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    Not sure how to start this. I've been trying Primal off and on for a few weeks, but can't quite make it stick yet. I do love how I feel when I'm eating clean, but as a stress eater I reach too often for the old comfort foods that are usually high carb. I'm getting a little more impetus to be better from the symptoms of my Leaky Gut Syndrome (fun!). Since I started trying to eat Primal, I've noticed that when I do veer off course, my body's reaction is more intense than it was before. So that's causing me to want to eat clean more often.

    I guess I sometimes feel a little deprived. Like take last night, for instance. We had a campfire in our new firepit. We had bacon-wrapped hot dogs in buns (yes, I could have just not had the bun) and we had s'mores. How do you have a replacement for that?

    The scale has not moved for a couple of months. However, I have been working out hard 3 times a week with a personal trainer. I don't do cardio (thank goodness...I hate that crap!). He has me do a variety of things and I am often lifting, which I love. I can tell that my clothes are fitting a little better and someone at church yesterday said they could tell I was "losing weight". So that helps me feel a bit better when the scale is camped out at one number!

    Here's what I love about Primal so far:
    • I can eat lots of eggs and I love eggs! Especially over easy.
    • I don't have to feel like I'm drowning in water all day because I only drink when I'm thirsty. No more "forcing" water.
    • I love that the focus is not on cardio. Hate cardio. Love sprinting.

    Here's what I'm struggling with:
    • Bored with breakfast. I love carbs for breakfast and I especially miss oatmeal.
    • I'm a sugar addict, so it's hard for me to go without sweets when they are around.
    • I love bread. Like, a lot. Especially homemade bread. Okay, I have to stop talking about bread.
    • I need to find more recipes to have variety but I'm pressed for time so I end up eating boring Primal foods (need to get more creative).

    To battle the sweets issue, I keep a bar of Lindt 70% dark chocolate in my purse or my dresser. I take one square and break off the tiniest pieces I can and eat each piece very slowly. I don't know that this is 100% "legal" but it works for me. And I've found that my taste buds have adjusted to darker chocolate and eating milk chocolate is no longer satisfying.

    Should I give more info about me? Probably. Here's some stuff about me:
    • I'm 45 and next year will be my 25th wedding anniversary.
    • I have 5 children. My oldest is getting married in December. Youngest is 7.
    • I've been overweight my whole life, it seems. Remember dieting for the first time at age 11 when I tried my sister's BF's diet---water and dry toast for breakfast. That diet lasted about, oh, two bites.
    • I've tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, L.A. Weight Loss, Medi Weight Loss, fen-phen, phentermine, Slim Fast, The Cabbage Soup Diet, and who knows how many other magazine-clipped or Pinterest pinned plans.
    • I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut Syndrome about a year and a half ago. Lost 25 pounds in 3 months as I eliminated about 30 foods from my diet temporarily. But I was told I would probably have to eliminate wheat and dairy forever. Trying to experiment with how much dairy I can handle on Primal.
    • One of my biggest fears is that I will never be able to achieve my fitness goal of being at an ideal weight for my body.

    I'm sure I could add more, but I gotta go shower and get some stuff done.

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    Day 1

    WOD--boot camp with my trainer

    2 eggs over easy, cooked in cast iron skillet with a little bacon grease
    4 ounce slow-cooked flank steak
    cholula sauce

    3 ounces roasted chicken with 2 tbsp homemade ranch and some cholula sauce
    1/2 of an English cuke
    8 grape tomatoes
    2 Tbsp. feta, crumbled
    red wine vinegar

    5.5 ounce steak

    1 Tbsp. heavy cream
    3 squares Lindt 70% dark chocolate
    17 raw almonds
    1/4 cup fresh raspberries
    2 Tbsp. homemade fudge (ugh!)
    6 potato chips (ugh again)

    I really need to eat more veggies!!!!!!!! We don't normally have chips or fudge in the house.
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      Welcome to the land of journals. I have found mine very helpful to keep accountable and to know I am not alone out here in my struggles for health and fitness. It sounds like you're doing great. Keep going, one day at a time we get places we didn't know were possible!
      This is my journal page!

      My life's work:

      "Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right!" The Grateful Dead


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        Hi Cricketleg, and welcome!

        Ugh - bread is a challenge, isn't it? For me it was toast with my morning eggs. I knew that in order to successfully give it up, I had to figure out something else I could eat that would satisfy my need for a little morning carbi-ness... I work out in the morning and like some carbs then. I settled on potatoes as I like them, there was the benefit of resistant starch, and they offered the carbs I wanted. The point is figuring out the alternative in advance helped a lot.

        As much as possible, control your home environment by not bringing stuff home. You have kids so I know that makes it harder, but consider that the changes you are making would benefit them as well. Teach them young not to eat SAD, they will be healthier in the long run for it.

        I find it helps to tell myself "I don't eat that" rather than "I can't eat that". So much better to feel empowered and in charge!

        Anyway, best to you!

        "Nonspecific strength gains have to be converted into real improvements in athletic performance or they are not useful."
        - Training for the New Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnston

        Primal Journal: Hmm, I'll take this path...


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          Day 2

          Thanks for the welcome, y'all! And the ideas. Love the potato suggestion. I, too, want carbs in the morning.

          protein shake with:
          1 scoop whey powder
          1 cup almond milk
          1 frozen banana
          1 Tbsp. peanut butter (I know!)
          2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut

          WOD: 1.5 mile walk with my husband
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