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OK Grok, I think I'm ready now

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  • OK Grok, I think I'm ready now

    I'm a newbie in the research stage, looking at everything, going omg every five minutes.

    Ordered steak as my meal at the office Christmas party - looking ahead.

    I've been on an alkaline diet for a while due to a remark made by someone looking at my blood tests 'I bet your liver is dried up like an old boot' and getting a real wake up call being ill recently.

    Cut to the chase here - I'm addicted to bread. There it is. Out in the Open.

    I have a horse and ride every day, I should not be this size and aching like an old woman in the morning.

    I need to do something and here, belatedly, am I.

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    Well, we're glad you're here. Bread is a hard addiction to give up. I think giving up bread and cereal grains is one big hurdle that keeps many from adopting a primal diet. When I managed to do it, I was amazed with the changes. If you're reluctant to make a full break yet, then try transitioning to traditionally prepared sour dough or sprouted ancient grain varieties. There are a number of gluten free choices that will provide some, if not full, benefits. Once you realize some benefits, you may be encouraged to go for more. Let us know how it goes.
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      Primal Blueprint Shopping List | Mark's Daily Apple


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        Thank you both for the welcome

        I have found a bakery here that makes rye bread and spelt bread. When I went last week to get some last week someone had cleared the shelves which I took as yet another sign!!!

        A year ago I did a full month on an elimination diet and no alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, processed foods or dairy. When I reintroduced what I had been craving - greek yoghurt and cheese - I was sick as a dog. I've tried the goat variety and seem to be ok. I can give up the demon carb, I just need to get past that first week.

        I think what I'm trying to say is that I know I can do it, I just haven't been motivated enough and now I am.


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          I'm reading the tips - keep your bedroom as dark as possible, but wake with the morning light.... hmmm... so should i get up about 4am and open the curtains? confused dot com


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            Hi Helen, you are right the first week can be a bear but if you tough it out it is worth it. The whole sleeping until the sun wakes you is a nice idea but those of us required to get our kids to school by a certain time or to our jobs still mainly rely on alarm clocks. LOL. I do try to keep my bedroom as dark as possible because I do sleep better that way.

            “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
            ― Hippocrates


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              Haha, yes, a MDA curtain timer is what we need!

              I keep the room darkened but still wake up naturally at the same time now every morning (provided I've gone to bed on time) and then make sure I get bright light as soon after waking up as possible. So that's one compromise I guess.

              Good luck Helen! Fellow bread addict here so I know how hard it is. I do eat sourdough now and then.

              Horseriding every day must be amazing! I also imagine you are riding on the beach, are you?
              Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


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                Thank you for responding - its hard because I've been on an alkaline diet and lots of the things I was eating are now off the menu, thanks to all the newbie advice and shopping lists on the other threads. I had actually started to LIKE almond milk. Please dont tell anyone!!!

                It's dark here now at 7am so the bedroom is dark anyway, no chance of rising to greet the sun here!! It does work. I'm just chuntering like a hibernating bear at the moment! Apologies.

                Bread. feels like a love affair thats broken up right now :-)

                Its funny, we've had a wonderful summer this year and have only been to the beach once... Memo to self - get out there and get the sand between your toes!!! Its a bit cold though!!!


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                  I noticed this morning how much bigger the pile of chocolates and treats are in my office, now that I'm not eating them.

                  finding the breakfast thing hard to get organised. but I will get there.

                  avocados and coconut oil are my new buddies


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                    oh fell off the wagon - pizza - but even worse feel rotten with hay fever type symptoms today. Its only been a full week, can it really be that fast? Anyway, pick myself up etc etc go search for some proper food. shit happens.


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                      Oh yes, don't worry about it, just back to eating good food, and the long term cumulative changes are what really matters.

                      Well done on getting through the first week! Cheering you on for the second. :-)
                      Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


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                        I get up at 530, and what I do, which is kind of cheating, and I don't know if it helps, but what I do is turn on the lights as soon as I get up, and if I want to snooze for ten minutes, that's fine. I almost always, probably 99% of the time, feel better and more awake.

                        I really need to fashion a "morning light" set on a timer for an alarm clock.

                        I think most of the bread addiction is comfort or function. There's definitely some crazy gluteomorphine stuff going on, but if you can fill the comfort spot and function of bread with good food, you'll be fine. Definitely, if you're not already, start introducing nutrient dense foods into your diet, as that will really help with cravings and overall health. Things like fatty fish, homemade soup (made with homemade stock), those are the easy ones. Get those, and eventually you'll crave them and all their nutrients.


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                          Measured myself today. Don't do weight scales. I have lost an inch off my waist, hips and thighs which is awesome. But gained an inch on my bust where I definitely don't need it :-))) my body appears to be morphing. My calf is resolutely staying the same as if they know this is where I need to lose inches to get in my boots this winter.


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                            my birthday yesterday - almost everything I ate was Paleo - I did some lifting, and I rode my horse for 2 hours in a different plantation, so peaceful in the trees and then awesome views to the sea, a lovely day. Was given some 75% chocolate for my birthday, so people are listening to me after all.


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                              Happy Birthday Helen, and what a lovely way to spend it.
                              Annie Ups the Ante