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    Day 16

    Exercise: ten minute walk around neighborhood; 15 minutes beginner yoga

    Osteoarthritic inflammation in knees: moderate to severe
    IBS: yes
    Allergies: moderate
    Itchy patches on skin: the one on my chest from yesterday is still there


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      I need to pop in here and say that I took a few days off from eating Primally. I ate more carbs, more like I used to before I tried this, and experienced a reduction in the RA-like pain in my fingers and elbows. The results of the x-ray of my hands came back suggestive of RA but my RA factor was not in the clinical range. The RA symptoms worsened significantly and very rapidly after I began this diet. It could have been due to a greatly increased overall fat intake, or overall protein intake, or it could have been due to a severe fatty acid imbalance made that much worse because the overall intake of polyunsaturated fat increased dramatically from my previous level of consumption. I do not feel that I can do a trial of consuming very little polyunsaturated or omega-6 fat and still eat Primally - it would be too restrictive because it would necessitate the near exclusion of eggs, poultry, canola oil, all nuts and seeds, and pork.

      Also, I noticed a few days into eating Primally that my vision became blurry; my eyelashes were always visible and things were hazy. Since I have discontinued the diet, my vision has cleared somewhat, but I now have a problem focusing, so I went to the opthamologist yesterday and learned that my nerves are larger than normal, and also that I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other, so my eyes have to fight one another to focus. I do not know if this is attributable to the switch to a Primal diet, but since the onset of my vision problems corresponded directly with the onset of my adopting a Primal diet, I have reason to suspect the diet of causing this. I do hope that it clears or heals on its own.

      My intention now is to move away from eating Primally, and instead to move toward a gluten-free low fat vegan diet that maintains even blood sugar, and includes plenty of fresh vegetables, and modest amounts of legumes, fruit, and properly-prepared (soaked and/or sprouted) whole grains.


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        Just a note: When I restricted carbs after being diagnosed diabetic, my vision immediately blurred... as in, I was pretty blind for weeks. It was horrible. Changes in blood sugar affect the thickness of the lens.

        While I'd rather be lower-carb and not poisoning myself with my own blood, my vision has never quite been the same. It was my super-power. I could find a needle in a haystack, thread the needle, and drop the needle and thread off a cliff and spot it on the canyon floor a mile away. I only exaggerate mildly.

        Now I have "Hey, you're over forty--if it bothers you, you can buy reading glasses in the drug store" vision.

        I think once we're a certain age, just because one thing goes, doesn't mean the overall picture is getting worse.

        I'm sure the RA symptoms, I shudder to think about it, are very troubling, both for the short term and the long term. Perhaps your body is quite sensitive to contaminants, which tend to accumulate in fat. This ends up being a high fat diet, after all.

        Good luck to you--I hope you find what works. I'd be curious to hear what you find. Do vegan and primal need to be mutually exclusive? (Might be damn difficult.) Certainly both emphasize whole foods.


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          Thanks gottaluvalab. I'm sorry you've lost vision also!
          It's very scary to feel like I'm going blind. It feels like I'm losing, or have lost, peripheral vision on both sides, and things are generally just not right - foggy patches, blurrying, trouble focusing. I'm seeing an opthamologist on Friday to see if he can do anything more than the optometrist. There is truly something wrong here. I regret having done the Primal experiment. I feel it was a mistake.