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Killing My Sweet Tooth

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  • Killing My Sweet Tooth

    Fourteen weeks ago I participated in a Body Transformation Contest at my Kettle bell gym.

    Here's what I looked like 14 weeks ago. I had no idea I was so puffy..


    My diet and exercise were based on Mark's Primal principals.

    Even though I was the oldest participant at 58 years old, I won! I lost 25lbs and 13 inches! Here's my after photo. In certain lights I could see half an ab...

    Lori Christ.JPG

    I was so happy and proud of my accomplishments.

    I decided to "treat" myself with a celebratory meal that concluded with a non primal dessert.

    It's been 2 weeks since the conclusion of the contest. I'm still celebrating.

    Time to stop this madness.

    My sweet tooth is strong and sneaky. I'm guessing it will be a long battle. I'm prepared to fight until the end. Until I won't feel the need to "celebrate" with sugar.

    Back soon with my battle plan.
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    Very impressive change over 12 weeks, major congrats to you!

    I might suggest don't try to go too low carb, keep in the tubers (sweet potato, squash, root veg, and yes, even white potato *gasp*) and perhaps the sugar demon won't have such a need to rear its ugly head. You do need some good carbs if you're needing to fuel heavy workouts. And some fruit can go a long way to curbing the sweet tooth, this is the perfect time of year for all the seasonal goodness.

    You can do this, as you've already seen in the past few months.
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      Thanks for the suggestions Greensprout!

      The first week of the contest I did an egg fast for 5 days. It's not really a fast, eggs, cheese and fat are eaten. The very low carbs stopped my cravings for sugar.

      I'm working out of town this week, I think I'll do another egg fast until I get home. Eggs and cheese travel well and are easy to prepare in hotel rooms.

      Hopefully an egg fast will work again to eliminate my sugar cravings. For me, that's half the battle. At the very least, my carb face will de-puff!

      Back tomorrow with details of Day 1 of my Egg Fast.


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        You look amazing. Well done :>)


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          Good luck to your battle plan. I hope you found the best in you to achieve your goals.


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            Hey WalkerLori, you have done a great job so far!! Well done, you are an inspiration. I would encourage you to let your mindset shift until you realise that by choosing wholesome primal foods you are always celebrating life and enjoying treats every day. Eventually you will not hanker for the empty sugary desserts (but you might indulge in something really top notch once in a while). Best wishes on your primal journey.
            Annie Ups the Ante