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  • Originally posted by Sihana
    Interesting video; makes me ashamed of my poor mathematical skills.

    In the video, it appeared that the electron was aware of being observed. The physicist were reminded of the same effect appearing in humans when they are aware. In an attempt to not overload my mind with possibilities, I would like to know your thoughts on this.

    Do you think the electron really can tell it is being observed, or is it more a case of the placing of the matter on this plane? Perhaps both? I would like to see them try to move the camera in many different spots around the room and see if the result is the same a great majority of the time.

    In regards to the cycling of the universe, it would certainly give credence to the reincarnation beliefs, albeit in different form. We humans have a fascination with the cycle of life, and while we cannot prove animals think about such things, nature seems intended on continuing that cycle any way possible. The question is, are we looking for a cycling universe because we hold some innate feeling that life will go on no matter what, in any way shape, or form? Or are we instead just grasping at straws because we cannot come to grips with our end?

    Also, thanks for the post about mayo. Maybe this recipe will be the one to taste right.
    The electrons aren't aware, but observing the electrons will alter their behavior. The stream of electrons are initially a wave of potentials and only become particles once observed. It doesn't matter where the camera is placed, as long as it is possible to determine the path of the electrons, they will convert from a wave of potentials to particles at that instant. As soon as you are unable to determine the path of the electrons, they go back to becoming a wave of potentials.

    My theory about the universe collapsing in on itself comes from the fact that the Andromeda galaxy is falling towards the Milky Way and our local group of galaxies is falling towards the Virgo cluster which is falling towards the Virgo supercluster which is falling towards The Great Attractor.

    As well, gravity is still not very well understood even with Einstein's equations. Scientists cannot even explain how stars rotate around in galaxies. Stars on the outer edge of the galaxy will rotate around the galaxy at the same speed as stars towards the center of the galaxy. This is in direct contradiction with how planets rotate around the sun. The outermost planets always rotate around the sun slower than the innermost planets. However, when it comes to stars rotating around the galaxy, they all rotate at the same speed like spokes on a bike wheel. To make this fit into our current equations, we have to make up non-existent stuff we call dark matter. For years people have been searching for this non-existent dark matter because they are so sure that their equations are correct therefore it must exist.

    I have my own theories on gravity which is why I think the universe will eventually collapse in on itself. Also the universe is not homogeneous meaning that there is an even distribution of stars throughout the universe. In fact there are vast sections of empty space and clusters of matter. When light travels through space it gives an illusion that the universe is expanding when it actually is not.


    • One of my favorite bands, The String Cheese Incident, is fighting back against Ticketmaster.


      • I just ate my first cherimoya fruit and it was the best fruit I've ever had. Total mouthgasm. I'm not sure if you are supposed to eat the skin, so I just ate the inside. Thanks to Dara Dubinet for turning me on to these.


        • Today I drove out to the middle of nowhere to check out my friend's new place. I can't remember how to get there, but it's several miles out in the desert. There are some old abandoned gold mines out there. The garmin in my car just showed a blank screen and me driving East. Next time I will bring a water bottle and some sun screen. I did some prospecting (hiking) while I was there and spent a lot of time in the sun, but the sun was not too bad and I did not get a sun burn. The ground was surprisingly moist and there are a lot of trees and vegetation in the area.

          If things ever get to Mad Max stage when the SHTF, I know where I'm heading. My friend was talking about going on a spiritual journey which I might do with him one day. He is the dathomu of the Washo Indian tribe, which is their spiritual leader. Today he showed me a picture of Sitting Bull along with some other Indians who were delegates speaking on behalf of the Lakota tribe. This was around the time of General Custer.

          I also learned what kind of plant I can use in that desert area to make tea with to cure colds. My friend teaches me all the Indian names of the trees and plants, but it's hard to remember all the words. In the Washo Indian language, the word millow means friend.


          • Today I went out for an extra long walk in the middle of the day and I ended up getting burned on the back of my neck. I may have also slightly burned the back of my legs too, but they don't hurt as much as my neck.

            I guess no more going out in the middle of the day for me. I was feeling over confident after being out in the desert yesterday for hours without getting burned.


            • Originally posted by Sihana
              Your posts on the Washo Indian's and shamanism has provided me some nice afternoon reading for a couple of days, but I am quite curious as to why you are doing this. What compelled you to study shamanism?
              Just meeting my friend Art and having the opportunity to learn about it. I put together a web site for the Washo tribe a while back, but it's no longer up. (The difference between the Washo and the Washoe is that the Washoe have been corrupted by our government.)

              Art knows a great deal about plants and their medicinal properties and I just find it an interesting subject to learn about. When I talked to him the other day he said he is willing to take me to the next level on learning how to become a shaman and offered to take me on a spiritual journey. I've tried some of their dot'za root, but never in large quantities.

              My friend Art is in this video here which I took down at his request a while back. I have the full video on YouTube and I want to try and monetize it, I'll have to see if I can get permission, but anyway, check out this video.


              • Originally posted by Sihana
                Fascinating. Really, truly. Your friend is a great storyteller. He is concise and methodically slow in his speech, and he is very descriptive when he needs to be. You did well in the timing and placement of pictures/film, in my opinion. You added imagery without defining it completely, letting me imagine the rest of the details left out. Good job. Please post if you do monetize it and sell it.

                How was the Washoe tribe corrupted? I did a quick search, and at first I could not tell that I was reading about Indian tribe corruption. I thought I was reading news from Sacramento.
                Oh, I didn't make the video, I just posted it up on YouTube for him. I doubt I could make much money from the video on YouTube, but any money I did make I would give to Art. We had the video up for a while and it got about 1000 views or so. Adding the ad is really just practice for me to learn how to put an ad on a video.

                There is a big division within the Washoe tribe, the Washo are kind of like the libertarian wing of the Washoe. A lot of fighting about who should be leading the tribe. If you ever met Art, you'd see he is a natural leader. Very charismatic. When I first met him I thought he was a politician or something. I'm currently helping him learn to use google docs so he can put some pdfs up on the internet which should be interesting reading for some people here.

                The Washo people do not live on a reservation like the Paiute. I've met several Paiute and several Washo and the difference between the two is like night and day. The Washo are totally peaceful and the Paiute are more aggressive warrior types. The Washeshu (which means Washo people) are very enlightened and all go through spiritual ceremonies.
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                • My friend Art unexpectedly showed up today and so I spent the morning cleaning up the kitchen and preparing some food while talking to my friend about things. I put on some tea and started making some medium boiled eggs while cleaning. The eggs turned out perfectly and Art liked how creamy the center was, like a Cadbury egg he said. Living in the desert, Art went to use my shower which was probably the first shower he has had in a few weeks, hehehe. In the meantime I started making some mayonnaise and put some bone marrow in the oven. After he was refreshed, I cooked up the egg whites and topped them with the bone marrow and some salt and pepper and a sprig of cilantro. I then finished up by making my famous broccoli salad.

                  I then showed him how to upload a pdf file[1] to google docs and link to it on blogspot.[2] The picture on the site is of my friend Art along with another friend of his who is working with the Lakota tribe in South Dakota. I can't believe how many pictures and movies my friend has. We will be putting up more to YouTube soon for sure. I remember seeing close up pictures of bears and buffalo and prairie dogs in the South Dakota area and some Lakota indians as well.

                  [2] Read The Declaration - Identity Theft


                  • This is approximately where my friend lives. Next time I go see him, I'm supposed to find him on my own.



                    Before I attempt to drive there, I will make one last post on this journal letting people know that I'm about to drive off into the middle of the desert and there is a good chance I will get lost forever.


                    • Originally posted by Sihana
                      Don't die and bring a mag light.
                      heheh. There are some old abandoned gold mines out there so I was thinking about bringing a helmet light, but the mines are fenced up for now to keep people out. But I also have an emergency light or two in my car (I come prepared). When the SHTF, you will be able to find me there in the middle of the desert away from everyone else.

                      I might head down there soon and camp out, it's a pretty cool place. He said the sky is so clear you can see UFOs flying in space. He also mentioned having some dot'za root which you can make tea with and it will keep you from getting bored if you know what I mean.

                      I also forgot to mention we got some snow and hail this morning. It was really amazing to see snow in Reno in late May.


                      • Art showed up again today and I made some scrambled eggs with shitake mushrooms and kale and greens and garlic and some shredded cheese blend along with some bacon which I bought at Whole Foods last night. Speaking of Whole Foods, I picked up a couple of more cherimoya fruits, it only cost $12 for two of them. They aren't fully ripened yet. I'm going to try putting one in the freezer and eating like ice cream.

                        Anyway, the chief of the Blackfoot tribe in Montana called while I was making food which I thought was pretty interesting. Art was telling me how he has to constantly remind them that they are above all the lawyers and politicians.

                        We put up another article on the blogspot blog today about the Buffalo in South Dakota.[1]

                        [1] Read The Declaration - Identity Theft


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                          • I made some cherimoya ice cream yesterday with the cherimoya I put in my freezer by blending the frozen cherimoya with some heavy cream. I suggest waiting a couple of minutes for the cherimoya to thaw slightly before blending, but I could not wait five minutes and I blended mine totally frozen solid. It was incredibly delicious and the texture was amazing, however I think the cream overpowered some of the subtle cherimoya flavors. I'd recommend you try it yourself and see what you think if you have the opportunity. It beats a frozen banana ice cream any day of the week, but I think I'd rather just eat the fruit plain given how much they cost.

                            I paid off the doctor and the nurse, but I still have to pay off the hospital. I've transferred some cash into my checking account. I recall someone here posting that Jesus taught to acquiesce to theft. It is a difficult thing to do. Especially if you have to write the check out to the thief.

                            This government and all the fascist industries it is in bed with need to come to an end. Change needs to happen NOW!!

                            Greece is holding elections in a couple of weeks. I am predicting that they will vote themselves out of the Euro zone and that will send shock waves throughout the global financial industry which will give central banks an excuse to inflate the money supply which is code for steal from the poor and bail out to the rich.


                            • Someone suggested I try making my mayonnaise by pouring the oil through the tiny hole in the stopper of my cuisinart, so I tried that yesterday and it worked out pretty well. It was a lot less labor intensive, but not quite as fun.

                              When Art was last over here, he walked off with my old pair of Vibrams on. I usually end up giving him something every time I see him. I figure it is my payment for living on his land. I'm probably also one of the few people he really trusts.

                              I went to the Whole Foods today and the guy in the produce section said I had just missed the last cherimoya and they probably would not get any more in until at least September.


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