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  • Primal Challenge Journal (sakecat22)

    My Primal Challenge goals:

    - Long term goal is to get the fat% down to 25%. If I can get it down a few more percentage points over the course of this 30 day cycle, I will be happy. Currently at 32.2%

    - Sleep better

    - Stress (a LOT) less

    I started cutting back the grains, potatoes and coffee a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to benchmark.

    Starting CrossFit in June really hit the need for good nutrition home.

    Keeping track of my food and activity using

    I've been looking forward to this since last month. Can't wait to get started!

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    Challenges from 2 weeks of reducing grains, coffee, sugar and alcohol:

    I find myself missing:

    - Vietnamese Pho

    - Tortillas (especially well-made corn tortillas)

    - Rice

    Interested to find myself NOT missing:

    - bread

    - potatoes

    - pasta (other than the noodles in the aforementioned Pho)

    - oatmeal

    - crackers

    - cakes

    Coffee has been touch and go. Went through a few days of very high stress where people gave me coffee to help me "feel bettter." I LOVE coffee, it doesn't love me. Been replacing it most days with Green Tea.

    Sugar is a bit of a tricky nut too. Black tea with milk and sugar is a definite weakness.

    I also found with my carb reduction a strong desire for Klondike bars.

    Alcohol is even trickier. I didn't realize how much I was drinking until I saw it baldly stated in the FitDay journal. And those 2 weeks, I was "taking it easy." Yikes!!!!

    So I'm hoping that the community and feedback here will help me fine-tune some of these habits and ease further into the "Primal Lifestyle."

    I look forward to chatting with you as we move on this journey together.


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      Breakfast - almonds, blueberries, a large pear, herbal tea with 1/2 tsp sugar. Not quite primal.

      I may have yanked my right oblique sometime Saturday or Sunday. Probably a result of lots of ab-work the week prior + 3 days worth of bowling + going for a personal best in the back-squat (which may have been the final straw). Made it twice at 95 lbs. Fell back on the third. Haven't felt the same since.

      Body is telling me to rest.

      Got a fantastic night's sleep last night. A solid 9 hours.

      Still hankering for a big ol' bowl of vietnamese noodle soup.


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        Some sleep last night - 5 solid hours + a fitful 2 more.

        Don't feel super-tired, but it may catch up with me later.

        Did morning CrossFit workout.

        Lift heavy - 5 reps each 95 / 115 / 125

        Sprint - 50 burpees

        The oblique feels MUCH better.

        My Kool-Aid + Emergen-C blend - NOT primal.

        Eggs, bacon, apple, green tea - primal.

        Today's planned lunch - chicken breast, tomatoes, avocado seasoned with lime....erm, not sure whether the tomatoes are primal or not.


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          HUGE carb craving this afternoon.

          Want the Baby Ruths and Starburst in the "snack cabinet." Bad.

          Wound up eating - almonds.

          Took the edge off. Along with the sweetness from the SoBe Lifewater that is ostensibly naturally sweetened (natural being a very rough word for what's in here). Primal? Lower carbs? Yeah.

          Houston....we have some work to do.


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            Gave into the carb craving yesterday. 1 beautifully made fresh corn tamale + 1 margarita. The margaritas from the mexican joint the SO and I ate at last night are usually much better made and taste better. This one was too sweet. And a bit slapdash.

            Note to self - if you are going to "cheat" , cheat with the good stuff. Beautifully made, tamale with huge corn flavor and perfect texture -yes. Super sweet margarita (that should have been frozen) on ice with salt - no.


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              Doing better with Primal today.

              Ceviche (seafood, onions and chiles in lime juice) and farmers market peaches with green tea for breakfast.

              Chicken with tomatoes and avocado for lunch.

              Carrots with sunflower seed butter (which, I'm hearing, may or may not be a good thing) for snacking).

              Stopped by the Trader Joe's to pick up some dried fruit (pears and a cranberry/berry/pomegranate blend). No extra sulfur or sugar. Hopefully, that will assuage the evil sweet tooth.


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                Still doing OK - primal wise.

                The moo shu from the chinese place - not the MOST primal, but pork and cabbage. No pancakes. The fat used may be questionable.

                Getting ready to go on vacation. A real test of the changes I've made since we are going with a bunch of other folks on a houseboat. Fortunately, one of the couples has been doing South Beach recently. And we have fish (that we will hopefully catch) on the menu for Tuesday (with some home-grown veggies).

                Could be an interesting experiment.


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                  Went on vacation. Knew I would not be keeping food primal during it. Focused more on sleep, anti-stress and play. All worked well.

                  Had some yummy meals that were easily primal - particularly Tuesday night

                  - Striped bass we caught ourselves.

                  - Tomatoes from a friend's garden

                  - Roasted peppers

                  Lots of meat.

                  Unfortunately, also had LOTS of carbs - particularly of the alcoholic variety.

                  Got ample sleep once we got on the houseboat.

                  Lots of low level constant activity (golf, lots and lots of swimming, fishing, boating....)

                  Time with friends.

                  Lots of play.

                  The other important part of the Primal lifestyle.

                  My next task for this week - get back on the wagon with the carb reduction - especially the processed grains, white potatoes and sugar.


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                    One of the more interesting things I noticed while I was on vacation - my sweet tooth had been recalibrated. Things that I wouldn't have flinched at (Arby's Jamoca shake, Lucky Charms, peanut brittle) seemed intolerably sweet to me. The jamoca shake also didn't sit terribly well. This is all a good sign and is making it much easier to get back on the wagon.

                    Today - eggs, yogurt, fruits, fish, tea and lots of water.

                    Tomorrow - if all goes well, back to the workout.


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                      Started working out again - Crossfit-style.

                      Sunday - discovered I lost some strength in my squat during the snatch exercises. I suspect it was a result of eating a lot of junk.

                      Today - did another Crossfit workout with bodyweight. It may take me a few more sessions to get back in the swing of things with the high intensity exercise.

                      Still sleeping more soundly.

                      Also found it MUCH easier to get back on the primal food train.


                      Breakfast - yogurt and blackberries

                      Lunch: salmon, tomatoes and spinach

                      Dinner: Curried chicken (homemade) with tomatoes and spinach

                      Snack: pork rinds with a vinegar/chipotle/celery seed dip

                      Vinegar cuts the richness of the pork rinds like a charm.

                      Water and tea for beverages.


                      Breakfast - yogurt, celery, sunflower seed butter, an apple

                      Snack - beef jerky (HOMEMADE!!!!)

                      Lunch - salmon, tomatoes and spinach with water

                      Dinner - probably pork and cabbage.

                      Beverages - tea and water.

                      Shocked that I am NOT craving processed grains right now. Or sweets.


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                        Big lessons for today after falling off the wagon pretty hard.

                        1) My primary trigger is social.

                        Managed to avoid the free pastries at this morning's breakfast. I'm always disappointed by them anyway.

                        The lunch wraps - a whole 'nother issue.

                        I had planned to get a salad at the commissary downstairs. I was spending a large chunk of the day helping a team do testing for a new application. I mentioned to the technical lead that I was going to get lunch.

                        "But we brought all of this food. Please eat with us."

                        At that moment - I decided that the goodwill was infinitely more important than keeping processed carbs away from my mouth.

                        2) The second trigger is availability

                        It is much easier to control what food you have access to when you are in your own environment. My desk snacks, for instance, have morphed from high carb, lotsa grains to nuts, dried fruits, carrots, celery, sunflower seed butter and beef jerky. I'm not at my desk and snack options are reduced to the vending machines, whatever I thought to bring with me, and whatever free food I can scavenge.

                        Also - it is a bitch to get a decent cup of tea. So I have to go back to coffee (which I have reduced tremendously). And in the place where I worked today - the only creamers available were the evil CoffeeMate.

                        Oh yeah - and no water was available. Just diet cokes, sugared cokes and artificial juices.

                        Lesson here - start packing your own food and drink when traveling to satellite offices.


                        THough the 2nd item is easily fixed, I am having a difficult time with the social aspects of eating.

                        Part of it is that I recognize the importance of food as a bonding mechanism.

                        Part of it is that I have always prided myself on being a non-finicky eater.

                        Part of it is that I still love eating at restaurants and exploring different cuisines (many of which have grains and beans at their base. Culture stemmed from agriculture and the food reflects it).

                        I suspect the social aspect will be the thing I struggle with most as I work towards a more Primal lifestyle.


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                          The good - primal breakfast (celery, carrots, sunflower seed butter), primal dinner (chicken and spinach salad), coffee with real cream and minimal sugar.

                          The bad - 2 slices of tomato and mozz pizza diet coke for lunch

                          The exercise - sprints

                          The sleep - horrific the night before. Work stress and the indiscretions of the previous day conspired to give me 3.5 hours of fitful sleep. Last night - got 6 hours or so before I was wide awake. Lay in bed for an hour - then just gave up. Again, the brain went haywire and I couldn't shut it off.

                          Reading cookbooks before bed seems to help. So does exercise. Don't feel very tired this morning, so I guess the 6 hours I got last night were enough. Guess we'll find out later today :&#39


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                            Oh yeah - did I mention that the lunch was another social (a meeting NO ONE wanted to be at) + free food extravaganza?

                            Awareness is half the battle......