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  • Primal Blueprint Journals (Skids)

    About me (I will only include what the pictures don't already tell you):

    36 years old
    Current weight: 230
    Max weight: 282
    Weight lost on Primal Diet: 12 pounds (after about a month and no exercise)
    Current Body Fat %: 33
    BMI: 38.6
    Strong point: Legs
    Supplements: Multi, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, B-12 complex, DHA, B-6, Vitamin D3, CLA (CLA will soon be discontinued)
    Medications: Prozac (hope to be off by end of year)
    Current exercise: One round of disc golf a week
    Future exercise: TBD in the next couple of days (this is what I will probably journaling about the most)
    Primal diet cheats: 100% fruit juice, corn chips and corn tortillas, sugary candy (all on occasion)
    Diet specifics: No gluten and no dairy. Lots of eggs, fruit, and nuts. Need to increase veggies and meat.

    I don't see myself journaling everyday but at least once a week mostly to track exercise and body composition measurements. Maybe in a couple of months I will start doing it daily. I've wanted to keep a daily journal for a long time and I'm hoping this is the springboard. I don't want to go into detail but I have had a long history of mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD) and since going Primal and working with a Naturopathic doctor (all in the last month) and a serious change in my outlook on life and what's important, I haven't felt this good mentally since I was a kid. Now it's time to transform the body which I know will only strengthen me mentally. I hope that I get at least one person following my journal in the hopes they will provide honest and unbiast feedback. If you have any questions and I mean any, I am an open book. I just don't want to bore people with something that might not be important to them.
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    Hi Skids! I am new to this lifestyle, and have had some emotional issues in the past, also. I understand what that is like - it runs in my family. So happy to hear you are beating some of that with having gone Primal! Hooray! It sounds like you have made awesome progress so far. I will follow your journal, if that's okay. Good luck and post again soon!


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      welcome to the boards. I think you should post often rather than little. anything you think that pops into your head. People will comment if they want... or not... you'd be amazed at what you might think is boring, is interesting or even entertaining to others or they can relate to! It might also help you when you look back over your journal and see certain triggers pop up all the time.. And honestly dont have any fear about journalling your cheats and stuff, you're only human after all. Just remember there is a huge amount of support on here! Good luck


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        Today I'm going to post my FitDay log. Was on the computer most of the day (not by choice). It's the first week of summer vacation and I need to figure out an exercise routine (waiting for two books) and get into a flow with the kids. Had a fruit and egg white protein powder smoothie for breakfast and the same for dinner except the one for dinner had broccoli added. Taking my son to a summer reading program tomorrow morning (he going into first grade). I was laying on a grassy hill today at the park and my upper back would kill me whenever I moved it, hoping the exercise will start fixing that problem. Well that's it for today, oh the FitDay log:


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          you could try putting coconut milk into your smoothie and replacing some of the fruit which is high in sugar???? Coconut milk yum... fruit yuk (but I am a fruitophobe ) And you could just eat your brocoli steamed, maybe with a bit of butter, I think if I was on smoothies for dinner and breakfast I woudl feel real hungry without having had some real food. Just my suggestions. Keep it up.


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            First of all, welcome I think you'll like it here a lot!!!

            As far as feedback goes, I notice your carbs are pretty high, and there's quite a bit of fruit sugar in there with the juice and the mango.
            You might find you have better results with a lot less fruit- maybe try for about 50 grams of carbs per day. I know it might sound difficult at first, because you're just starting out; but there's a lot of great recipes and stuff here.

            The reasoning behind dropping the carbs so low, is we're trying to teach our bodies to burn fat for fuel, instead of carbohydrates. You probably won't be able to achieve this while eating so much fruit. Maybe try out some bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of the smoothie? For dinner, how about a big piece of salmon and some broccoli?

            We're all here to support you <3


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              Your protein intake looks awesome. I haven't been able to get mine up very high yet. I have a kiddo going into 1st grade next fall too! There's a summer reading program at Borders this year where if they read ten books they fill out a form and get to choose a book for free - there are certain books, popular ones and classics, that they can choose from. Maybe you already know about that..

              I hope the exercise helps your upper back pain, too.


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                You probably won't be able to achieve this while eating so much fruit. Maybe try out some bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of the smoothie? For dinner, how about a big piece of salmon and some broccoli?

                (I hope I did the copy the quote part right, I will soon find out when I post this)

                kuno1chi - Thanks for the advice and that's what my plan is going forward. I plan on only eating berries (frozen or fresh) going forward. I'm waiting for my next check, so right now we're kind of cleaning out the rest of the crap in the kitchen. But I definitely will be eating eggs with vegetables almost every morning and chicken, red meat, pork, or fish for lunch and dinner. I will probably only be having a smoothie once a week at the most going forward. My options are just very limited right now until I get paid (I know poor budgeting, I'm working on it). If you have any ideas on how to make vegetables more flavorful without adding butter, I'm all ears. I have the cookbook but haven't been able to go to the store yet.


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                  I totally understand the budget issue
                  If you have any bacon left, save the grease after you cook it. You can use that to sautee your veggies, and they are OH so good that way...


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                    Fit Day Link:

                    Not much to talk about today. Did a lot of household chores, took my 6 year old son to his summer reading class. Wife needs money which I don't have to give her. Still waiting for my fitness books to come in (hopefully no later than Friday). In terms of food, I finished off my smoothie from last night this morning for breakfast. Made some bacon and ate it by itself for lunch. Had one chicken breast w/olive oil and a green bean medley w/carrots dinner. Didn't realize there were so many carbs in broccoli and green beans, but Grok says eat as many as you want. I added my 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to the food log. Didn't get a chance to take it today but did yesterday and most everyday now. I also added water intake.

                    I want to say I appreciate everyone posting on my journal. Whether it' words of encouragement, advice, or finding what I say is interesting I really appreciate it! P.S. it looks like my body fat is a little closer to 31%.


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                      I'm skeptical of that FitDay entry for the cooked broccoli. There's no way in hell that two cups of broccoli can have 169 cals. Should be more like 80, but the carbs sound about right at 20. FitDay is weird like that sometimes. Now, your green did you prepare them? 'Cause your FitDay entry is for bean salad, which is normally made with oil and some kind of sweetener. A cup of cooked green beans should have about 30 cals and 8 gms of carbs. Also...did you know you entered "1 slice" of chicken breast instead of a whole one?

                      These are just picky little things, though. You're doing great. I really don't think you have to worry about eating all the broccoli you want; carrots and green beans are pretty carby, but the great scheme of things, they're delicious and add so much to life ;-) When you get a chance to buy more stuff, you might want to start exploring salad greens, etc.....they're so good right now.

                      Grok On.


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                        Welcome Skids! I hope you enjoy the community here. A lot of great people with a lot of good advice, support and general fun.

                        I'd be interested in hearing about how the changes in the diet have an overall affect on your well being. I have family members who deal with depression and anxiety. I've been accused of being a little OCD, but I think I'm just a stubborn ass and what everything a certain way.

                        Thanks for sharing, dude!


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                          I am curious - why do you take apple cider vinegar? I've heard of people taking it for various reasons, like to boost immune function...but it sounds like it can have a lot of benefits.


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                            Let me address the last three posts before I post about today.

                            kuno1chi: I have updated the food log for yesterday per your findings. I have a hard time believing in their calories for vegetables, I didn't check it against the bag today but looks high.

                            XYZ: I appreciate you asking about the mental health benefits I have reaped to this point. This is what has improved to this point: energy (more of it and more consistent, no more wanting to nap), intense headaches as recently as a couple of months ago (gone), I'm less depressed and less anxious, the anxiety has had its peaks and valleys throughout my life, but the depression lift is huge, in terms of my OCD - I have the OCD that causes you to have recurrent thoughts of violence, as with the anxiety it also fluctuates but since going primal it has pretty much eliminated those thoughts. I still am a little particular about having things put away more than having to be a certain way. I strongly recommend that your relatives see a Naturopathic Doctor. Your amino acid levels can greatly affect the way you feel. You might be able to find one that takes insurance because they're a little expensive out of pocket. I had already started taking L-Tyrosine as recommended by my local health food store (helps a lot with energy for me) and the ND had me start taking L-Glutamine. In addition, she also recommended that I take a high dose of DHA everyday. Because of my financial situation the ND wants to wait to do a amino acid test to test the level of each (it's $149 here). My mental health goal is to get off Prozac. I want to eliminate as many synthetic things from diet as possible. (wow that was long winded but I hope it helps)

                            kalewoman: My ND recommended that I take it but I forgot to ask why. I knew after I posted that yesterday someone would ask. I looked it up on the net are there are a ton of reasons to take apple cider vinegar. It's cheap and easy so I'm not going to question it at this point. I mix a 1/2 teaspoon a day with water when I take my supplements.

                            Today's info: Not much to talk about, got up about 10am, did a few things on the computer, made a egg protein shake, ran a couple of errands with the kids and then took them to the park for the majority of the day. They played with the other kids and I just laid down an relaxed on a blanket for the day. I asked my son if he wanted to play frisbee but he was having too much fun with the sand, water, and other kids. Came home and started dinner (broiled pork chops and cooked frozen broccoli both smothered in olive oil). Then was still a little hungry so I ate a package of sliced turkey breast (I know not very primal, but we're running out of protein). Then for some stupid reason the Hot Tamale candies were calling my name so I had about 20 individual 'tamales'. Watched a little soccer/futbol and then game seven of the NBA finals. STILL waiting for my two exercise books, I'm really, really, really ready to start slowly strengthening and lengthening my body. And didn't get a check in the mail, I'm expecting two. That's it for today, my link is at the top of the post. THANKS FOR READING AND PROVIDING FEEDBACK EVERYONE!


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                              You've got me wanting to check and see if any naturopaths take our insurance. I had no idea any naturopaths took ANY insurance!

                              Your day sounds like ours: lots of playing in the park, playing in the water - happy kids getting lots of Vitamin D is a good thing.

                              And, um, your fitday numbers look AWESOME!