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    Originally posted by kalewoman View Post
    gottaluvalab: Could I have been bitten by a tick without knowing it? Lyme's Disease would be bad. I have an appointment to see a doc tomorrow and have added that to my list of things to suggest we check for. Thanks....
    Yes. Quite possible to be bitten and not realize it.

    Lymes doesn't HAVE to be bad--but it does have to be caught and treated. I've become hyper-vigilant about it since a couple of friends have become ill from it. If their doctors had caught the (classic) symptoms and listened to them for 20 seconds, they could have been saved months of grief.

    If your doctor thinks you're being a hypochondriac, shrug and say "test for it anyway, just in case." It probably isn't Lymes--but if it is, testing for it now could save you a whole lot of trouble!


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      Originally posted by kalewoman View Post
      Suse: Can you OD on fish oil? How much are you taking now? Thanks for the advice about the exercise. You are right. I will try not to overdo it. I feel okay today...still not sick...knock on wood!
      there was a calculator that was a link on a post somewhere on here that worked out how much you theoreticially needed.. It said I needed to take about 10 tabs a day...well that seems a bit extreme so I've upped from one a day to 3 a day and might work up to 5. I think if you take too much fish oil it can thin your blood a bit....


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        found it


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          Suse, thanks. My calculation said I need 5-6 caps/day. Could I ask why you are taking fish oil? Do you have joint pain also? Or are you just taking it to be healthy?


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            Originally posted by kalewoman View Post
            a hot dog (grass-fed, organic) wrapped in a coconut pancake
            great idea. That just activated my hunger switch.


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              Day 9

              B: omelet made of 2 eggs with swiss chard and tomato filling; handful almonds

              L: another handful almonds; peanut coocnut stir-fry I made up - chopped chicken breast, onion, snap peas, sauteed in coconut oil with red pepper flakes, a little peanut butter, and soy sauce (really yummy)

              D: brought home Boston Market - turkey w/gravy, green beans, carrots, spicy chicken soup

              C: 76
              F: 101
              P: 103

              Supp: 2 fish oil tablets, 1 multivitamin, 2 vit C, 2 ibuprofen

              Exercise: Nothing. Aww.

              Went to the doctor today about my hands and elbows. I'm being sent to have my hands x-rayed to check for joint damage. Also going to check blood levels of various things, including vitamin D. The appointment took so long, Husband requested I pick up dinner on my way home, so brought home a family meal from Boston Market. After dinner I went to someone's house to help make decorations for an upcoming church breakfast. As the night progressed, my gums started hurting. I thought there might have been some milk in the gravy from the restaurant, because I've had that feeling in my gums before as a bad reaction to cow's milk. But now it's past midnight, the pain is all on one side of my mouth, and I wonder if it's a cavity. Took 2 ibuprofen and 2 vitamin Cs.

              Would've done this journal entry earlier, but we had a big thunderstorm and our power went out for about three hours. It's back on now, yay!

              I totally had energy to do exercise this morning, but didn't wake up early enough. We had a stressful morning trying to gather everything my daughter needed for "water day" at school - couldn't find her swimsuit, etc. Finally found everything and dropped her off. Had a pretty calm morning at home with my son. I had no IBS today. No allergies. Emotionally stressed this morning but good all through the rest of the day. Moderate pain in fingers/elbows. My energy level all day was really excellent. I think I may be almost out of "carb flu"! Was craving exercise today!


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                Day 10

                B: eggs, slice turkey bacon, sauteed zucchini and napa cabbage

                L: salad with romaine, turkey, and tahini dressing; almonds (too many)

                S: cold turkey

                D: two uncured turkey hot dogs wrapped in green leaf lettuce leaves with onions, tomato, mustard, and sauerkraut

                C: 71
                F: 128
                P: 98

                Exercise: Just errand-running. Excuse: We slept poorly, kids too, because our power went out in the middle of a very hot night for several hours. Waking up early to exercise was out of the question!

                Today I've been really anxious about this joint pain that is now happening in my toes in addition to my fingers and elbows. Today the pain was moderate. I took two fish oil tablets with breakfast, and dropped 10 Vitamin D drops on my lunch salad.

                There's something about almonds. If I eat too many, my throat and nose feel allergic to them, and they may be connected to the joint pain issues. I'm thrilled to have very little knee pain these days, however. I did have IBS this morning - possibly due to some trace dairy in the Boston Market stuff I brought home for dinner last night...maybe the gravy? Felt tired and anxious today. Tomorrow will be better.


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                  This morning I had blood drawn to test my Vitamin D level, Rheumatoid Factor, ANA (antinuclear antibody), and Lyme's. Then I had x-rays of my hands to check for joint damage.

                  It seems that I'm able to find a number of people's accounts of having gotten rid of their rheumatoid arthritis by eating a Paleo diet. I find less support for the same results eating a Primal diet. I wonder if Paleo is something I should look into. I wonder if it's due to the fact that a Paleo diet is lower in saturated fat. I wonder if there is a causal relationship between saturated fat consumption and inflammatory auto-immune disorders. That's something I would like to look into.

                  I learned this morning that arachidonic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid, plays a role in inflammation. It is an omega-6 fatty acid. Also, arachiodonic acid can be synthesized from linoleic acid, another omega-6 fatty acid. I wondered if the marked increase in inflammation in my fingers, elbows, and now my toes, (symptoms that resemble RA since going Primal) might be due to my consuming greatly increased amounts of one or both of these two omega-6 fatty acids. I learned that linoleic acid is highest in vegetable oils like corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil, as well as nuts and seeds. Arachidonic acid is highest in animal meats, egg yolks, and shellfish. I would like to find a more specific list of what foods contain arachidonic acid in which amounts.

                  It is interesting to note that while the RA-like pain I'm experiencing right now has INCREASED since I began eating a Primal diet, the injury-related chondromalacia patella pain, which is more like osteoarthritis, as well as my allergies, have DECREASED markedly since going Primal. Eating too many almonds has been the only thing that's triggered my allergies. Also, my IBS, which is supposedly auto-immune in origin, has all but disappeared since going Primal. The only times I've experienced IBS has been on a morning following a day in which I did or may have consumed trace amounts of dairy products, which are not Primal anyway.


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                    Day 11

                    L: half a zucchini sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

                    S: an apple

                    D: pork chop, brussel sprouts

                    51 g. carb, 36 g. fat, 29 g. protein

                    Supplements: 2 fish oil, 1 vit D, 1 vit E, 1 T acv, 1 turmeric, 1 vit C

                    Exericise: 15 minutes jogging outside; 15 minutes pilates

                    Pain in fingers, elbows, toes, knees today. My big toes feel almost numb - very strange. Fingers and elbows hurt moderately, the way they have been for the past four days or so. Energy is medium. IBS this morning (because of gravy the day before?). Emotionally normal/good. Kind of headachy, stiff joints, crampy. Today we had record high temps. It was hot.
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                      Day 12

                      B: Bragg apple cider vinegar dissolved in a glass of water with a little stevia
                      L: pork chop and brussel sprouts
                      D: Wendy's BLT Cobb Salad with Caesar dressing

                      Calories: 859
                      Carbs: 15 g
                      Fat: 28 g
                      Protein: 29 g

                      Supplements: At lunch: 2 fish oil, 1 turmeric (curcumin), 3 Vitamin D, 1 Vitamin E, 1 B Complex, 1 Vitamin C, tablespoon apple cider vinegar; At dinner: apple cider vinegar, 2 fish oil, 1 K2, 1 probiotic

                      Exercise: Pilates!; casual swimming

                      Went to Wendy's per daughter's request, to celebrate her last day of Kindergarten. Their BLT Cobb Salad is good and very nearly primal - the only un-Primal elements being the very small amount of cheese, the trace amounts of dairy in the dressing, and the soybean oil in the dressing. It was, I'm pretty sure, the most Primal thing I could have chosen from their menu, and still gotten a good amount of vegetables. I may pay for the trace amount of dairy, tomorrow morning in the form of IBS, but hopefully not. Maybe the probiotic will help digest the dairy - can it work that quickly? That would be awesome.

                      After dinner, we went to MOM's (a natural foods store) and I bought a bottle of vitamin K2 "from natto" which is a fermented soy food, and a bottle of probiotics that looked like it had a lot of different strains. I am throwing everything I can at these rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in my fingers, elbows, and toes, in order that it doesn't spread to any more joints, and hopefully to eliminate that pain entirely.

                      This afternoon, took son swimming. It was beautiful and sunny, and the water was a perfect temperature.

                      Allergies: none!
                      Emotionally: really good
                      Energy: good!
                      IBS: none!
                      Joint pain: Moderate in fingers, toes, elbows; Nonexistent in knees, yay!

                      In looking at when I started this journal, I had the elbow pain, but not finger or toe pain. The pain in my toes has only been going on for, I think, three or four days, five at most. The pain in my fingers has not been going on very much longer, and certainly has only happened since I started eating Primal. The pain in my elbows started before I began eating Primal.

                      For the past two days, I have been doing all I can to keep the joint pain from spreading to other joints. I've been doing lots of research, and buying and taking all the supplements I can find that are mentioned by at least two reputable sources, and trying to keep my diet pristine. I've also generated a spreadsheet into which I'm plugging data about the fatty acid makeup of all the foods I've been eating to see if an excess of omega-6 fatty acids might be causing these symptoms, or rather, exacerbating them. I have learned that almonds, of which I'd been eating LOTS every single day, have an absolutely HORRENDOUS omega-6 to -3 ratio. Also, pork, and the fattier cuts of poultry, have rather bad omega profiles as well. This is basically what I've been eating the most of, of all the animal foods it seems I've been choosing the wrong ones most of the time, as far as the fatty acid profile goes. I especially suspect the almonds, and will be staying away from those for a while, because I seem to crave them sometimes and eat too many when I know I may not feel good afterwards, and often after eating a handful or two of almonds, I get mild allergic symptoms (itchy nose, itchy throat). The same happens when I eat peanut butter sometimes. Peanut butter also has an awful omega ratio.

                      M best guess right now is that the tremendous increase in my total fat intake has, at the same time, greatly increased my omega-6 intake, and that this is the cause of the frightening increase in RA symptoms. It is certain that the ratio of omega-6 to -3 in my diet has been very unfavorable since going Primal. I have only begun taking fish oil tablets in the last four or five days. I'm managing this, though, and will do everything in my power to heal it, throw everything at it that I possibly can in order to kill it before it does permanent joint damage. I want to be able to take care of my family and have full mobility and little or no pain. So let's do it! Yeah!
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                        Day 12

                        L: peach; sausage, kale, carrot stew
                        D: crab legs dipped in butter, mixed frozen vegetables, watermelon

                        Calories: 841
                        Carbs: 95 g
                        Fat: 40 g
                        Pritein: 41 g

                        Supplements: 2 fish oil, 3 D, 1 E, 1 C, 1 K2, 1 B, 1 turmeric, 1 probiotic, ACV at lunch; 2 fish oil at dinner
                        Exercise: walk/jog in the morning; walk in the evening

                        Allergies: mild, after lunch, and again after dinner (this may be due to the butter I cooked the stew veggies in, and the butter I dipped the crab in!)
                        Emotionally: good
                        Energy: very little
                        IBS: none!
                        Joint pain: Moderate in fingers, elbows; mild in toes

                        Since I had a stomachache after both lunch and dinner, either I can't tolerate butter, or I'm in tolarant to something in one of my vitamins/supplements. No real improvement in RA symptoms today. Knees are great, however. Was very low on energy today, probably due to low caloric intake the last several days. I'm not eating almonds, and those were making up the bulk of my calories before I threw the bag into the freezer where it would tempt me less often. The experiment continues.
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                          Day 13

                          B: stick of buffalo jerky; Hillshire Farms sausage, eggs, zucchini sauteed in olive oil
                          L: chocolate chip cookies; two slices of toast, 1 with honey and 1 with jam; a bowl of Rice Krispies with almond milk; a bowl of Cheerios with almond milk; half a breadstick dipped in Hunt's tomato sauce; two peaches; ten cherries; a whole round slice and a half of watermelon
                          D: two Trader Joe's salmon patties on Arnold Multi Grain Sandwich Thins with butter and vegenaise and lemon sauce and lettuce; another chocolate chip cookie; one of my husband's chinese dumplings

                          Calories: 2456
                          Carbs: 306 g
                          Fat: 103 g
                          Pritein: 90 g

                          Supplements: 2 cal/D/mag; 1 turmeric, 1 B, 1 K2, 1 E, 1 probiotic, 2 fish, 3 D all taken at breakfast

                          Exercise: morning hike around the nature preserve for an hour

                          Allergies: mild after lunch and on and off throughout the rest of the day
                          Emotionally: good
                          Energy: extraordinarily lethargic in the morning; much better energy after lunch and dinner
                          IBS: none
                          Joint pain: Moderate in fingers, elbows, and toes

                          I became very discouraged on this day. I had been doing all I could to get rid of my RA symptoms that have recently developed, and I realized that although I had been so very careful about avoiding excess fat (very difficult to do eating Primally, which made my overall caloric intake very low and made me very lacking in energy), I had still been eating butter and it had been giving me stomachaches. I felt like that discovery meant that all my efforts up until that point were for nothing, since butter has casein and if RA is a gut issue involving an intolerance to casein and gluten, then I needed to remove all sources of those in order to see improvement. I felt like the last few days of effort were all pointless, and got so discourages that I gave up. As you can see, my caloric intake and carb intake are much too high.

                          I should not have become discouraged. I should have just stopped eating butter and kept on, perhaps. But I had no energy. It was very difficult for me to go on the hike, even though there were not any real inclines and we were just walking on flat ground. I just don't know what I can possibly eat that will not aggrivate the RA. Some aspect of how I had been eating since starting to eat a Primal diet was greatly making the RA pain worse and making it move into more joints!

                          I have a new plan in place:

                          For two weeks I will strictly avoid all grains and dairy products. During these two weeks I will also keep a record of my omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid intake and make sure that the ratio does not exceed 4:1. At the end of those two weeks I will evaluate my RA symptoms and decide how to proceed from there.


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                            Day 14

                            B: a peach; three chocolate chip cookies
                            L: Hillshire Farms Lite Smoked Sausage; 2 eggs; zucchini sauteed in olive oil
                            D: cabbage jambalaya with chicken sausage, ground beef, napa cabbage, onion, garlic, stewed tomatoes, and rice

                            Calories: 1251
                            Carbs: 85 g
                            Fat: 80 g
                            Pritein: 65 g

                            Supplements: 2 fish, 2 D at lunch; 2 fish at dinner

                            Exercise: ran around a bit with the kids at a playground

                            Allergies: mild to moderate
                            Emotionally: pretty depressed, discouraged, frustrated, but tried to stay up
                            Energy: medium
                            IBS: none
                            Joint pain: moderate pain continued in fingers, elbows, toes with fingers worst; knee pain returned but mild

                            Felt like someone was squeezing my heart for much of the day. As the day wore on that feeling started to wear off. Felt bloated like I was retaining water. Did lots of research to find the best solution to try to get rid of the joint pain but am still very confused and do not know what to do. It is too tedious to try to tally up all my omega-3 and -6 consumption every day, so the plan I had thought of does not appear to be practical. As of right now I'm not sure what to do. The RA symptoms started prior to my doing Primal, but got much worse very rapidly within a few weeks of going Primal. Was it because I was eating so many almonds? So many eggs?


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                              THE PLAN:

                              In effect July 1 - December 31, 2010

                              The following are the health issues I currently face, in order from most to least disruptive to my life, followed by what I suspect to be the possible cause:

                              1. Emotional instability / Depression - gluten, refined sugars, excess and/or unbalanced carbohydrate intake
                              2. Osteoarthritic inflammation in knees - gluten, refined sugars, excess carbohydrate consumption
                              3. Rheumatoid inflammation in fingers, toes, and elbows - fatty acid imbalance
                              4. IBS - gluten, refined sugars
                              5. Dysmenorrhea - excess carbohydrate consumption
                              6. Menorrhagia - excess carbohydrate consumption
                              7. Allergies - gluten, refined sugars
                              8. Itchy Patches on Skin – excess carbohydrates, gluten, refined sugars
                              9. Abdominal bloat/excess adipose tissue - excess carbohydrates

                              If after six months of therapy no evidence is found to support the above hypotheses, do a trial of one of the following: eliminate casein, eliminate all grains.

                              Guidelines I will follow for a period of six months, based on the above hypotheses:
                              1. Entirely avoid refined sugars
                              2. Entirely avoid gluten-containing foods
                              3. Limit carbohydrate intake to 150 grams per day
                              4. Take 6 tablets of fish oil per day
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                                Day 15

                                B: leftover jambalaya
                                L: salad with turkey bacon, chicken breast, and olive oil and balsamic
                                S: Rice Krispies with almond milk (yeah, obviously not primal!), whole wheat molasses muffin
                                D: egg sandwich with eggs for 'bread', turkey bacon, avocado, and cheddar cheese and tomato inside; tortilla chips and guacamole (not primal, either)

                                Supplements/Vitamins: 2 fish, 1 turmeric, 4 D at lunch; 2 fish, 1 turmeric, 1 E, 1 C at dinner

                                Calories: 1932
                                Carbohydrates: 143 grams
                                Fat: 123 grams
                                Protein: 85 grams

                                Exercise: a little walking, not much

                                Energy: medium
                                Emotionally: some periods of anger, despair, otherwise okay
                                Osteoarthritic inflammation in knees: mild until after the Rice Krispies and muffin, then moderate to severe
                                Rheumatoid inflammation in fingers, toes, and elbows: mild!
                                IBS: mild
                                Dysmenorrhea: none
                                Menorrhagia: none
                                Allergies: mild
                                Itchy Patches on Skin: one on chest, very itchy, noticed after eating Rice Krispies and other grains
                                Abdominal bloat/excess adipose tissue: moderate to severe