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On the road to fabulous health! ~ Kim's primal Journal

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  • On the road to fabulous health! ~ Kim's primal Journal

    My name is Kim and I am beginning my primal journey.

    My husband and I basically started last week - at least by cutting grains and potatoes. We have already been cooking many things from scratch but would still indulge in bread, pasta and other grains. In the past week I have lost 13 pounds - very exciting!

    Our goal is to going completely primal for the next 30 days and reevaluate how we feel and see what modifications may need to be made. Our kids are all gone this week so we figured this would be the best time to start so that way we should be done with cravings and crankiness before they return!

    I have not read the book yet, it will be arriving this afternoon. We have done quite a bit of research and feel that we are ready for this adventure!

    I have almost 200 pounds to lose where my husband has maybe 50. We are very excited to see how the lack of grain affects our bodies. After ready some of the information regarding grains it makes a lot of sense to limit them severely - we can get the same nutrients and phytochemicals from other better tasting sources - so why not!

    So here's to new beginnings!

    start date: 6/8/2010
    start weight: 352 lbs
    current weight: 339 lbs

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    Welcome and congrats! This is really a great lifestyle, one that will benefit your kids as well


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      We have advised our children as to what we are all doing as a family and they are not thrilled at this point. I figure that we will just cook primal and they will not even miss the other stuff! They had the same reaction when we told them we were going to be cooking from scratch!


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        Well the difference with cooking from scratch is that it usually involves yummy baked goods!

        My 4 kids were not thrilled when I told them that the processed crap had to go.....they adapted. Then we found out 3 were gluten intolerant....there went the bread, they adapted.

        They still get potatoes, rice and in general more fruit and nuts than Hubby and I eat. Overall they do ok, but come summer (next week) they are in for a tightening of the screws.....more veggies are in their future. I'd also like to get some kefir into them all.

        It will be interesting

        Good luck, I am sure you will do fine!


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          Wow, Kim, 13 pounds in a week is fabulous! Way to go! I'm doing the Primal thing with kids, as well. How old are yours? Mine are 5 and 4. dacec, what you're doing with yours sounds like what I've been trying to do with mine thus far - I make my Primal dinner, and then make rice or have tortillas or potatoes on the side for them. And they definitely eat a lot more fruit than I do. It will be interesting to see how things morph over time. But since I'm still in the getting-my-feet-wet phase of this, I'm not ready to take away all their cereals and breads quite yet. :-)


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            My kids are 17, 13 & 12. We told them that will still get milk and whole wheat bread -but the processed stuff is gone! When they are at their grandma's house it is of course a whole different story! I do not want to forbid them from anything because it will just make them want it more. They will survive and feel better for the effort!!
            What makes me laugh about the younger two kids is that they would eat fish and most fruit all of the time given the chance!


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              Little tip on the bread...go for sour dough as your concession for the kids. Because it is fermented it is easier to digest and slower to spike blood sugars.

              My son is th only one of our kids who can handle gluten. I had switched him over to sour dough a long time ago. Last week I could not find a decent brand (should list 'starter' in the ingr. listing not vinegar!) so I bought whole wheat. He had stomach upset for several days before we realized it was the bread!

              And make sure they are getting whole fat milk...if you are going to bother with it.


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                What about breads made using gluten-free grains? The kids all prefer sourdough bread so that will be easy! Thanks for the info!


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                  Primal Journal ~ Kim

                  Day 2

                  So far so good! I am trying to write a paper for my whole foods class about the benefits of whole grains. I am finding it very hard to write about this after reading The Primal Blueprint! It is easy to talk about the benefits of whole vs. processed grains.

                  Are gluten-free grains as bad as regular whole grains? While doing my research I found that the whole grain of the month is Sorghum which is gluten-free - hence my question. I have not read the entire book yet as my husband has taken it and will not give it back yet! I have found it very interesting and that it makes great sense.

                  Perhaps this question will be answered as I continue to read - but what is it specifically in grain that spikes insulin?

                  I am experiencing some cravings today - but I know that I do not really want the bread. I wanted something bready yesterday too so I made spaghetti squash with herbs and garlic - yummy!

                  I have only had breakfast today so far - 2 eggs and sausage and a small iced coffee and am just starting to get hungry. Nice!

                  Feeling Fabulous!


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                    Day 3

                    Yesterday was pretty good. I did not eat enough protein and was a bit hungry when I went to bed - not bad though. Just to see where our calorie consumption is (my husband has gone primal too), I tracked the food we ate yesterday and found that we had eaten under 1000 calories and only 46 g of protein. I just wasn't hungry - until I went to bed - but even that was nothing that water could solve. Crazy.

                    My history:

                    I have always been overweight - other when I was born that is. I became an emotional eater at an early age as food was the only thing I could control in my life. Besides this eating pattern my parents were divorced when i was 9 and my mom did her "best" to feed three kids on a single income in the 80's. well her idea of feeding us was know which day to go to which fast food joint for their cheap meal days. So we ate McDonald's, Del Taco, KFC; whatever she could grab through a drive thru on the way home.

                    Needless to say that with this type of menu I did not learn how to eat properly. I know that at some point you become responsible for your own actions and need to take matters into your own hands - that time did not arrive for me until 20 some odd years later.

                    In 2000 at 31 I weighed 372 pounds - I needed to lose over 200 lbs - I was miserable and did not know what to do. I was a single mom of a 7 year old little girl and did not like what I was teaching her. After some thought I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. So 10 years ago this November I had the surgery - it was a success. I had an easy time with it all - the surgery, the recovery and the weight loss - I lost 150 lbs in no time. I was thrilled! My confidence soared, I started dating it was wonderful. One the issues with this procedure is that it is just a tool - you still need to maintain an eating and exercise plan.

                    After meeting my now husband, getting married, adding 2 step sons, moving, leaving my job, starting a new one and buying a house - I stopped eating how I should and began drinking more - I gained most of the weight back - actually all but 20 lbs of it. It only took 5 years to do this.

                    I know how I should eat to get back to where I was and to be at my optimum health - I just could do it - or did not really want to.

                    A couple of weeks ago my daughter graduated from high school and we had a party where one of our friends had told us about the paleo plan. We started researching and like the The Primal Blueprint.

                    After doing a bit of reading I realized that this is how I should be eating due to my surgery - it is how I at before I started gaining weight again. Before I could say anything to my husband he decided that this was the way to go!

                    We kind of started last week and as I said before I lost 13 pounds that first week, my husband has lost 5. This week we started completely and I have already lost another 4 pounds. This is just like right after my surgery - the pounds melted off daily. I am thrilled!!!

                    Now to work on adding more protein!!

                    Here is to a great day!

                    Already down to 335!!!!!! Yea me!


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                      Day 4

                      Yesterday was a bit easier and today looks like it will be a good day!

                      i have realized that I believe that I have an intolerance to alcohol. I have been having a lot of sinus related issues with some ear drainage that went away during this week until I had a glass of wine last night - then it all came back. UGH. It is just about gone now. I just find it crazy how something like that can have an affect on you and you do not even realize it.

                      I have found that I really love cauliflower. I made a thai style stir fry last night with steak and veggies - I cut up the cauliflower in smaller pieces - it was great! My husband thought that I had put rice in it! yummy!!


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                        Another thing I just realized is the energy level that we have been experiencing. My back is giving me grief so I have not been doing much but I have a ton of energy!! My husband is in the same boat. It is kind of funny. The kids have been gone all and are going to come back to us being CRAZY!!!

                        I am going to track today to see how I am doing - I think I am doing pretty good. I have had no processed foods and we have been trying to only eat grass fed or free range proteins. Very little dairy. I do not miss anything but think I would like to have a glass of white wine tonight.

                        We are having fun playing with different food combinations - we love playing with flavors! There are quite a few recipes here that I want to try and I cannot wait for the cookbook to come out!

                        I have also noticed that I feel like the "old" me again. I am happy and not anxious - both of which are fantastic!!!


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                          Yesterday we decided to have some wine since it was our last night without the kids. I cannot believe how terrible my body feels today. Not only do I have the ear discharge but my joints ache and my body feel just plain yucky!! My mind feels great though! So not worth drinking! My husband is getting ready to go on an annual fishing trip with a bunch of beer guzzling guys and now has no fear of drinking too much while there - it is not worth it!! We have felt incredible after being primal for the last week that it feels like we just threw it all down the drain!! Luckily today is a new day!

                          Off to make a fabulous breakfast!! TTFN


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                            OK - it is the end of week one. It started off with a bang and ended with a fizzle. I have lost a total 15 pounds in two weeks but nothing in the last 4 days - even gain 2 pounds. I realized today that we have not had any salads in as many days - so that may be it.

                            I still feel great, however I am retaining a bit of water which may be due to the lack of vegetables - so this week - more veggies!!!!


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                              UGH. The week was a bit shaky only because I cannot go grocery shopping until the middle of this week. I do believe that I have an allergy to wheat - I ate some bread for the first time in two weeks and became itchy. Very weird.

                              It really is pretty easy to stay away from processed food and grain - it is all about using different vegetables and seasonings.

                              My daughter was amazed at the taste of chopped cauliflower when included in a stir fry - it really takes care of that "need" for rice. She even liked the mashed rutabaga!

                              I am working on my menu and grocery list for the next week or so - there are so many great recipes. When my husband was on his fishing trip one of the guys made caveman hash for him - basically it was corned beef hash with a ton of veggies and turnips instead of potatoes! I cannot wait to make it!!

                              Off to the backyard before it gets hot!