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    I'm starting this thread to keep myself accountable. I would like to get my diet a little more in check. I'm a sugar addict and stress eater. This will mostly be a food journal, but I'll probably record physical activity too.

    I'll be going through a lot of changes soon (moving, looking for a job, etc) and I know I'll be susceptible to stress!
    My goal is to work through stress in a healthy way, keep my healthy habits consistent, and make some improvements in my diet.

    Here's the link to my blog where I post recipes, if anyone is interested:

    Here's where I'm starting:

    Height: 5' 5''
    Weight: 118 lbs.
    Body Fat: I need to find my calipers and measure!
    Workouts: Walking almost everyday and 1 or 2 HIIT workouts a week. Occasional yoga.

    5/31/15 Food Log:

    Breakfast: Smoothie with berries, half of an avocado, gelatin, 1/2 of a banana and 1/2 of a plantain

    Lunch: Peppers and guacomole.
    Stir fry with steak, leeks, carrots, red cabbage, celery and green onions.
    A few bites of leftover smoothie.

    Exercise: 1 hour hike

    Finished up leftover smoothie

    Dinner: Cucumber slices
    Omelet filled with leftover stir fry and Munster cheese
    Glass of red wine
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    6/1/15 Food Log

    Breakfast: Smoothie with berries, half an avocado and banana.
    A few bites of leftover pork shoulder roast for protein!
    Short decaf coffee with half and half from Starbucks

    Lunch: About 1 cup shredded pork shoulder roast
    Piece of chocolate (yeah, yeah it was Hershey "special dark chocolate" that's still loaded with sugar)

    Dinner: Omelet filled with leftover stir fry and Munster cheese
    Side of roasted sweet potatoes
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      Fellow sugar addict and stress eater here! just started a 30 day challenge to get my diet back on track as well. Good luck to you - You seem to be doing pretty well so far.
      Female, 5'2"
      SW: 135lbs
      GW: 120lbs


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        Thanks for replying! Just started following your journal - congrats on the first week of your challenge completed!
        Also, I'll be joining all you good ol' Canadians this summer. I married a Canadian and we'll be moving to Toronto soon!
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          6/2/15 Food Log

          Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 1/2 cup smoothie
          I had to eat way too early this morning (6am) to catch the train to NYC. I was ravenous by lunchtime.

          Lunch: At Scallywags in NYC
          Bun-less burger with mixed greens
          Coffee with half and half

          Dinner: At Toloaches in NYC
          Kale and lobster salad
          Split avocado fries and fried brussel sprouts
          2 1/2 glasses white wine
          Split tres leches between three people

          Can't wait to get back home where I can cook for myself!
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            Well an advanced welcome to Canada, eh? (no one I know actually speaks like that haha!). Cool, I live a little over an hour drive from T.O. Lived there for 3 years during college - Great city
            Female, 5'2"
            SW: 135lbs
            GW: 120lbs


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              6/3/15 Food Log

              Breakfast: Breakfast at Holiday Inn
              2 sausage links, 1 turkey sausage patty, an egg omelet which I realized had some cheese after I got it. It was probably Velveeta "pasteurized, processed cheese product."
              Coffee with half & half

              Lunch: From a salad bar in NYC
              Arugula with beets, mushrooms, broccoli, brussel sprouts and roasted chicken with olive and red wine vinegar dressing.

              Exercise: I did a Hasfit ab workout with some pull-ups and squats when I got home.

              Dinner: Mmmm, I can cook for myself again!
              Omelet filled with leftover stir fry
              Roasted sweet potatoes and carrots


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                6/4/15 Food Log

                Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, plain full-fat yogurt and sunflower seeds

                Snack: Short Starbucks americano with half & half

                Lunch: Leftover slow cooker savory cinnamon chicken
                1/2 cup full fat plain yogurt with honey and cinnamon

                Dinner: Threw together everything left in the fridge!
                Curried steak, sweet potatoes and leeks
                Warm kale and red cabbage salad with olive oil and roasted pumpkin seeds
                1 1/2 glasses red wine
                Some snack mix and dark chocolate later on
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                  Breakfast: Way too early again because we're driving to Indiana to see my family
                  Smoothie made with berries, avocado, plantain, gelatin, and kale

                  Snack: Starbucks short blonde with heavy cream (I take for granted how well my local barista knows my heavy cream order! I had to ask this girl three times for the "behind the counter, heavy whipping cream" and she ended up giving me a separate cup full of heavy cream. My husband wanted to figure out how to keep it; heavy cream is expensive!)

                  7 hours left on our drive!

                  Lunch: Leftover steak, sweet potato and leek curry
                  Snack mix - sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, mini chocolate chips, dried cranberries and apricots

                  Dinner: Beef roast, broccoli, sweet potato and carrot mix and cantaloupe, blueberry and grape salad

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                    6/6/15 Food log

                    Breakfast: 2 eggs, grapes and a handful of almonds
                    Met a friend at Starbucks - I had a short decaf with half and half

                    Lunch: My nephew's birthday party!
                    Meatballs, fruit salad (with whipped cream) and veggies

                    Snack: Decaf coffee with heavy cream

                    I'm not super hungry for dinner and I never know what to do in these situations. I'm staying with my parents and if I don't eat when everyone does, I probably won't have dinner but end up hungry later.

                    Dinner: I ended up just frying two eggs for dinner.

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                      Some nice recipes on your blog! I'll be trying the Korean short ribs.
                      My journal - The Walrus:

                      Be silly, be honest, be kind. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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                        Nice! The Korean short ribs and beef stroganoff are my two favorite recipes on the blog.

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                          6/7/15 Food Log

                          Breakfast: Two eggs and two pieces of bacon

                          Lunch: My mom's Hawaiian pork (it has a ton of apple juice, but it could be worse)
                          Green beans, raw veggies, cooked veggie medley
                          My mom brought out our wedding cake from a year ago and I didn't have a single bite! I know my all-or-nothing self would have wanted more. I know this because I had way too much of the top of our wedding cake on our anniversary But hey, it's one of those special times not to be passed up, right?
                          Coffee with half and half

                          Snack: I knew we would be having a late dinner and I was already hungry, so I had some leftover pork and green beans

                          Late Dinner: Spinach salad, sausage and cheese, fruit salad
                          I treated myself to sparkling water instead of wine! Also, I forgot that you can't buy alcohol in Indiana on Sundays
                          In Philly you can't buy it at the grocery store, but at least you can buy it on Sundays!


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                            6/8/15 Food Log

                            Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 slices deli roast beef
                            Coffee with half and half

                            Lunch: Leftover Hawaiian pork, green beans, veggie medley and salad

                            Dinner: Flew home tonight which meant an airport dinner
                            My husband took the opportunity to get Burger King and I opted for beef jerky. I almost polished off the whole bag on my own!

                            I had probably 1/8 cup plain full-fat yogurt with pumpkin puree, coconut shavings and pumpkin seeds when we got home
                            + a glass of wine!

                            I essentially said my final goodbye to my grandma today. It was harder than I expected. I almost considered staying and working from my parent's house for the rest of the week, or her life, but decided it would be better to head home. My parents have her in their home, so it's nice to know she can be in a comfortable environment. My husband studies theology as his occupation and he reminded me that sometimes the best thing to pray for in this situation is a comfortable death, not "miraculous" recovery that is blind to the inevitability of death.


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                              6/9/15 Food Log

                              My grandma passed away at 7:30 this morning. Before offering any condolences, my boss wanted to know if I would be coming in today - literally the first thing out of her mouth.

                              Breakfast: 2 tbsp. chia seeds + 2 tbsp flax meal + 1/3 cup hot water + frozen berries and heavy cream

                              I also had some snack mix as I was putting my lunch together.

                              Snack: Short Starbucks decaf with half and half

                              Lunch: 2 boiled eggs with approx 1/8 cup homemade mayo
                              Raw carrots
                              Seed and dried fruit mix

                              Exercise: 20 minute HIIT workout

                              Dinner: Glass of red wine as I made dinner
                              Thai coconut shrimp soup
                              Pomegranate seeds with a splash of heavy cream

                              My plan is to give up alcohol for the next month for my budget and my health. Those of you that don't drink, why did you stop? I need some more convincing!

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