn out better next time.

                      Boy am I full though!


                      • I tried the Kofta Curry again and it's still not coming out the way I like it, I think this time I added too much water. I wonder if my friend's wife prepares it differently than the instructions on the package. I watched about a half dozen or so videos on YouTube on how to make different kinds of Kofta Curries and I picked up a few pointers, so maybe the next time it will turn out better. I also reduced the recipe in half this time.


                        • I finally got the contract signed with my first client today and I started working on his website this afternoon. It was a fairly productive afternoon, I think within a couple of weeks time I should be comfortable enough with this client to go ahead and start looking for a second client. If I can get a dozen or two client all asking me for part time work, I think I can pull in some pretty good money.

                          I have all around experience, so I know how to solve problems most other people don't. For example today there were web links which go from an insecure http connection to a secured https connection. The links were hard coded as absolute URIs instead of relative URIs, because whoever wrote the code didn't know how to make a relative URI go from http to https. Fortunately, I know how to fix this using mod_rewrite and .htaccess files so that https will automatically be used when going to the cgi-bin directory, thus allowing me to use a relative URI in the HTML code.

                          I have a feeling namelesswonder is probably going to be the only one who understands that.


                          • I've almost got my first assignment complete with my first client. He said he's been waiting six months to have this work done. I learned today that my client is the father of the woman I sat next to at the GOP national convention this year and in 2008. I didn't tell him I know his daughter yet though. I also used to work with his son. It's a small world.

                            Spices are good. When I make these meatballs with this Shan spice mix, I'm getting tons of different spices and I always feel really good afterwards. I need to start trying some other Shan recipes. I've got a kabab marinade which I want to try next.


                            • Word of the day: pelf.

                              Noun:Money, esp. when gained in a dishonest or dishonorable way.


                              • I got my new phone working. Now I can finally get rid of this $30/yr. Skype crap.

                                Now I can make and receive phone calls right out of my e-mail, it also records messages for me.

                                The coolest part is that my new phone number spells out the word hottie.