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  • Primal Challenge Journal-KJAKE55

    Restating my goals for my challenge journal:

    1-cut out sweetners (splenda, etc)

    2-reduce carbs to a minimum

    3-return to a morning warm-up routine on my off days (days I'm not going to crossfit)

    4-feel good about myself even though there are still some bags, pockets and dimples.

    5-lose some weight & tighten up

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    Monday 8/3/09

    B:1 scram egg, chicken breast, berry/almonds, 2 coffee w/HC only--no sweetner (working on those goals)

    S:HB egg, sauteed cherries..(I eat when I'm stressed and Monday fom the minute I walked into work was huge stress-I recognize the problem but I have to learn to control it better. Part of the solution is to recognize it while it's happening and not in hind sight like this)

    L:4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken & SDT dressing, plum

    D@ Provisios)Salad w/sliced mellon, goat cheese & pine nuts, grilled salmon over brocoli rabe & sauteed veggies,2 Zinfindel, 1 cappuccino

    Dessertafter the show):rasberry truffle lattee

    No workout today


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      Tuesday 8/4/09

      B:HB egg, chicken breast, almond/berry, 1 coffee w/HC

      S:More stress eating..HB egg, plum, 1/3 cup walnuts

      L:4 cups salad w. 1/2 cup chicken & RWV dressing

      S:celery w/almond butter

      Pre W/O: Prograde w 8oz. water

      D:2 slices roast beef, 12 cherries, salad w/chicken, sunflower seeds & SDT dressing

      Crossfit WOD: front squats w/KB 3x5 (3@25x5), ring pushups 3x6(BW), 1-arm rows 3x6 (1@25-1@35-1@35x10), back extensions 3x6 (BW), 4 sets of 25/50/25 runs

      Today's quoteto help me achieve goal #4):You can't cross the Grand Canyon in two steps-sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself!