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  • This Is Just A Journal (Lente)

    Yesterday I sprinted for the first time in ages and wow...that was something. I managed two 10 second runs. That's it, I was beat after that and today I'm still feeling it. I'm pleased however, the minor discomfort tells me my body really had and has to do some work and that's pretty amazing considering how short the exercise was. I will be doing this more often and I'm curious what the results will be.

    I was doing this in the local "forest" and nobody was around. Perfect condition for looking silly and I think I looked silly suddenly sprinting like a bear was chasing me and then stopping after just a few seconds.

    I remember I used to hate sprinting, we had to do it in school. I actually hated all mandatory exercise at school. I regret now that I didn't make more of an effort then. All these years being out of shape haven't made my life any better. Luckily this is all changing now.

    Oh and I ordered a 16 KG Kettle bell. Looking forward to using it.

    Well, that's it, my first journal post. Hope it wasn't to boring. Hope even more that someone will read this. Even more hope goes toward hoping someone will say something nice to me.
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    I have got my kettle-bell and I'm loving it. It gives me a real good workout in short amount of time. And there is just something about trowing a big heavy ball around that is very satisfying. I'm having some trouble doing a clean and press, but that's just a matter of getting stronger. For now I just swing it around and do a press with two arms. (well, really one arm with some support of the other) I'm hope that I will be seeing some muscle tone appear soon.


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