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  • Primal Challenge Journal James Ryan

    Hi all, down 35 pounds, have been following the primal blueprint pretty well. These 30 days will consist of focus on weaknesses. I need more WODs, less alcohol. I have a couple of drinks every day, sometimes more. Not good. I generally have two days of crossfit, and a third minor. Amazing the progress that I have made so far, given how little I have done, and the poison in my system. For starters, no drinks Mon-Wed. Fri-Sat will be 1 drink. This won't be easy, but it's honest, and a goal.

    Also, more consistency in how primal my eating is (more grass-fed, etc.)

    Breakfast was grass fed filet, onions, two eggs, and mango. coffee

    Lunch was zucchini, backed chicken, and salad with some papaya in it.

    So tonight has to be good food, will try JT WOD tonight, and no drinks!

    PLEASE if anyone has any advice, ideas, or words of support, I'd be grateful. THANKS!

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    Here are the resuls for day 1:

    Food: Grass-fed filet, two eggs, grilled onions, and mango for breakfast. coffee and just a little milk.

    Lunch - baked chicken, almont cabbage and papaya salad, zucchini with sesame seeds and light light percorino.

    Dinner - Grilled chilean sea bass, salad with homemade dijon vinaigrette.

    Food is not perfect but pretty darn good if you ask me. Light milk, and a hin of pecorino are the only party fouls, some might say eggs but I am on track foodwise..if anyone disagrees I really want to know

    NO BOOZE. Great night.

    I did TJ, but piked handstand presses..have a looong way to go there, but trust me they hurt

    ring pushups. They were awesome. All right in the backyard while the grill was getting going.

    See you tomorrow!


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      Looks like a great day and night!

      30 days of goodness, walk in the park for you

      Good luck and let's have some fun!



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        Yeah, alcohol's going to be rough for me and my husband, too. Today we considered ourselves a success having two drinks apiece (it's usually way more). Tomorrow...NONE. We can do this!


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          Challenge day 2: Remaining primal! I worked out, pullups, deadlifts ring dips. I ate the best lamb chops around, with salad. I did NOT have a drink. I wanted a beer at least while I was grilling in the WORST way. Tired. If I can get more sleep tonight, I'll touch em all!


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            Breakfast - lamb chops, mango, blueberry, raspberry. that will be the only sugar that I drink all day.

            Lunch - backed chicken, broccoli in olive oil and garlic, and a great salad too.

            very tired today, don't want to workout, but I will do it!


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              anybody have any advice around how to get more sleep? Still struggling with this. 3 kids one is newborn. I get home, get charcoal going, workout out, make dinner, put kids down...Daddy needs some downtime! next think I know, it's 10:30, and I have to get up at 5. Realistic goal would be to start by turning in at 9:30. Sounds silly to ask, but I am all ears for ideas...I know that I need to sleep more.


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                Considering your busy-dad schedule I'd say you are doing great! Your meat chioces sound delish!

                CrossFit is the bomb, but you might try yoga a few days a week as well. It might help with decompression and keep the alcohol at bay. As for may just have to ride it out for the time being with three little ones. I'm pretty sure Grok was sleep deprived when there were babies in the cave



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                  thanks for the advice! been trying a little meditation...I'd love to do yoga, if I could somehow find the time, but I don't know when I would do it


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                    Healthy dinner last night. Primal eating has been strong, my challenge is to, at the margin, be more consistent with grass-fed.

                    My bigger issues are more wods, more sleep, less booze.

                    I had zero drinks Mon and Tues, last night, I had ONE. ONE drink. I set aggressive goals for myself, but I know that they are aggressive, and therefore I view this as one minor step back in a larger step forward, part of the process.

                    Same for WODs. I did not get any sleep two nights ago, and everything hurt. I took a rest day. I am still sore this morning, so couldn't be the worst thing. I did get a very good night sleep!

                    Client entertaining tonight. I will workout FRI SAT SUN!


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                      Update: I have in fact been doing more wods, as described. I also continue to eat quite well and even more grass fed at the margin, as well as more substantial veggies, more asparagus and broccoli, not just salads.

                      The two goals that I am happiest about so far, however, are less alcohol, and more sleep. On Sunday I did have a beer and two margeritas, that's as excessive as it's gotten, and many nights are either zero, or one beer. Rome wasn't built in a day, this is great progress for me.

                      The best part, however, is the sleep! As a chronic sleep abuser, I don't think that I realized how deebilatating sleep deprivation is. I am going to bed on average over an hour earlier. Friday night, kids were away, I slept for 13 hours! yes, 13 hours! Last night, I got 8 hours. I feel great!

                      I am going to tack on another goal as long as we are here. More metcon, not just more workouts. I failed miserably on the 800 meter runs last night, but it was a success in that it clearly exposed to me a large flaw in the diversity of my training, and it gives me an opportunity to see vast improvement if I put my mind to it!

                      I am looking forward to a great day, I hope that all of you are too, good luck with your goals!


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                        OK food yesterday was all primal as usual, you can check out dinner and picture on twitter, jimmyr72.

                        Last night did great shoulder work, presses, push presses, push jerk. I weigh 190 and that was my heaviest push jerk last night. For me that's heavy. I need to work on form, I know I can go heavier with good form.

                        I did not hit my sleep goal last night, but the alcohol remains in check. It's hard to get them all right at the same time, but one thing is indisputable. This challenge is moving me forward, and helping me to be the best that I can be!

                        I love it! have a great day!


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                          Sounds GREAT!

                          Love that attitude too