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    I've been eating primal for a while now. Had a venture in non-primal during July and rediscovered all the crap I was missing. (aches, pains, anxiety, lethargy, etc...) So, switching back to primal food is not really a challenge. However, I tend to sit on my butt, way to much. So my primal challenge for the month will be to get out and play for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. I.E. a walk, or swim, or some form of movement.

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    Yesterday, my son and I went to the park, we were the only ones there. I kept moving, climbing up one piece of equipment, over another, hanging, swinging, just moving in different ways, but unhurried all the same. It was fun and my son (three years old) joined in a follow the leader fashion.

    Today we have swim lessons.